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Training Log Archive: GD44

In the 7 days ending Oct 23, 2016:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running5 15:24:29 57.78 92.98 4182
  Commute10 3:11:04 48.29(3:57) 77.72(2:27) 520
  Total13 18:35:33 106.07 170.71 4702
  [1-5]13 16:36:01

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Sunday Oct 23, 2016 #

8 AM

Running 4:35:29 intensity: (33:01 @0) + (3:52:24 @1) + (1:17 @2) + (8:23 @3) + (24 @4) 26.85 km (5.8 kph) +1348m
ahr:113 max:175

Walk/hike/run with Matt X from Machynlleth to Dyffryn Castell (near Ponterwyd) as a recce of the remaining part of Dragon's Back 2017 Day 3.

Moving time 4:02:28 according to Strava

Total time: 4:35:29 (Diff 33:01)

- Machynlleth to Moor. There are some small improvements that can be made here to what I did. Go 50-100m further along the road and follow a path parallel to the footpath then cut off one of the zig zags. View the route with Google Maps background and you'll see it.

- Alternative route. Instead of climbing to 273m and back down to Bryn Coch Bach/Mawr, why not go further east on the ORPA to Rhiwlwyfen. This will increase distance but reduce the ascent. Should recce this.

- Foel Cerrigbrithion. 1. I missed the turning from the gravel track onto the bridleway and had to double back - don't do this again. 2. After crossing through the fencline, I need to hug the fenceline to find the stile. 3. Could also take more direct line after crossing the stile?

- Alterbative route. Worth checking out the potential route through the Mynydd Bychan wood? From Bwlch Hyddgen to Hyddgen (farm buildings). Or skirt wood perimeter parallel to Nant Goch Fach.

- Just after Hyddgen. Shane's GPX shows a direct line from the farm buildings heading SW along a bridleway but neither Matt nor I could find it. So we headed east along the track and then along an indistinct quad track/animal trod and around the east side of the knoll. Does Shane's track exist?

- Footbridge across Afon Hengwm. Shane's GPX crosses a ford about 200m west (d/s) of the FB. This woould get the feet really wet so it would be worth a finding a line from the byway to the FB.

- Nant y Llyn valley. The public footpath must have been closer to the stream than the path we took which headed too far west and we had to double back. Therefore need to stay closer and cross at elevation 440m approx. (after the tributary) to the good track on the west side.

- Ascent of Pumlumon Fach. There is a distinct narrow path off the gravel track all the way to the top. Just need to make sure the right one is taken. It's at the point where the track takes a left turn and about 50m before the capped borehole.

- Pumlumon Fawr descent. Cross the stile just after the trig and follow the fence and then the track all the way down to the woodland and around its eastern edge. There is also another fenceline on the ground that isn't on the map. This is east of the footpath before arriving north of Dyll Faen woodland. They are visible on the Google map link.

- Descent after Dyll Faen woodland. Need to cross fence adjacent to woodland and run behind the fence to a stile out of woodland. Indistinct path in bog adjacent to woodland. Stay immediately to RHS of watercourse. Then follow path all the way. Footpath marker post at SN777828 which is a little north of the route on the map. Is there a potential path/trod as per the map i.e closer to the gully?

Saturday Oct 22, 2016 #


Jezz Bragg's Day 3 log of 2015 Dragon's Back:

Distance: 71km
Ascent: 3376m
Elapsed time: 10hr 12m


1. He took the direct route up to the first peak (Gau Graig) from Dolgellau. Perfectly straight too! GPS?

2. Mynydd Moel - he didn't contour around the side. Maybe because of stile only rule?

3. Descent off Cadair - He didn't go down the Pony Track immediately. He instead went SW on the Minffordd path then west along a trod/path and joined the Pony Track later down. This avoids the big craggy drops on the Pony Track.

4. Avoidance of Tyrrau Mawr - he contoured at 550m from the bridleway junction at the saddle then dropped into the same track as I did. He then ascended on this track and followed it around far further than I did. He dropped in elevation from 520m to 450m and then left the track. He climbed to 480m and contoured around below the 622 summit and then headed up to the CP at Twll yr Ogof at 580.

5. Descent off Twll yr ogof - he took the direct route

6. Approach to Pantspyddid - he took a different route which was longer. I don't see how his route is better though.

7. East of Hyddgen - he didn't follow Shane's GPX route (as it probably didn't exist)

8. Afon Hengawn - he crossed at the ford and not at the footbridge and then headed west of the Nant-y-Llyn gully instead of the west side. ( to meet the gravel track).

9. Pumlumon Ascent - he turned off the gravel track than we did.

10. The footpath down to Dyffryn Castell had a point higher than shown on the map (as I identified).


Konrad Rawlink Strava log of Dragons Back 2017 Day 3:

Distance 67.2km
Ascent: 3310m
Time: 10hr 1m

1. Gau Graig ascent - looks like the quad bike track that Matt and Mark took?

2. Descent off Cadair Idris - he (like Jez) went down the Minffordd Patth then headed west.

3. He headed to the Carnedd Llwyd Cairn (rock pile) at 600m and then traversed down to the upper reaches of the gravel track. He then did what Matt and I did and followed the ridgeline.

4. Descent off Twll yr Ogof - he followed the fenceline to the gate/track junction as Matt and I did!

5. Descent from summit 667m to Machynlleth. He took exactly the same route as me. :-)

6. Machynlleth to Moor - same as me but cut out zig-zags.

7. He headed to the Bwlch farm (short cut) but then headed back to the byway/bridleway crossorads (CP?)

8. Hyddgen farm buildings - exactly as Matt and I did. :-)

9. Afon Hengawn - crossed at the ford then headed west of the Nant y Llyn gullyto almost the lake. Then took same track on ascent to Pumlumon.

9 AM

Running 8:40:05 intensity: (1:22:00 @0) + (7:06:57 @1) + (37 @2) + (10:31 @3) 43.76 km (5.0 kph) +2409m
ahr:112 max:150

Walk/hike/run with Matt Burgin & Mark Bottomley (part) from Dolgellau to Machynlleth as a recce of the first part of Dragon's Back 2017 Day 3 (except bit from Cymer Abbey to Dolgellau).

Moving time 7:18:21 according to Strava

Total time: 8:40:05 (Diff 1hr:22m approx)

Learnt a lot from this as summarised below:

- Bwlch-coch (SH743158 ): we took the restricted byway heading instead of the bridleway heading south! The path to the house platform wasn't clear either and we had to scout around for it.

- Ascent to Gau Graig Carn from House Platform (south of above). I tried to follow the route on the GPX provided by Shane Ohly online. But this veered away from the quad track that Mark and Matt took. My route was more of a scramble whilst theirs was easier underfoot in comparison. I suggest not crossing the 2 fences (as done in Shane's GPX).

- Mynydd Moel. I contoured around the side of this at about contour 810m. The problem was that we had to cross a fence with no stile which may not be allowed in the DB event. Will need to look at this again.

- Approach to Penygadair . We all went a little too far north here which resulted in a route which was a little rockier and not as flat maybe.

- Descent off Cadair. Is there a parallel track which might be smoother and faster. Google maps suggests so?

- Tyrrau Mawr. The GPX route from Shane O takes the runners over this peak which we thought adds unnecessary ascent. So we explored different options. I followed the bridleway south from the track junction at the saddle then contoured around in calf deep grass 500m to meet the track at SH682129. It wasn't too bad. Mark and Matt tried to follow the double dash lines to the same point but from a point further up. They arrived before me even though they said the grass was waist deep. Might be worth trying heading up to the cairns at Carnedd Lwyd then contouring around?

- 622. No point contouring around this.

- Descent off Twll yr Ogof. The GPX route takes you over rough ground to the footpath/gully crossing. We decided to follow the fenceline as it looked easier underfoot and less likely to twist an ankle. This made it longer and and we also missed the footpath. So need to try a different way next time.

- Gelli-ddraenen east of Bird's Rock. The GPX file provided takes the route to the west and south of this property however there is a footpath which takes you through it. I followed this and was met by the property owners. They explained that the footpath had been diverted to the north and I later saw some "unofficial" footpath signs. However Matt took the "official" route and he said it was relatively flat and easy.

- Tarrenhendre ascent. Up the long gravel track then leave it at 410m contour (before stream crossing) and head ESE. Got this right on the day but it was clear.

- Tarrenendre to Trig 667. Avoid going through the trees as we did in the ITERA. Stay right of the Foel y Geifr fenceline. Avoid the knoll by keeping south of it then over the saddle.

- Trif 667 to Mach. Be wary of overgrown footpaths and stick to gravel roads but keep checking compass as some head the wrong way. Note two buildings at

Friday Oct 21, 2016 #

8 AM

Commute 24:47 [1] 10.62 km (2:20 / km) +21m 2:19 / km
ahr:102 max:135

Beautiful morning to cycle to work. Lovely mist over the parks.

1 PM

Running 10:26 [3] +13m

Commute 9:14 [3] 3.2 km (2:53 / km) +15m 2:49 / km

5 PM

Commute 18:24 intensity: (4:31 @0) + (12:42 @1) + (32 @2) + (39 @3) 7.52 km (2:27 / km) +73m 2:20 / km
ahr:127 max:151

Thursday Oct 20, 2016 #

7 PM

Running 52:27 intensity: (6:08 @1) + (33:02 @2) + (13:17 @3) 11.7 km (13.4 kph) +118m
ahr:155 max:169

Les Croupiers Winter 7

1. 7m 46s
2. 7m 37s
3. 6m 48s
4. 7m 07s
5. 7m 21s
6. 7m 14s
7. 6m 52s

Actual time was 52m 27s as I pressed the lap time instead of the stop time at the end.

Running warm up/down 5:14 [1] 0.77 km (8.8 kph) +2m
ahr:127 max:143

Cool down

Wednesday Oct 19, 2016 #

8 AM

Commute 23:43 [1] 10.53 km (2:15 / km) +75m 2:10 / km
ahr:118 max:152

Whitchurch to Cardiff Bay

Lovely morning but got sworn at by an idiot who thought I was breaking the law on a roundabout. The idiot hadn't indicated he was turning tight so I assumed he was going straight on and therefore I was clear.

Then a dog ran in front of me but I am much more aware of this now!

11 AM

Commute 9:10 [1] 3.03 km (3:01 / km) +96m 2:37 / km

Arup Cardiff Office to Longcross Court

6 PM

Commute 20:42 intensity: (20:01 @1) + (24 @2) + (17 @3) 8.5 km (2:26 / km) +45m 2:22 / km
ahr:120 max:150

Longcross Court to Whitchurch

Very dark as I left a little later than usual.

Tuesday Oct 18, 2016 #

8 AM

Commute 19:57 [1] 8.54 km (2:20 / km) +24m 2:18 / km
ahr:105 max:142

Whitchurch to Longcross Court using Magic's route. Lovely showers there too but the heating was too high so I was sweltering when I came out to put my clothes on!

5 PM

Commute 22:17 [1] 8.63 km (2:35 / km) +110m 2:26 / km
ahr:119 max:145

Longcross Court to Whitchurch and acquired a new rear light.

Monday Oct 17, 2016 #

8 AM

Commute 24:46 [1] 10.66 km (2:19 / km) +12m 2:19 / km
ahr:123 max:142

Ride to work

6 PM

Commute 18:04 [1] 6.47 km (2:48 / km) +50m 2:41 / km
ahr:97 max:140

Ride from work to Roath Park Lake

Running warm up/down 7:30 [1] 1.11 km (8.9 kph) +26m
ahr:113 max:141

Warm up

Running intervals 39:17 intensity: (25:35 @1) + (7:04 @2) + (6:38 @3) 6.14 km (9.4 kph) +245m
ahr:133 max:168

Les Croupiers - Torrens Hill Intervals

1. 63s
2. 63s
3. 63s
4. 64s
5. 62s
6. 63s
7. 63s
8. 65s
9. 63s
10. 62s
11. 63s

Dawn did 8 intervals too!

Running 14:01 [1] 2.66 km (11.4 kph) +21m
ahr:134 max:146

Cool down

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