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Training Log Archive: rcro

In the 7 days ending Feb 20, 2012:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running3 2:17:35 15.61(8:49) 25.12(5:29) 330
  Orienteering1 1:10:25 6.14(11:28) 9.88(7:08) 210
  Orienteering - Night1 54:49 3.06(17:56) 4.92(11:08)
  Total5 4:22:49 24.81(10:36) 39.92(6:35) 540

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Sunday Feb 19, 2012 #

Orienteering race (CompassSport Cup) 1:10:25 [4] 9.88 km (7:08 / km) +210m 6:27 / km
shoes: inov8 Roclite295 (1)

Brown course. Did well to 5; shame about the rest.

Started 3 mins behind Shane and caught him at 4 and still with him most of the way to 6. Then misread the contours and lost 2 mins in the wrong area of crags. Lost another 2 mins or so on 7 associated to the misreading of contours at 6...

Bearing went wrong 8-9 and found a big hole in the undergrowth that swallowed my right leg. Messed up 10 by thinking it was near the top of the hill rather than down the other side. Didn't think I was anywhere near control at 11 but found it and carried on.

Stupidly took straight line route to 12. Gorse has ruined my legs. Lost 2 mins due to this, then another min by being too low down. Misread contours of 13 (would have mapped gullies rather than hillocks) so was well off, then lost 20s or so getting down to control without getting the rest of my body in contact with the gorse.

Finished with a poor route into 14.

Fairly disappointed with my run: made a good 10-12 mins of mistakes on the last half of the course so could have been well up the field today.

Saturday Feb 18, 2012 #

9 AM

Running race (Ashton Court Parkrun) 22:39 [5] 5.0 km (4:32 / km) +100m 4:07 / km
shoes: Saucony Powergrid Triumph 9

Something seemed to twang in my left thigh as warming up for this today. Managed to get 100 yards or so into the course before realising that if I pushed it up the hill I'd probably do some damage to myself.

That, with the return of the wind, left me to just take it easy - going up the hill I was barely doing any more than walking pace.

Was overtaken by some kid who I always beat at the 1km mark. Just stuck with him from there to the finish - probably a little bit faster than I wanted to be going.

Started to up the pace at the bottom of the hill and forced into a full sprint from the last bend - would have gained two places (although probably not even 5s) had it not been for a bloody dog running under my feet and causing me to pretty much stop about 20 yards from the finish funnel.

Seems that the last 2km were both the fastest I've ever done them, with the middle km 3 seconds down.

Happy that a bad run is only 22:40. Not happy that there is obviously something else wrong with me that I need to get sorted.

Looking at the fastest I've done each km to date it appears that a perfect run for me would be 21:54. Hopefully I'll get there at some point this year!
6 PM

Orienteering - Night race (WNL Stock Hill) 54:49 [3] 4.92 km (11:08 / km)
shoes: Addidas Swoops

Oh dear...

Route S-10-12-20-18-26-29-17-5-19-7-3-9-1-F - 225 points

First start so made the choice of starting on the even bottom half with the plan of doing even top half turning over to odd at top left hand corner to get the high pointers there on my way back. Didn't happen.

Got 10 fine. Came out onto a path junction and used compass to determine which path to take to head into 12 - big mistake - took the one that compass said was north and headed east... Ended up in some dark green I remembered from April last year and realised where I was. Then spent 5 mins or so about 100 yards east of the control kite...

Bearing to 20 off, but seems I headed off the path at exactly the right point for the control - shame I then spent 3 mins looking for the right hole.

Next disaster was 18. Helped into control by Ifor. 26 ok, but had been going 25 mins so thought it was best point to turn over and do the odd map.

29 and 17 both fine. Thought I was on a parallel path to 5 but turns out I wasn't. Missed 19 slightly and overshot a lot. Relocated from a long depression. Couldn't mess up 7! Went up and down the vef boundaries at 11, found the depressions but not the control - gave up. 9 easier as I'd been down there earlier. Almost missed 1 on way back to finish.

Pretty terrible run tonight. Hopefully not too many people found it easier than I did.

Thursday Feb 16, 2012 #

Running intervals (Westbury Harriers) 57:52 [5] 9.44 km (6:08 / km) +130m 5:44 / km
shoes: Saucony Powergrid Triumph 9

Westbury Harriers training - 4x 1.3km efforts on the Downs.

More consistent than I expected tonight, and faster than I did on the similar length effort on Tuesday:

1 - 5:05
2 - 4:59
3 - 5:22
4 - 5:05

From GPS, looks like the time on the third one was lost in getting started. Really felt like I struggled with that one and thought it would have been lost taking the outside route by the water tower.

Fairly happy. Wouldn't have been fit enough to do that session and then drive home afterwards 6 months ago. Hopefully my improving fitness will continue to be reflected in my BOF ranking - last week gained me just 7 points as I was so knackered before I started!

Tuesday Feb 14, 2012 #

Running (BOK Training Run) 57:04 [4] 10.68 km (5:21 / km) +100m 5:06 / km
shoes: Saucony Powergrid Triumph 9

BOK Training Run in Thornbury.

Still feel pretty slow at the moment, and calves seem to still be unhappy with running fast.

Paul made another guest appearance tonight to ensure the pace was kept up. Couldn't stick with him or Ifor for the 1.4km or so effort but did manage it in 5:40ish so 20s or so faster than last time. Took quite a while to recover afterwards.

Started feeling able to pick the pace up again along the railway track. Gradually sped up and noted Paul matching it so ended up going into a full sprint for 100 yards or so.

Did an extra 800m or so at the end to bring the time closer to the hour - would have done a bit more but lost all feeling in my right foot just as I started.

Must be warming up again as felt a bit overdressed right from the start.

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