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Training Log Archive: Cat T

In the 7 days ending Apr 7:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Alternative training8 6:25:00
  Orienteering - easy5 5:30:00
  S&C 2 1:20:00
  Running - easy2 19:00
  Total14 13:34:00

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Sunday Apr 7 #

10 AM

Orienteering - easy 30:00 [2]
shoes: Inov-8 X talon November 2018

Some of the long distance. Still a bit longer than i should have run and not as good feeling as yesterday. Good to practice having gps and number, worth half-running elite rather than all of an open course.

Found that i was having great difficulty reading any detail on the map. Even when i stopped dead i wasnt picking up everything i needed for a good plan, it resulted in a whole host of time losses from pauses and slow routes to a fullblown miss on the second. Im sure it was partly brain but also remembered after that it's overdue time to change my (monthly) lenses, theyre probably a bit grimy... Another thing on the checklist for big races.
1 PM

Alternative training 50:00 [2]


Saturday Apr 6 #

9 AM

Alternative training 45:00 [2]

X-trainer again

S&C 30:00 [3]

And then a bit of strength. Yesterday i wasnt so well behaved and ran bit in the second orienteering (just a few minutes). I should probably keep leaving a full day between running, it really didn't feel great after. At least this morning is good and range of movement is maybe better than before.

Today is the first of the races of the camp. It was supposed to be quite a big focus this spring, more important than jk. Now it's just another easy technique training but this one i will do the running from the start, as the first controls have been a sticking point lately and need better routine.
1 PM

Orienteering - easy 40:00 [2]

Easy round middle distance

Foot seems fine, some awareness but i seem to be able to producera a much better form than before. Bit of a jump in load, i also had to run a bit of the way to the start (it was quite a bit longer than advertised) and was still late, missed descriptions which came back to haunt me with constant map turning. I got very distracted, i didnt really prepare for such a packed forest, but on the other hand if i did prepare any more i would find it hard not to race and have a real job listening to my niggly body on the course, which has to be a priority.

After this i'm a little bit more hopeful i might just get a green or at least amber light for jk middle and relay.

Back to a bit less run time tomorrow, it's a long distance so at least i know it's not an option to run it all atm.

Friday Apr 5 #

8 AM

Orienteering - easy 1:45:00 [1]


Ran the last 10ish minutes again
11 AM

Alternative training 30:00 [2]

supplementary 30min on the x trainer
3 PM

Orienteering - easy 1:15:00 [1]
shoes: Inov-8 X talon November 2018

Våler varde

Thursday Apr 4 #

8 AM


Managed to get a two week free gym membership. Went for a few things this morning but not too much it was right after breakfast...
11 AM

Orienteering - easy 1:20:00 [1]
shoes: Inov-8 X talon November 2018

Daelaene. Running the last few minutes. No compass.
4 PM

Alternative training 50:00 [2]

X-trainer, v different to hallam gym ones, it was one of those like walking on the moor haha. No intervals but felt like i was working quite hard.

Wednesday Apr 3 #

(rest day)

to norge

Tuesday Apr 2 #

7 AM


stretching, balance
10 AM

Alternative training intervals 45:00 [3]

amazing how it's always the same basic session each time but depending on day/form and which machine i'm on (they're not all calibrated the same) there's quite a bit of variation on what i manage. today was a heavy day but working quite hard from early on.
5 PM

Alternative training intervals 45:00 [3]

Same same.

Running - easy 10:00 [1]
shoes: Adidas flats

Monday Apr 1 #

6 AM

S&C 50:00 [3]

10 AM

Alternative training 1:20:00 [2]

Just a small ride
6 PM

Alternative training 40:00 [2]

just small, suddenly i am tired! hope today was easy enough that i can go into tomorrow able to push hard (enforced travel rest on wednesday)

Running - easy 9:00 [1]
shoes: Adidas flats

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