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Training Log Archive: rcro

In the 7 days ending Jan 2:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering - Urban4 3:46:04 28.97(7:48) 46.63(4:51) 615
  Running - off road5 2:22:47 16.81(8:30) 27.06(5:17) 410
  Orienteering1 55:54 4.37(12:48) 7.03(7:57) 255
  Running2 29:38 4.02(7:22) 6.47(4:35) 80
  Total11 7:34:23 54.18(8:23) 87.19(5:13) 1360
averages - sleep:5.4 weight:74.6kg

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Thursday Jan 2 #

11 AM

Running 24:08 [3] 5.47 km (4:25 / km) +80m 4:07 / km
slept:6.0 weight:74.6kg shoes: Mizuno Wave Rider 22 White

Legs stiffened up a lot since yesterday so didn't want to do too much. Started going and was moving well but opted out of doing the flatter 10k loop and stuck to the 5k. Might do the 10k tomorrow, and more slowly, as I want another easy day.

Wednesday Jan 1 #

8 AM

Running - off road race (Lydney Parkrun) 19:54 [5] 5.0 km (3:59 / km) +30m 3:52 / km
slept:2.0 shoes: inov8 Roclite 290 Grey

This year: 19:54, 14th/408
Last year: 19:50, 12th/231

Arrived at 8:15 and even B&M car park was 2/3 full so knew it would be a bumper turnout. My estimate of 400 proved to be pretty good. So many people that funnelling people into the start took 5 mins - and some of us never even got as far back as the start line!

Not a fan of this course which is why I only go once per year. Didn't really feel like I was running that well - all seemed a bit of a struggle. But, finding positives, the undulating section by the bypass seemed to go well each lap, and I was powering up the bank to the canal well - which hasn't been the case previous times.

Lap 1 was generally free flowing apart from a few passes/being passed. Around half way lap 2 started overtaking backmarkers, and this became a continuous stream for over 2km. The course isn't really good for passing with the "undulating" bit being just over 1 person wide, or very wet and slippery, the canal toe path being one person wide, and then some very narrow bits in the mud, and when wider everybody wanted the firmest line. Whilst the overtaking got in the way of running a bit, everyone seemed courteous and I was getting through a lot better than last year.

Mud was muddy at times, but not too bad.

3s behind last year, 9s behind PB (100m short course). Would have liked it to be quicker but acceptable given I am not fresh, struggled to sleep last night, and had an extra 200 people to overtake.
9 AM

Running 5:30 [3] 1.0 km (5:30 / km)
shoes: inov8 Roclite 290 Grey

Short cool down lap of the lake with Cory before rushing off to Five Acres to help construct an extra long finish funnel.

Running - off road 8:50 [3] 1.7 km (5:12 / km) +15m 4:59 / km
shoes: inov8 Mudclaw300 Blk/Gn2

With 400 people expected, and current parking problems - dropped the car at the orienteering and jogged over. Mark had already built the funnel by the time I was there.
10 AM

Running - off road race (FoD Parkrun) 20:09 [5] 5.0 km (4:02 / km) +25m 3:56 / km
shoes: inov8 Mudclaw300 Blk/Gn2

This year: 20:09 8th/378
Last year: 19:26 9th/247

Felt quite tired going into this. Wanted to jog around, but didn't want to be stuck in traffic - so started hard and battled through the usual problem of people sprinting the first 50 yards then really slowing down as it starts getting a bit rocky.

Right on the back of Cory/Lee/Chris Palmer all the way around the first lap, which suggested I was doing quite well - it felt much better than earlier at least. They all built a gap at the end of the lap by cutting a corner which I didn't (I refuse to as I'd feel like I've cheated if I PB, or just beat someone by a second) - so they got a nice straight line on firm ground and I had a right angle in what, today, is ankle deep mud. They pulled away getting on for 10s and left me in empty space, eventually catching and passing someone else just before the 4k point.

Whilst it has dried out more since last week, the mud seemed deeper and more sticky. Definitely sapping the energy more than previous weeks (but again I was 20s faster).

40+ seconds slower than last year - but conditions then were practically bone dry and this time is about as muddy as has ever been. Disappointed to not break 20 both times like last year but really don't think it was realistic in those conditions before considering what else I've done in the last week. Important thing is that it felt like a reasonable effort, and I seemed a lot more comfortable doing it than I was at Lydney.

Almost unbelievable how many were here today - beat previous record by 130. It was the most number of people I've lapped (15+) - and I guess carnage behind me if people weren't treating the course and each other with respect.
11 AM

Running - off road 8:38 [3] 1.74 km (4:58 / km) +5m 4:53 / km
shoes: inov8 Mudclaw300 Blk/Gn2

Back to the orienteering to get photos of finishers (and eventually, locate and retrieve a rogue control). Feeling a bit rough.

Tuesday Dec 31, 2019 #

11 AM

Orienteering - Urban (Ross MapRun) 59:41 [4] 13.0 km (4:35 / km) +175m 4:18 / km
slept:5.0 shoes: Mizuno Wave Rider 22 White

Wasn't really going to try at this. As I'd set the course, unlike others this was a bit more pre-planned rather than blind and wanted to see how my route (coming back into the town centre between the two checkpoints in Chase Woods) did against what everyone else did. Nobody at the time agreed with my route - but as I'm leading by 50 points, guess I was right.

S-8-9-29-10-12-28-14-13-15-27-16-26-17-11-30-7-18-25-24-19-2-4-5-6-20-3-1-F. 510 points

This direction got most of the climbing out of the way early, which was good, but still felt going up to 14. Also meant getting a bit wet and muddy for the little bit on the Parkrun course (cancelled tomorrow). Bumped into the same couple out walking their dog 4 times, and they were making friendly conversation - last time was outside PGL and I was very lucky both ways with a large group of MTBers coming the other way. Came back through the gate right behind last one and it surprised him a bit.

Definitely moving faster after 18, or at least felt it was, and left shin feeling a bit sore too from all the pounding, especially downhill.

Was clear of bottom half of map and in Safeway's car park with 12 mins spare so meant was forced into going up Greytree hill to pick up the low scorers. Don't think any of the 30 pointers were worth going to by that stage.

Fairly good run - felt better than Stroud's. Might do Cinderford again (not as a hard one), otherwise finished with MapRun for Christmas now.
3 PM


End of the year and I’ve comfortably met all my goals for distance, elevation, long runs, and 5k/10k/HM PBs. Bonus PB for the mile which I wasn’t aiming for but as it’s still over 10 mins may try for a proper time one day. Ends as most distance and fastest average pace.

From being possibly the only sub-18 5k regular Parkrunner never to have won, now a three-times winner (won across 4 races) and none of them were at Newent so can be classed as respectable.

Highest orienteering milage since 2015 - 75% urban.

Running-wise, year has gone quite well. Next year will be far less prescriptive about targets - instead just want to run strong and try and enjoy it without cheating and buying Vaporflys. End the year not feeling quick but I can’t argue with some of the MapRun performances so looks like there should be a good base to build on.

Monday Dec 30, 2019 #

11 AM

Orienteering - Urban (Monmouth MapRun) 55:32 [3] 11.38 km (4:53 / km) +45m 4:47 / km
slept:5.0 shoes: Mizuno Wave Rider 22 White

Reached about the limit of how much holiday I can have in one go.

Monmouth MapRun to get to 8 - so I don't need to do any more. Legs not great so never pushing too hard.

S-5-8-25-23-19-15-6-4-3-1-10-13-21-22-14-12-11-2-24-9-20-16-17-7-F. 430 points.

Not the best route for getting all the checkpoints I'd not been to before with some long dog legs. Didn't take the footpath field to new estate as it's under water. Comfortably enough time for 26 between 16 and 7 if I wanted, and could have got 18 instead of 9 - combined would have given me extra 40 points and clear lead at the top. When it's dry could chop out 10 and 1 and replace with 27 and 30 so ought to be quite easy to get over 500 points if trying.

Sunday Dec 29, 2019 #

11 AM

Orienteering (Wenallt) 55:54 [3] 7.03 km (7:57 / km) +255m 6:44 / km
slept:6.0 shoes: inov8 Mudclaw300 Blk/Gn2

Legs still not really up for race pace so sticking with an "easy" day - and Clare did a good job selling the orienteering. Nice to see the Wenallt in daylight as most if it really is white woods.

Started with maze, which was slippery.
S-maze-1-6-16-21-23-2-19-21-5-9-18-22-4-17-11-25-13-7-10-15-24-14-20-26-12-8-F. 4 mins to spare.

At 18 water was quite deep so went forwards rather than original plan of doubling back and doing 7-10-15-24-14-13-25. Slow up to 22, got myself quite brambled, and then messed up 4 with Clive (at least this Clive acknowledges me!). Very slow descending, paths not nice and quite overgrown here.

11 seemed a lot further up than I expected it to be. 13 was too high as hadn't seen flag. Quite a few bits of the middle section where it felt like map could do with some work - gather it's in progress!

Comfortable downhill finish. Enjoyed it a lot more than I expected

Hadn't been totally well in the night and not 100% today - so didn't hang around to collect controls in after all. Thanks Clare and Mark!

Saturday Dec 28, 2019 #

3 PM

Running - off road (Ridgeway) 1:25:16 [3] 13.62 km (6:16 / km) +335m 5:34 / km
slept:9.0 shoes: inov8 Mudclaw300 Blk/Gn2

Went to bed early last night and had planned on doing a fast parkrun course "slowly" - but woke up early and knew right away that legs weren't going to like it so sent my apologies and went back to bed for a few more hours rest.

Instead went over to Cardiff to catch up with Clare, Mark and Clive - and being warmly received by two of them. Ran with Mark through the Wenallt and along the Ridgeway for a bit. As a lapsed orienteer, even I was impressed at how runnable the woods looked at the moment.

Mark was definitely going better than me uphill and I was tiring significantly towards the end. Going for a double baselayer as it felt cold before starting was a mistake as really overheating.

Need another easy day tomorrow so think I've been persuaded into helping collect controls, with a bit of orienteering beforehand.

Sneaked out another MapRun course this afternoon, with a third waiting for some map updates to get onto OOM. Will need to go out and test them at some point.

Friday Dec 27, 2019 #

12 PM

Orienteering - Urban (Stroud MapRun) 59:48 [4] 12.21 km (4:54 / km) +245m 4:27 / km
slept:5.0 shoes: Mizuno Wave Rider 22 White

Another MapRun double as a detour on the drive back to Wales.

S-13-37-29-18-28-39-38-27-17-25-33-21-36-24-35-23-14-31-26-34-30-11-32-16-10-12-F. 530 points. Not a totally planned route (beyond starting with 13), so planned on the way round.

Wasn't sure how legs would do today, especially with hill. First problem turned out to be traffic as had to wait a while crossing road for 13. Legs weren't great uphill, 39 was a loooong way up.

Glad I was in Stroud on Sunday so I knew about the railway station bridge for a little shortcut.

Found a cat plucking a pigeon just before 31 - and lots of noisy birds flying around it. In hindsight should have taken 26 and 34 the other way round as still had a lot of climb and distance going this way.

Aware of the time at 30 and had a fair hill to go for 32. Had a 6 min cut off at Stratford Park and phone beeped with 4s to spare, so the greedy loop was on and had to run hard. Was lucky with the road crossing and railway crossing (when I was at the station all the trains were cancelled!), sprinted hard between the chicanes back to Tesco and was aware to be careful with cars and people getting to the finish. 12s to spare so worked out well!

1st overall by a fair margin, but Tom Hards went out later and was just 10 points behind. Shows the extra loop gamble was necessary.
1 PM

Orienteering - Urban (Stroud West MapRun) 51:03 [3] 10.04 km (5:05 / km) +150m 4:44 / km
shoes: Mizuno Wave Rider 22 White

Second run after doing my shopping, getting diesel, finding somewhere to park that allowed more than 90 mins and didn't requiring giving Co-op money... (the big empty free council car park would have been ideal but the signage wasn't great so I ended up parked about 20m from it on a parallel road)

S-2-15-4-9-11-20-19-30-25--3-13-24-28-6-18-10-16-1-21-12-8-23-5-F. 430 points - but very early.

Wasn't up for doing a full hour so just went for Cashes Green as it looked interesting. Some overlap with earlier, and interesting to note the map differences (we haven't updated these maps yet). Really noticing any uphill, but it is possible that 30 was actually quite high up. Planned a rough route from the strart but ended up changing it on the way round.

Thought about going for 22 - long out and back, but didn't feel keen enough. Missed the turning for 12 so had to do 21 first. As well early tagged 5 on the end.

Looking at map should have been able to start with 2-29-26-14-17-15 for an extra 100 points, dropping one of 4/5/6 if short of time which would have got me up to 530 points (current top score is 510).

Motorway was queuing to Falfield so ended up being a long drive home down the A38 and A48 in the rain and fog. Will be a shame if the post-apocalyptic hotel is being knocked down.

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