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Training Log Archive: cedarcreek

In the 7 days ending Jan 18, 2015:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering2 3:02:54 6.72(27:12) 10.82(16:54) 42625c
  Cycling1 40:00
  Walking1 20:00 0.62(32:11) 1.0(20:00) 20
  Total4 4:02:54 7.34 11.82 44625c

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Sunday Jan 18, 2015 #

9 AM

Orienteering race 1:23:46 intensity: (48:09 @3) + (34:29 @4) + (1:08 @5) *** 5.62 km (14:54 / km) +176m 12:53 / km
ahr:146 max:173 14c shoes: Salomon Speedcross CS

Georgia Navigator Cup, Day 2, by GAOC, at Red Top Mountain State Park, set by Steve Houghton. Green Y, 5.2km, 190m.

1. Wimped out, took trail to trail crossing attackpoint. Eyeballed straight from the start to cut off a bit, but it looked slower than the trail.

2. Considered straight, but bailed wide right trail route. Left route had no good attackpoint I could see.

3. Just a wonderful, fun leg. Not difficult, but probably challenging for juniors.

4. Disappointed to see the flag so visible from one spur away.

5. Kinda sketchy area, but nice leg---strong linear feature takes you to control.

6. Fun, tricky. I thought it was easy, but I suspect juniors especially lost time here.

7. Longest leg. I would have preferred something longer. I bobbled at the first road-trail crossing, taking the SSW road for 20m or so. I basically went straight: NNW trail to bend, jump to clearing, cut line trail to bend in camp ground, bearing to control. I ended up very left here. 30-40m maybe. I have trouble believing there isn't a map distortion here. No real trouble, though.

8. First really high difficulty leg. Went left of the line a bit, picked up the stony bits, crossed the trail, couldn't verify the two boulders right of the line, but figured I couldn't be that far off. Hit the control exactly, though.

9. Looks too easy on paper, but it was a fun leg. Really good leg for juniors, IMO.

10. Nice leg, ruined by a flag on top the rock. It literally startled me. If this was for a yellow or orange leg, and just reused by BGRB, I'd understand it, but dang.

11. After the flag on top the rock on 10, this was a shock. I was in the reentrant with two other people, and no one had seen the flag yet. The other two went low, but I eyeballed the map and said, "No, it's over here", and it was tucked away right in front of me. There was a log between the flag and the bottom of the reentrant. I probably would have put at least half the flag higher than that log. Getting the flag "tucked away, but not hidden" is a real tricky thing. After I punched, one of the other two said, "I've been standing here five minutes!", but I don't think it was that long.

12. Just an A+ tricky leg. Nothing spectacular, but just perfect. The map and the ground was just in perfect alignment---Read the map---Read the ground. I would have tucked the flag away a bit more, unless it was used by yellow or orange. (But the leg, between the flags, was perfect.)

13. Best leg of the weekend. Subtle. Not too hilly. Well mapped. I got drawn a bit right at the end. Fun fun fun.

14. Good leg. I felt the map at the control was a bit off, but not by much.

A really fun weekend. I hope to make this an annual must-attend event.
1 PM

Walking 20:00 [1] 1.0 km (20:00 / km) +20m 18:11 / km

Lookout Mountain and Cravens House, near Chattanooga, Tennessee. (GPS track shows some driving.)

Ate, then searched a bit for Pat's phantom Civil War cemetery. Found one, but not the right one (look at the crosshair in the middle of the screen):,-85.13087&z=15...

We were embarrassed that as we left, we saw this entrance gate, which all of us had not seen (wait for street view to load):

Saturday Jan 17, 2015 #

12 PM

Orienteering race 1:39:08 intensity: (27 @2) + (1:04:07 @3) + (34:34 @4) *** 5.2 km (19:04 / km) +250m 15:22 / km
ahr:151 max:165 11c shoes: Salomon Speedcross CS

Georgia Navigator Cup, by GAOC, at Red Top Mountain State Park, set by Steve Houghton. Green Y. Distance from the clue sheet---My GPS died a bit after half way through the course.

Beautiful woods, so-so footing, and (mostly) very nice hills. I had a blast doing this, but I never did get going very fast.

Toward the end, I bailed out to low-climb routes.

A few bobbles and minor quality issues:

1 (145). I was left at the stream junction, and almost went one spur too far left, but I saw people going up "the spur" and double checked the stream details. Looking at the map now, I don't know what I was thinking regarding "going up the spur to the left of the actual one", but I do know I was definitely left.

2 (140). I overshot the gully. I had trouble reading the little contour details here, and I knew I was past because of the east-facing spur and the water level in the lake, but the contours and vegetation and ditches before the control didn't make sense in my head. I got really skeptical of the map at this point, although I can say the Sunday map seemed pretty spot on. I'm guessing this was a spot that wasn't updated as well as other places. I may be wrong---I was in a hurry.

4 (111). Misread the map: Crossing the bridge, I peeled a little right and left the trail, and was surprised to cross a trail in 15 or 20m. Stopped and realized I should have stayed on the trail up 15 or 20m and left at the bend. Felt like I was a little off focus.

4-5 (111-151): I went straight through the green, and decided the green on this map is wimpy compared to Cincinnati. (This is a compliment towards GAOC.) I did later see some scary green, but just a small area. I did hear Red and Blue got some serious greens.

6 (152). I felt the circle needed to be cut a bit more. My brain was seeing the index contour as another erosion gully, and I figured it out only when I got there and there was no extra gully. The circle is cut sort of 7:30-8:30. I would have cut 5:30 or 6:00 to 8:30.

6-7 (152-123): I was surprised to see the hilltop tanks mapped as manmade object circles. I'm used to these being mapped with solid black, as buildings or rock pillars. No real confusion. Just a style thing I guess.

7 (123). There was a second, nearly identical root stock just above the mapped (and flagged) root stock. Really threw me for 10 or 20 seconds, until I looked downhill and saw the other one.

7-8 (123-135): On the two-headed cove on the lake, where the stony ground is, I saw some crumbling rock. I've been reading geology books, and I picked up a piece of what I assumed was a sedimentary rock that had been split by wave action. It was about 8cm diameter and 1cm thick. I thought, I really need to hammer it open to see fresh, unweathered rock faces. So I threw it against a rock and picked up the biggest piece. (This all took like 8 seconds.) Really pretty. I showed it to Martha, a geologist, and she said it was Gneiss (nice), a metamorphic rock where the heat was so high you can't tell what the original sedimentary rock was, and very old, among the oldest rocks in the state.

9-10-11 (130-104-161): Sort of gratuitous climb. Knees were hurting from going downhill. Feet hurt from sidehilling. 9-10: Took the road. 10-11: Wide right, still really steep.

North line spacing was 5cm (500m at 1:10,000). It's a pain to have this much space between north lines. I felt like my bearings were approximate. 2.5cm, the normal spacing for 1:10,000, would be much nicer.

Just a wonderful course. Warm. Sunny. Nice route choices, mostly. Please keep improving this map and using it.

Monday Jan 12, 2015 #

6 PM

Cycling 40:00 intensity: (1:38 @2) + (19:41 @3) + (18:41 @4)
ahr:147 max:159

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