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Training Log Archive: GD44

In the 7 days ending Nov 18, 2019:

activity # timemileskm+m
  MTB2 3:59:39 34.82(8.7/h) 56.04(14.0/h) 1337
  Running2 2:06:42 11.45(5.4/h) 18.43(8.7/h) 562
  Commute4 1:26:21 18.55(4:39) 29.86(2:54) 40
  Conditioning1 44:51
  Cycling - turbo 1 29:05 12.02(2:25) 19.34(1:30)
  Total9 8:46:38 76.84 123.67 1938
  [1-5]9 8:08:56

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Monday Nov 18, 2019 #

7 AM

Commute 27:57 [1] 10.75 km (2:36 / km) +5m 2:36 / km
ahr:109 max:122


Conditioning (Pilates) 44:51 [1]
ahr:60 max:73

Group Pilates Class with Kyla. Only three of us today

Sunday Nov 17, 2019 #

10 AM

MTB (MBO) 3:10:08 intensity: (1:12:34 @1) + (11:52 @2) + (26:19 @3) + (19:54 @4) + (59:29 @5) 48.2 km (15.2 kph) +1114m
ahr:132 max:157

BMBO#1 - Gilwern (Abergavenny)

Not a good day at the office!

Assumed outdoor FTP 260W

1Active Recovery00:09:0900:09:094.8%1143
 Sweet Spot00:11:22 6.0%229247
5VO2 Max00:25:2600:59:2913.4%276315
 Anaerobic00:34:03 17.9%3153000

Finished 6th out of 46.

1. Ian Cartwright 378
2. Liam Drew 365
2. Ifor Powell 365
4. Rhys Williams 323
5. Andy Stott 317
6. Gary Davies 315
6. Iwona Szmyd 315
6. Nuno Cerqueira 315

S>7: OK
7>8: 110m ascent on tarmac. First steep ascent!
8>22: Lots more climb on farm tracks.
22>15: Muddy slidy exit from #22 then decent track to Pen-y-Fal car park. Some hesitation in trying to find #15 but I and many others hadn't gone far enough.
15>9: After leaving the tarmac from Pen-yr-heol to St Mary's Vale, I started descending down a 'short cut' which wasn't a PRoW. So I pushed the bike back up and followed the longer PRoW. To my annoyance several riders took the short-cut. I 'lost' almost 4 minutes as a result of my honesty. I think SIon should mark the short cut as a permissive path on future maps as it is clearlt being used by members of the public. Apart from that, it was fine. ;-)
9>5: Fast descent along a section of road that I'm familiar with from L2B Fell Race. Had to lift the bike over the gate at the end of Chapel Lane.
5>14:Back the way I came and up to the CP on a climb
14>23 (not found):Big descent on tarmace through the back streets of Abergavenny. Got to the right place and the looked for a bridge handrail as stated on the description. After going round a few times (with Liam Drew), we found another bit of yellow/black marker tape but no CP. So we convinced ourselves that it had been pinched and carried on.
23 (not found)>4:Through the main roads through Abergavenny and found the CP no problem.
4>23:I had intended to go from #4 to #6 or #20. I caught up with Harry Kingston and asked him if he had found #23. He said he had so I decided to go back for it because it was worth 30 points. This cost me 11 minutes.
23>20:Even though this was a big out and back, it was worth 25 points and was along flat roads. So I decided to go for it.
6>16:Another infuritating situation! Sion'd description was 'Road lighting column near road junction' but when I got to the point on the map, there was neither a road junction nor any lighting columns. So I rode up and down the road to see if the CP had been placed somewhere else but no. I then went onto the disused railway/cycleway and there it was on a bloody post and rail fence railing! AAarrrghhhh! I lost 5 minutes here. It was the same for the other competitors too. However I lost 2 mins to Ian Cartwright and Ifor Powell and 1 minute to Liam Drew. Ian was lucky because he rose in as I was leaving so I led him to it. Not turning out to be a great day.
16>24:Approx 2.5km along the canal footpath then 0.5km up the side road. OK. Simlar time to Ian C and four minutes faster than Liam D.
24>13:Steepest climb of the day on tarmac, then a mammoth hike-a-bike then a technical muddy descent to the Punchbowl pond where about 20 almost nude ladies were beside the pond about to go into the water! 40s slower than Ian C but 1m faster than Liam D.
13>17:Remind me never to ride this again in an MBO race. Slow, muddy, lots of hike-a-bike and not enjoyable! Similar time to Ian C but Liam was a minute faster.
17>25:Nailed this. I took a more direct line than Ian Cartwright (4mins faster) and a few others who went up the road and then descended to #25. However Ifor nailed it and was 1 minute faster than mer. Never ridden this bit before.
25>F:Only had 11.5 minutes remaining when I punched this CP. I stupidly ascended along a very slow grassy track to the road and lost time. I even considered going for more CPs to the west/north-west but luckily I changed my mind. [I should have returned to the Tumble road by backtracking the way I came in.] I descended down the Tumble with the intent of not getting back to the Finish later than 10 minutes as any time over this would occur 5pts/min penalty. I got back 10m 8s late so incurred a 20 point penalty.

So in summary I lost 24-25 minutes through no fault of my own. Liam Drew and I did a similar route to #23 (first time round) and I was 2.5 minutes slower than him at that point. He came second with a score of 365 and didn't come back late. My biggest mistakes was at #23 where I followed Liam and to the description and didn't look at the where the point was at the map. This was followed by me going back to pick up #23. These two mistakes alone cost me the 20 point penalty and probably picking up another 20 pointer. This would have given me a score of 355 which would have been 4th place.

Worth noting time from top of Blorenge to Gilwern HQ ~20mins which is longer than I anticipated.

2 PM

MTB 49:31 intensity: (15:00 @0) + (33:44 @1) + (47 @3) 7.84 km (9.5 kph) +223m
ahr:125 max:146

Collecting CPs for Sion.

Saturday Nov 16, 2019 #


No exercise as I was hungover from a night-in with Dawn Friday night.

Then I went out with work in the evening hosting a few guests/clients to the Lenny Henry Story at WMC. Had a few drinks and a dinner in Ffresh beforehand and followed by beers at The Dock.

Not great preparation for MBO!

Had intended to do Parkrun in the morning but couldn't be bothered.

Thursday Nov 14, 2019 #

6 PM

Cycling - turbo 29:05 intensity: (7 @0) + (15:58 @1) + (3:23 @2) + (3:09 @3) + (2:01 @4) + (4:27 @5) 19.34 km (1:30 / km)
ahr:114 max:162

Trainer Road FTP Ramp Test using the new Tacx Neo 2 Smart Trainer

Great that I didn't have to change gears and/or fiddle with a manual friction adjuster for this. I just had to focus on keeping those legs going.

The Ramp test consists of 1min intervals whereby the power increases by 15W on each one. I managed to complete the 325W interval for 1min but then had nothing left!

FTP popped out to be 244W.

1Active Recovery00:15:5800:15:5854.9%1138
 Sweet Spot00:01:12 4.1%220238
5VO2 Max00:02:2200:04:278.1%265303
 Anaerobic00:02:05 7.2%3033000

Wednesday Nov 13, 2019 #

7 AM

Commute 27:29 [1] 7.55 km (3:38 / km) +7m 3:37 / km
ahr:92 max:113

Easy pootle in from home to AECOM offices for ACE Wales Committee Meeting.

Easy pootle as I was in work clothes and didn't want to sweat.

9 AM

Commute 5:48 intensity: (5:46 @1) + (2 @3) 1.93 km (3:01 / km)
ahr:106 max:124

AECOM Office to Arup Office

5 PM

Commute 25:07 intensity: (21:12 @1) + (2:58 @2) + (57 @3) 9.63 km (2:36 / km) +28m 2:34 / km
ahr:115 max:140

I had intended to ride from work to Pentwyn for the Street O. However I had forgotten to bring my running training trainers. So I had to cycle home before jumping in the car to get to Street O.

7 PM

Running (Street O) 57:50 intensity: (19:10 @1) + (32:13 @2) + (4:14 @3) + (2:13 @4) 9.43 km (9.8 kph) +153m
ahr:129 max:153

SWOC Street Map O

Heavy rain and very cold!

Enjoyed it even though I got a little disorientated a few times and the map wasn't 100% accurate.

Tuesday Nov 12, 2019 #

6 PM

Running 1:08:52 intensity: (22:35 @0) + (17:23 @1) + (22:19 @2) + (3:17 @3) + (2:36 @4) + (42 @5) 9.0 km (7.8 kph) +409m

MDC Night Run from Moy Road

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