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Training Log Archive: GD44

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Cycling - turbo 3 3:30:00 55.35 89.07
  Paddling1 1:00:55 5.25(5.2/h) 8.45(8.3/h) 2
  Running1 14:55 1.85(7.4/h) 2.97(11.9/h) 20
  Total5 4:45:50 62.44 100.49 21


Saturday Feb 17 #

9 AM

Paddling (Surfski) 31:17 [1] 4.22 km (8.1 kph) +2m
ahr:108 max:122

Paddle up the River Ely on the surfski. First time in about 2 years I think.

I also managed to leave one piece of my five-piece paddle at home! So had to borrow a paddle from the CIWW (from lost and found!) It was Knysna fixed length spoon paddle with small blades.

Enjoyed it!

Paddling (Surfski) 29:38 [1] 4.23 km (8.6 kph)
ahr:113 max:123

Paddle down the River Ely

Thursday Feb 15 #

6 AM

Cycling - turbo 1:00:00 intensity: (59:56 @1) + (4 @2)
ahr:107 max:149

Beech is 60 minutes of aerobic Endurance riding spent somewhere between 65-75% FTP.

Endurance workouts are aimed at improving your aerobic power production capabilities in a steady, low-stress manner.

By training your endurance muscle fibers to better utilize oxygen to metabolize fat as fuel, your muscles can spare sugar stores for more intense efforts.

This long/slow approach to fostering aerobic capabilities is the lighter, kinder alternative to high-intensity repeats, but both approaches target many of the same adaptations.

Wednesday Feb 14 #

6 PM

Running 14:55 [1] 2.97 km (11.9 kph) +20m
ahr:120 max:137

Run from M4CaN office to home in the rain and dark!

Valentines night in with Dawnie!

Tuesday Feb 13 #

7 PM

Cycling - turbo 1:30:00 intensity: (30:00 @1) + (1:00:00 @3) 50.41 km (1:47 / km)
ahr:124 max:145

Mary Austin is 3 sets of 2x10-minute intervals consisting of 2-minute steps up from 95%-105% FTP and then back down again.

Rest between intervals is a quick minute while each recovery between sets of intervals is 5 minutes.

Threshold workouts like Mary Austin target both muscular endurance as well as lactate tolerance which takes place at both the muscular level as well as a psychological one.

Your muscles gradually adapt to increasing levels of lactate and acidic accumulation as they improve their ability to process these metabolic byproducts more effectively while your mind grows accustomed to tolerating these increasing levels of discomfort, all to the same end - riding harder for longer.

Try to keep your spin in the 85-95rpm range as you step upward, even more quickly if you can do it without elevating your HR to an unsustainable level.

Then hang on for the true challenge as you step back down without letting your cadence plummet - aim to spin steadily for the whole 10 minutes.

Monday Feb 12 #

6 PM

Cycling - turbo 1:00:00 [1] 38.66 km (1:33 / km)
ahr:113 max:124

Pettit is an hour of aerobic Endurance work spent between 60-70% FTP.

Optional form drills include Form Sprints, Endurance Spinning intervals, and quadrant drills like Pistons and Kick & Pull drills.

Aerobic Endurance workouts are aimed at improving your aerobic (i.e. non-sugar) power producing capabilities in a low-stress manner.

By riding for increasingly longer periods of time, your endurance muscle fibers become more efficient at utilizing oxygen for fuel and sparing sugar stores for more intense efforts.

Additionally, Endurance workouts like this can improve oxygen delivery & utilization, increase muscular resistance to fatigue, improve integrity of connective tissue, and even help you improve your on-bike nutrition strategies.

Regarding the form drills, Pettit targets improvements in pedaling mechanics, leg speed & sprinting form as well as improved pedal economy.

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