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Training Log Archive: gregorysorensen

In the 7 days ending Feb 23, 2020:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  Road Bike4 9:00:56 151.27(16.8/h) 243.45(27.0/h) 10859
  MTB1 4:24:00 44.86(5:53) 72.19(3:39) 7592
  Swimming 2 1:09:19 2.54(2.2/h) 4.09(3.5/h)
  Running1 1:00:30 7.78(7:47) 12.52(4:50)
  Total8 15:34:45 206.45(4:32) 332.25(2:49) 18451
averages - sleep:7.3

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Sunday Feb 23, 2020 #

7 AM

Road Bike (mod bike) 2:54:56 [3] 56.49 mi (19.4 mph) +3323ft

Beautiful Ride Day 2 from Solvang to Los Olivos, up Fox Cyn all the way around Los Alamo's, Buellton
AP 226
NP 234
Avg Cadence 84
Nice easier ride from Solvang past Los Olivos up Fox Cyn out past Los Alamo's. Saw some more cows and bulls along the ride with beautiful wine vineyards, hot air balloon, watched it come down from 1000+ feet. The weather wasn't to bad little brisk, but some good wind heading out for the first 30 miles with some nice rollers with decent climbs. Kinda was watching my map on my phone (strava) and taking pictures like I did yesterday, so I wasn't trying to hammer it or go at a up tempo pace, wanted to enjoy the views. Once I got on Palmer road I was heading back and got to the 101 hwy, saw another bike rider and asked him if I could ride on the hwy to Buellton? He told me yes, that is what you have to do, I began riding and a CHP came up to me and told me I have to exit in Los Alamo's which the sign said and ride through the town, then get back on and go to exit 246. Wasn't to bad riding on the hwy as the shoulder is pretty wide, but man when those 18 wheelers come by they blew me around!!. All in All good weekend and will come back and do more rides up here, good training and now I know the area a little more.

Saturday Feb 22, 2020 #

7 AM

Road Bike (Mod bike) 4:06:00 [3] 58.39 mi (14.2 mph) +7536ft

Mount Figueroa, Solvang, Los Olivos,
Ap 204
Np 237
Avg cadence 76

Started off the ride form hotel in Solvang up Hwy 246 through Santa Yanez, got kinda of lost and rode on Hwy 154 but realized and turned around. Rode up Happy Canyon and saw a few cows and lots of Vinyards. Didn't realize I was going to climb up to a dirt road and have to ride for a while on it, besides the other roads were bad to with pot holes, not very well maintained. Once again I took wrong turn and rode down to two campgrounds Davey Brown and Nira, which is at the bottom of 6 mile decent that dead ends. So I had added little more riding and climbing. Mount Figueroa has very beautiful views, had 3 deer's jump over fence about 25 yards in front of me. I saw 2 women and 2 men riding the entire ride. Dropped down Mount Figueroa to Los Olivos to Solvang. Didn't really ride hard as my legs are still feeling tired from Catalina ride. But all in all nice ride, will do this ride again and ride it harder now that I know the route.

Thursday Feb 20, 2020 #

7 AM

Road Bike (mod bike) 1:00:00 [3] 19.0 mi (19.0 mph)

Pettit - 1
AP 219
NP 222
Avg Cadence 97

Legs feeling little better today, went and got treatment this morning, hoping the compartment syndrome gets better, not as bad as yesterday but still there
12 PM

Swimming (mod swim) 38:49 [3] 1.42 mi (2.2 mph)

Nice swim outside in the LBC, pool is much better than swimming indoor 24hr

Wednesday Feb 19, 2020 #

10 AM

Swimming (mod swim) 30:30 [3] 1.12 mi (2.2 mph)

2000k swimming

just stretching it out
12 PM

Road Bike (mod bike) 1:00:00 [3] 17.39 mi (17.4 mph)

Pettit -1
AP 183
NP 184
Avg cadence 90

Legs not feeling it today, started getting compartment syndrome again in my right leg, woke up this morning with dull ache that feels shitty. Going for adjustments tomorrow , hoping this goes away, it completly makes my leg numb.

Tuesday Feb 18, 2020 #

1 PM

Running (Mod run) 1:00:30 [3] 7.78 mi (7:47 / mi)

Mod run

Tired legs

Monday Feb 17, 2020 #

8 AM

MTB (mountain bike) 4:24:00 [3] 44.86 mi (5:53 / mi) +7592ft 5:04 / mi

Epic Catalina MTB, snakes, fox, bison, ravens
Power Meter not working, need to reach out to Pioneer!!

What a great ride today, Brad and Wayne and I took the Catalina Express over @ 6am . We got some coffee once we got off the boat and then grabbed some lockers to put are street clothes in after the ride. Right from the get go riding we were climbing some very steep grade for about 3.5 miles with a gain of 1600+feet. That warmed me up fast. All fire roads we were on the entire day, once we got up to the top of the first climb, we road on fire road for about 10 minutes and bison were off to our left so I had to stop and get pictures. Wayne and I decided to put our bikes down and walk up a hill to get a closer view of them and picture. We then road for a while on rollers all the way to the airport, which was about 10 miles from Avalon. We were almost there and the ranger driving in the opposite direction asked us if we had permits, we told him we didn't know we needed them, so he said once you get to the airport go upstairs and buy one, which are $35 for one year. We got our permits and headed toward 2 harbors and that was not bad, then we headed further to the backside of the Island and there were beautiful views but lots of rollers on the fire road, which become very tough and play with your mind after riding for 3+ hours. We had one hell of a climb call "Banning House Rd Climb" almost 3.5 miles from some of the steepest pitches I've ever climbed. I had to get off my bike and walk it for a while, Brad was able to climb most of it, I was probably about 100 yards behind him and Wayne was behind me. With fresh legs, I think I climb this whole thing with my new gearing. I a bunch of foxes and a rattle snake and a few ravens on the fire road. Said hi to a few hikers too. Once we finally got past the airport on the way back we climb a few more times and then dropped back into Avalon. There were a lot of people there for President's Holiday. We went and got food and had some good drinks as well as on the boat ride back to mainland. Great day of riding and views, will be going back to do more riding over in Catalina soon.

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