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Training Log Archive: gregorysorensen

In the 7 days ending Jul 21:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  Mod Bike5 9:46:37 170.37(17.4/h) 274.18(28.0/h) 8099
  MTB1 3:10:00 32.0(5:56) 51.5(3:41) 5863
  Weights2 2:50:00
  Running2 1:52:00 14.3(7.7/h) 23.01(12.3/h)
  Mod Swim2 32:24 1.2(2.2/h) 1.93(3.6/h)
  Total12 18:11:01 217.87 350.63 13962
averages - sleep:7.3 weight:180.5lbs

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Sunday Jul 21 #

5 AM

Mod Bike (mod bike) 3:37:37 [3] 48.69 mi (13.4 mph) +8099ft
ahr:136 max:157 slept:7.0

Encanto Park to Baldy Ski Lifts and back.

Things went well on the way up to My Baldy Ski Lifts, then I hit a crack in the road coming back down Glendora Mountain Rd, there was a lot of shade as the sun was not at its peak, hit the front tire and heard it pop and the front wheel started shaking and I leaned all weight back and tried feathering the brakes then the tire just beeded off the wheel and I slammed my head right side onto the hwy about 30mph and bounced off the ground and helment and shoulders slammed the ground again, destroyed the derailer and handles are I think done along with brakes and shifters. My cleates stayed in the peddles the entire time came to a stop along the shoulder in dirt where I was met with a shit load of ants and tried getting up but realized I was still clipped in, finally unclipped and got up and head was pounding and skin was on fire. I didn't realize how close I was to the edge of at least 100 foot drop or more. I thought was I hope a car or motorcycle does not run me down when I fell. Hats off to Ben and his group coming up GMR, helped me put a new tube and gave me some water. Funny Ben is good friends with Spencer Ito. Small world. Road Rash, some pretty good swelling on my head, loss a filling, and bike jacked up.

Prior to the debacle, I felt really strong riding this morning, legs where heavy and tired from MTB yesterday and weightlifting but man I was able to hold good power and I did not push really hard I just wanted to keep some sweet spot intervals and once I did that I was able to just hold decent power. I guess the positive my helmet saved me, as it was broke and big chunk missing from the impact. Oh plus I got a Cup. :)

To the Lifts
AP 253
NP 263
9 AM

Mod Bike (mod bike) 1:24:00 [3] 28.57 mi (20.4 mph)

After the crash, just trying to roll back to the car, only had a couple gears to use as everything on the bike was jacked

Saturday Jul 20 #

5 AM

Weights (Weights ) 1:30:00 [3]

Legs, back and core

Lower right back strain
8 AM

MTB (MTB) 3:10:00 [3] 32.0 mi (5:56 / mi) +5863ft 5:04 / mi
ahr:136 max:166

First MTB ride in 18 months. Lifted weights prior to going (legs and back) and strained my lower right side, so I did not push very hard but felt much better on the MTB that I was fitted and have a new bike seat that mirrors my road. Got a little warm during the ride but there were so many people on the trail had to really be careful, plus a lot of MTB's as well, some were not staying on their side of the fire road on their decent, which is really dumb. Dropped down to the other closed gate going into or near I think Corona and then climb back out, which was getting a little warmer but I did get wind, which didn't help with the climb but keeping me cool. Need to learn how to pick a line and stay with it on steep climbs as I missed a couple and fell over 2x. All good, learning and will keep trying

Friday Jul 19 #

4 AM

Weights (Weights ) 1:20:00 [3]

Arms, shoulders and chest and core

Abs are sore, nay have pulled a muscle
5 AM

Running (Mod run) 40:30 [3] 5.13 mi (7.6 mph)

Easy run, feeling my ab muscle
6 AM

Mod Swim (Swim) 16:00 [3] 0.6 mi (2.3 mph)

Easy swim

Thursday Jul 18 #

4 PM

Mod Bike intervals (mod bike) 1:15:00 [3] 21.51 mi (17.2 mph)
ahr:140 max:166 slept:7.0

Bluebell +1
AP 235
NP 302

Bad idea to do this type of workout after hard sweet spot work yesterday, my mistake and poor planning. Legs were dead from the start and became a god awful death march with 9 remaining. I'm thinking from the previous week I had just over 1000 TSS and my legs are just not back or I'm just getting older and loosing strength.

Wednesday Jul 17 #

1 PM

Mod Bike (Mod bike) 2:00:00 [3] 41.37 mi (20.7 mph)
ahr:149 max:169 slept:7.5

Baird Peak
AP 265
NP 278
WELL, I thought I would try a new TR WORKOUT, Pretty challenging plus I'm just not feeling right now. Need to start doing these workouts in the morning, very warm during the afternoon. Hopefully I will get back to normal, stomach still feeling gassy, have not gone number 2 today which normally body clock has me doing this constantly every morning

Tuesday Jul 16 #

1 PM

Mod Bike (Mod bike) 1:30:00 [3] 30.23 mi (20.2 mph)
ahr:132 max:158 slept:8.0

Andrew's +1
AP 240
NP 249

Not feeling good this morning diarrhea x3 and stomach aches, ate something bad yesterday, still feeling crappy this afternoon but not as bad. Legs felt ok, just felt tired and going through the motions.

Monday Jul 15 #

4 AM

Running (Mod run) 1:11:30 [3] 9.17 mi (7.7 mph)
slept:8.0 weight:180.5lbs

Mod run
6 AM

Mod Swim (Swim) 16:24 [3] 0.6 mi (2.2 mph)

Easy swim

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