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Training Log Archive: Mess Engineer

In the 7 days ending Oct 16, 2016:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Chore - Clean Pool Filter5 5:10:00
  Gardening - General1 1:20:00
  Gym Mayfield - Class Weights1 55:00
  Orienteering - Street 1 45:42 4.51(10:08) 7.26(6:18)
  Run - Miscellaneous1 20:00 2.01(9:58) 3.23(6:12)
  Total9 8:30:42 6.52 10.49

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Sunday Oct 16, 2016 #

8 AM


All day solo continuing shed clearout, house cleanup and further fire pit burnoff.

Packed up all my university text books (from 24 years ago), miscellaneous gardening and cooking books, and the odd novels to take to 2nd hand book shop on Monday.

Went through the kitchen to pile all the unused Tupperware, containers and other odd items into a garbage bag to take to Vinnies on Monday.

Running out of things to throw out. I need to force myself to part with my 20 thick folders of university notes and assignments! They have been transported from Adelaide to Whyalla to Newcastle (Mayfield) to Newcastle (Cardiff) to Newcastle (Wallalong) and have never been looked at once. So if I am moving again its time for them to go.

Saturday Oct 15, 2016 #

8 AM


No parkrun attendance this weekend.
Elected to spend time cleaning out the shed and advertising all spare furniture and unwanted items on gumtree.

Attended Karuah Oyster and Timber Festival with KC for something different.

At night decided to carry all my hoarded offcut lengths of timber from various projects (some of which have been transported from the prior house at Cardiff) to the fire pit and dispose of them to continue shed clearout.

All the lengths of treated pine were cut up into short lengths for disposal in my bin (and surreptitiously all the neighbours bins in my culdesac) on Wednesday.

Friday Oct 14, 2016 #

6 AM

Run - Miscellaneous 20:00 [2] 3.23 km (6:12 / km)

Run training with KC as part of Meetup group.
Didn't push very hard at all.
20 minutes of stretches and warmup prior to this.
4 PM

Gym Mayfield - Class Weights 55:00 [3]

Left shoulder continues to be problematic post quad bike crash.
6 PM

Gardening - General 1:20:00 [1]

6:40 pm - 8:00 pm
Weeding front driveway. Last 30 minutes was by phone torchlight as had no reason to go inside.

Thursday Oct 13, 2016 #

6 AM

Chore - Clean Pool Filter 1:20:00 [1]

Round 3 of pool blasting.
Stopped due to hypothermia and rain making it hard to clearly see through the water surface. Need another Round yet but may not get to it as have to return high pressure cleaner on Friday. Looking much better ... and would pass a potential new owners inspection ... but would prefer to get all of it.
7 PM

Chore - Clean Pool Filter 20:00 [1]

Hosing all the buildup of blasted algae out of the two pool filter cartridges. It was amazing how heavy they were to lift out versus how light they were when put back. It was after 7:30 pm when finished so was getting close to pitch black.

Wednesday Oct 12, 2016 #

6 AM

Chore - Clean Pool Filter 1:00:00 [1]

Round 2 of pool blasting.
Hypothermia even worse in morning. After an hour I was shaking so violently I had to give up and have a hot shower. Still not pristine and have Street-O tonight so will have to endure it again on Thursday morning.
5 PM

Orienteering - Street (#01 Nikkinba Ridge) 45:42 [3] 7.26 km (6:18 / km)

Last ran here 12th February 2014 covering 7.2 km in 43:51.

Map is divided into two halves by a large bush region running up the centre.

Last time I went East first and did a large loop around the outside perimeter. This year the construction zone to the south made the eastern most part of the map "an island" so would have to be a long in and out to include these. So with 15 seconds to spare in the 2 minutes thinking time I decided to clean up as much of the West side as possible and then cover the remaining middle east part of the map in any remaining time (which ended up being 15 minutes). So majority of todays route was made up on the run - just decided to run to 2A from the start and then continue from there.

Route 2A 1D 2M 3A 1A 2K 1K 1G 3B 2J 1B 3C 1C 2G 1H 3D 1M 2L 1L 3E 3G 2B 1N 2N

45:42 and 7.26 km for 24 Controls / 44 Points (1 Point x 10, 2 Point x 8, 3 Point x 6) and late so -1.

I was going to drop 3G but elected to run towards it and decide what to do at the t-intersection. Either run on and back to 3G or go up to 2B. I was 37 minutes in at the intersection so decided I would probably be late as a result but the time penalty would likely be less than 3 points - which it ultimately was. Overall happy with todays run (pushing harder than last week since it "counts") and happy with the route choice.

Left almost immediately, so no socialisation, as I wanted to get 3 bags of pool salt from Big W on way home prior to them closing at 7 pm as part of continuing effort to get this house back under control.
7 PM

Chore - Clean Pool Filter 15:00 [1]

Dumping 3 x 25 kg bags of salt into the pool as part of post winter recovery process.

Tuesday Oct 11, 2016 #

5 PM

Chore - Clean Pool Filter 2:15:00 [1]

Giving myself hypothermia in pool with high pressure cleaner blasting down the sides and bottom to remove algae and black spot.
Ran out of daylight to get it finished - may try again in morning if there is enough daylight at 6 am.
Can't get cleaner on weekend so have to fit it in before and after work times.
Last remaining major chore before I can try and get yard and house into "caretaker" mode - today reinforces my mindset that I have to get out of this house and put it up for sale.

Monday Oct 10, 2016 #

5 PM


No gardening as helping setup Zumba Class at Karuah

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