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Training Log Archive: rcro

In the 7 days ending Jan 19:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running7 4:12:41 32.18(7:51) 51.79(4:53) 710
  S&C2 1:00:00
  Orienteering - Urban1 55:33 7.67(7:15) 12.34(4:30) 60
  Running - off road1 20:31 3.11(6:36) 5.0(4:06) 125
  Total11 6:28:45 42.96 69.13 895
averages - sleep:5.4

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Sunday Jan 19 #

10 AM

Running (Chepstow) 1:49:13 [3] 21.63 km (5:03 / km) +310m 4:43 / km
slept:6.0 shoes: Nike Pegasus 36

Long road run with Cory and fairly easy pace. Suited me as a test for the new shoes over distance - doubled the distance I've run in them.

From Beachley, around to Tutshill and then misc bits of Chepstow before returning. Cory had planned an "interesting" route but the ice was too bad at the start that we abandoned an early chunk. A little concerned about ice so was being careful for much of the run and still icy at the end coming back through the park - only a couple of points where we were sliding.

Mostly ok with the shoes but feet feeling tired after about 9 miles. Cory was struggling too at least. Glad when we got to the end! Need a bit more time to get used to them. I've done my 31 day streak now so can take some rest days if I want - feel like I could carry on no trouble but there isn't the need to.

Fairly underwhelmed by the Speedway race. Needed the sunglasses more to soften the brightness of all the Vaporflys than for the low sun. But it was good to catch up with some of the Forest lot and have a long lunch.

Started the process for becoming a track judge. Passed the H&S course and booked on a couple of practical courses in a couple of weeks. Then just DBS, 10 events experience (last year's didn't count as that was "field"), then loads of paperwork before I'm acceptable enough for to shut up the Midland League for a bit - maybe not for this year then.
8 PM

S&C 30:00 [3]

Saturday Jan 18 #

8 AM

Running warm up/down 11:20 [3] 1.6 km (7:05 / km) +60m 5:58 / km
slept:5.0 shoes: Nike Pegasus 36

De-icing the car turned into quite a big job. Brought two pairs of trainers and fell shoes and when parked in Machen (avoided the official parking) saw how icy the road was and questioned the wisdom in taking my new road shoes - which aren't exactly grippy, and haven't yet worn the shine off the soles. Took them anyway - only a Parkrun, if it didn't work out then I could slow down...

I found grip all the way up the road, but lots of people making a meal out of it. Seemed to be in a very small minority in wearing road shoes.
Also added an extra 400m up to finish to dump jacket, and do some strides on way back down (included in AP totals).
9 AM

Running - off road race (Machen Parkrun) 20:31 [4] 5.0 km (4:06 / km) +125m 3:39 / km
shoes: Nike Pegasus 36

Event 1 of the new Machen Parkrun. In summary - a really nice course, and the first one closer than Five Acres that I actually like.

Plan for today was not go balls out, but have a try at runner harder in the new trainers and see if my body suffers like I thought it did after the first two. If anything, the niggle with my foot was a lot less noticeable (i.e. not at all until warm down, downhill) than in the Mizunos, and seemed to have no trouble with the shoes.

Quite a lot of climb for 5k - but to be honest didn't feel like too much apart from immediately after the hairpin. Could have attacked the uphill harder if I felt like it, and was fresher. Instead went at steady pace, enough to comfortable haul in and pass Ben Littlejohns and Phil Boorman.

First k had 60m climb - watch beeped 4:42. Another 20 or so m climb before it started undulating, still with some sharp climbs. After the double back had to slow for a bit on a downhill as another runner had spooked a horse that I was coming up to overtake.

Last section was mostly down but managed to gain a place on one of the ups. Also aware of someone behind that was closing in so keen to increase the pace a bit. Knew that the main down was the bit list suited for road shoes, but was ok enough. As started rounding the corner with 700m or so left to go, thought the guy behind was on course to catch me so increased the pace quite a bit, with a few slows for the wet and muddy bits. With 200m to go, threat was averted so the pace eased off a bit as only gain from it was to worry the next one in front.

80s behind the winner. It's not going to be a super-fast course, but a nice one with decent climb, net uphill, and good views over to the Machen ridge on the way back. Might try to do this one more often if I get chance.

Lots of people I know here today - but not "Machen Man" Sam.
10 AM

Running warm up/down 7:38 [3] 1.16 km (6:35 / km)
shoes: Nike Pegasus 36

Slow jog back down with Howard and Lewis after spending quite a lot of time chatting. Didn't exactly need to jog at points - just lean forward and slide on the ice.

Followed this with helping on registration at taking photos at Craig yr Allt race - a really nice day to be outside - views for miles.

Random fact of the day - one of the runners at Craig yr Allt was the young dog walker from last week who Strava-ed his stroll along the canal. I did think it was weird he acknowledged me at the time...

Friday Jan 17 #

6 PM

Running 24:08 [3] 5.25 km (4:36 / km) +80m 4:16 / km
slept:5.0 shoes: Mizuno Wave Rider 22 White

Another easyish run from home. Wanted to get out a bit earlier but more problems with the on-time train home (on time until 400m from arriving at Parkway, eventually turned up 20 minutes late...) and mis-judging when Simon would finish the Spine race meant I stayed in to watch him.

Pretty much set on having a couple of rest days next week now. Pretty sure I could carry on to the end of the month but think body would appreciate some recovery time sooner.

Thursday Jan 16 #

6 PM

Running 31:34 [3] 6.64 km (4:45 / km) +85m 4:28 / km
slept:5.5 shoes: Mizuno Wave Rider 22 White

Been feeling very tired today - woke up in the middle of the night so didn't sleep well. Train home being held up at Hullavington due to mild winter weather meant had 45 minutes standing in cold waiting to go home which didn't help.

Easy run from home as didn't want to do anything hard. Back of heel a bit sore having been rubbing in my shoes all week. Don't know if there's anything more to it but think I'll take it a bit more easy after this week. Think today is day 28 so can have a break after Sunday.

Wednesday Jan 15 #

7 PM

Orienteering - Urban race (Whitchurch MapRun) 55:33 [4] 12.34 km (4:30 / km) +60m 4:24 / km
slept:5.5 shoes: Mizuno Wave Rider 22 White

Not super-enthused by this so not in race mode. Once got the map planned for east side first as the bit I've run in less times - regardless of where the points are. As I'd reinstalled phone app was caught out by hidden settings that hadn't popped up telling me to turn on so had a delayed start re-activating GPS.

S-5-15-26-12-14-4-25-33-32-21-31-28-18-30-22-19-29-1-F. 460 points

Clearly wasn't possible to get them all. And became very apparent that the points on the east side were well spread out meaning accumulation was very slow. Saw 32 was going to be a massive dogleg but went with it anyway, and needed toilet stop in the trees anyway.

Rain was pretty hard when crossing the railway line - pretty much the same weather as last time I ran over it - but it wasn't forecast this time so much better. At half time and still heading away from the finish which didn't seem right.

Everyone else went the other way round and didn't start seeing people until 40 minutes so they'd taken a long time too. Crossed the river for the two controls close by (one was hard to beep) and thought I was going to be rushed but ended up 4 mins early without scope for getting much more (as couldn't run through finish for 2).

Surprisingly high up the results given what I thought of my route's efficiency. Running wasn't slow but style was poorer than I've achieved recently.

Tuesday Jan 14 #

6 PM

Running intervals 45:00 [4] 10.02 km (4:29 / km) +95m 4:17 / km
slept:5.5 shoes: Mizuno Wave Rider 22 White

Weather forecast looked bad so didn't want to drive to the track - but it was cancelled anyway due to water. I need to stick to doing some form of intervals every week so did a session from home.

Worked out at work that the Stelvio loop near my house is almost exactly 400m, and around 5m change in height - so used that as a proxy for a track. When I left home the weather was truly dire - soaked to the skin within 5 minutes and wind very strong. Dropped the planned FoDAC session (2.4km, 4x800m, 3x400m) for a shorter and more simple 3x 1 mile. It was going to be 4x 800m but felt my pace wasn't quick enough to be worthwhile.

First loop went clockwise and was really fighting the wind most of the way, so for last two went the other way. Didn't feel particularly quick but times not bad considering: 6:14, 6:02, 6:02.

Legs feeling better after run than before, but may be sore again tomorrow. Would have liked to do more drills but it was raining a lot and I didn't want to get too cold.

Monday Jan 13 #

6 PM

S&C 30:00 [3]

7 PM

Running (Western Avenue loop) 23:48 [3] 5.49 km (4:20 / km) +80m 4:02 / km
slept:5.0 shoes: Mizuno Wave Rider 22 White

Just an easy run today, after waiting for the rain to pass. Unlike last few days wasn't focussing on my feet - just "running" and seeing how it goes. On the flat and downs was definitely landing better, and interestingly got to 1st k at 4:36 - I believe my second fastest time.

Naturally on toes more going up but not as much as I expected. More so on the flatter top bit of Western Ave than the bottom. Since pace was good, turned into a bit more of a tempo run once I hit Risca Road - as it always seems to - but still well within my limits.

Definitely not a super hard run but only 11s slower than the new shoes did on Monday, and about 30s behind my fastest (hard effort) time. Form may be a bit better than I thought. Will need to start adding distance and (re)introducing the new shoes once my legs feel better, possibly not long away.

By my calcs this is day 25 of the streak. Previously did 27 in April/May last year (and then really had to rest), and 33 in Dec 17/Jan 18 - again being totally worn out before the end. Shame I rested 19th December...

Time for this loop in Jan 2018 was 24:56 including a hard effort. Generally did the 4.5 loop with extra hills as it was slower.

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