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Training Log Archive: chino

In the 7 days ending Jun 15:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  Trail Run3 10:51:48 51.19(12:44) 82.38(7:55) 13842
  Road Run1 1:10:09 8.04(8:44) 12.94(5:25) 386
  Yoga/ Stretching5 40:00
  Strength Training3 11:00
  Total12 12:52:57 59.23 95.32 14228
  [1-5]11 12:49:57
averages - sleep:8.4 weight:137.6lbs

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Thursday Jun 13 #

5 AM

slept:8.0 weight:137.4lbs

1 beer, no ibu. Theragun, foam roll, psoas release, yoga before bed. Legs tired but feel ok. Rt PF not mad at all- good progress with that.
7 AM

Trail Run hills 4:11:25 [4] 18.02 mi (13:57 / mi) +5924ft 10:38 / mi
ahr:131 max:158 shoes: Exodus Ultra 2

CF TH-Grandeur in 59 flat-P Line- Mt. Arie in ~43min (yikes)-Terraces- rd to car.
Didn't use poles on Grandeur. HR stayed lower. Legs hurt more. RPE was higher. Time seemed to go by faster. Need to repeat the experiment on fresher legs.
Mt. Aire climb felt brutal today. But, legs cam back on the descent pretty well. Lots of bugs on Aire. Terraces got overgrown fast. Nice day out but I'm def over lower MC now.
Refilled flasks and chugged most of a flask of water at Elbow Fk. 2 waffles. 4 gels. I have no idea what I want to train for.
12 PM

Yoga/ Stretching warm up/down 3:00 [1]

car stretch w/ the flies
2 PM



Wednesday Jun 12 #

7 AM

Trail Run 2:30:26 [4] 11.13 mi (13:31 / mi) +3935ft 10:08 / mi
slept:8.1 weight:137.6lbs shoes: Exodus Ultra 2

1 beer, no ibu. Decent sleep in bed. Like sleeping upstairs bc it's easier to get out of bed. Somehow don't weigh 1000lb after basically eating ice cream and pretzels for dinner. Didn't eat much overall yesterday bc I was working on the gate most of the day- pretty fun.

Parked at CF- up Grandeur steady in in 58:xx. Picked up pace on descent to practice relaxing on technical descents. Felt good and hip flexors liked not riding the brakes. Great AM up there. Passed 2 runners in last mile or so who who were coming down as I was ~1mi from the summit. Round trip was 93:xx, then head up to SLC Overlook and back. Came down Thaynes section on descent and tried to let it rip. 3 gels, 17oz water, 17oz Tailwind. Psyched to get out for a long one tmw w/ no curfew.

Picked up new hrm strap on the way home. Dug not having it today. Only really looked at my watch to check elevation.
10 AM

Yoga/ Stretching warm up/down 5:00 [1]

Van stretch. 90sec ab wheel when I got home.
40 push ups at home before the run
4 PM

Strength Training 3:00 [3]

30lb db curl 3 x4
40 push ups
Skater lunge x12/ side
45sec ab wheel

Tuesday Jun 11 #

6 AM

slept:8.5 weight:138lbs

1 beer, no ibu.
7 AM

Road Run 1:10:09 [3] 8.04 mi (8:44 / mi) +386ft 8:21 / mi
shoes: Glycerin 21- White

HRM died. Legs pretty tired but kept moving. Sunny but still shade available. Nice AM. Thought mostly about the gate I plan to build today. Also to do Speedgoat 50k or not. Nice, mellow jog- just missed being able to see my hr bc the feedback I was getting from my legs and the pace on my watch was not very encouraging. Ha.
8 AM

Yoga/ Stretching warm up/down 12:00 [1]

2:30 plank series, 35sec back ext
foam roll 2min/ leg, psoas release
50 push ups
some down dog- still trying to release rt PF, slowly getting better

Monday Jun 10 #

7 AM

slept:9.3 weight:137.8lbs (rest day)

1 beer, no ibu. Body tired but not too bad. Theragun, foam roll last night. Heavy from cake and ice cream. Still sleeping downstairs in van mattress while AC is broken. Made no effort to get up early this morning.
8 AM

Strength Training 6:00 [3]

30 push ups
30 squats +15lb
15lb db curl x24, shoulder press x16
8lb db curl x20/arm, fly to front x14
20lb KB woodchop x34
Ab wheel x34 (~1:40)
8lb db skater lunge+curl x12/ side
10 AM

Yoga/ Stretching 17:00 [1]

Solo yoga. Rt PF did well, only a little stiff but mobility was best it's been in a while. Time does not incl 60sec psoas release per side before and after. Nice job.

Sunday Jun 9 #

5 AM

slept:7.6 weight:137.2lbs

1 beer, no ibu. Set 5:30 alarm w/ goal to get up MC Cyn by 7 before crowds and heat.
7 AM

Trail Run long 4:09:57 [4] 22.04 mi (11:20 / mi) +3983ft 9:41 / mi
ahr:131 max:152 shoes: Exodus Ultra 2

Parked just above BH TH. Up rd-Big Water- GWT- Crest- Deso Lk- Dog Lk- Big Water-connector to Elbow Fk-down rd
Goal was to keep hr under 140 for first 2-3 hours so I could pick up pace at the end. Still quite a bit of snow bt Old Red Pine rd jct and Red Lover's Ridge, so mi8-11 were pretty slow going. Kept a good attitude. Legs came around well for last half. That it was all downhill for the most part helped. Was going to return on Terraces but was short on time. Solid effort. Rad to get up there before everyone is up there everyday. Awesome trails around here.

5 gels, waffle, 51oz water, 17oz tailwind. Refilled flasks at Deso spring.
11 AM

Yoga/ Stretching warm up/down 3:00 [0]

car stretch
5 PM

Strength Training 2:00 [3]

30 push ups
3x 12 1 leg bridge +15lb

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