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Training Log Archive: rcro

In the 7 days ending Nov 7:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running - off road2 2:56:51 17.6(10:03) 28.33(6:15) 960
  Running4 1:45:05 14.24(7:23) 22.92(4:35) 350
  Orienteering - Urban1 59:02 7.19(8:13) 11.57(5:06) 205
  Total7 5:40:58 39.03(8:44) 62.82(5:26) 1515
averages - sleep:5.9 weight:77kg

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Sunday Nov 7 #

10 AM

Running - off road 2:03:27 [3] 19.02 km (6:29 / km) +480m 5:46 / km
slept:6.0 shoes: inov8 Mudclaw300 Blue/Red

Off road run with Marcus from Oakdale. Mostly successful with only a small number of brambles - and a lot of paths that just didn't exist. Some good unmapped footpaths early on made an improvement on the planned route.

Less good was the sun got into my eyes at Trinant and took the rest of the run to recover. And as per other recent moderately long runs, tired badly on second half - I guess I need to take food with me at least until I'm used to longer runs again.

Saturday Nov 6 #

2 PM

Running - off road race 53:24 [4] 9.31 km (5:44 / km) +480m 4:34 / km
slept:7.0 weight:77kg shoes: Adidas Terrex Speed SG

Sugar Loaf winter fell race. I'm not good for hills at the moment but want to get back into it so no result or time to chase. Went further back into training run by choosing my brand new shoes so that I could break them in. Started slowly so stuck in the traffic jam through the single file trying not to waste energy in passing.

Took a while to get moving on the top but progress was good along the Deri. Surprisingly dry underfoot even where the puddles normally are. Pace nosedived as it started going up again and had to walk most when I know I could run it before. Still - post race segment analysis has this ascent exactly the same time as my 2018 performance (which I recall I was also disappointed with this ascent). Sad to be losing places ascending though.

From the top legs weren't working and it's the most technical bit of downhill - and some strong crosswinds affecting my balance. Lost a lot of time here and possibly worse than previous years. From the crossroads though - nobody overtook me (one came close), and I passed 5 for an overall net gain top-finish! I know it's not that technical, but think I was a bit more confident in these shoes and combined with them weighing 75g less per shoe was easier to clear the trip hazards. Powered through the flats but lost momentum on the two ups - yet closed the gap and passed Helen on these, her having been out of sight at the crossroads after the top.

Hunted down the last 2 victims on the track and gave them a bit of a surprise in appearing and then disappearing. In the leafy, rocky bit going faster than I could see as eyes started watering but able to scope out the rocks and ankle hazards in time.

Pretty happy with this result on current fitness, and this descent. 1:24 slower than my fastest, 2nd best out of 6 attempts despite the very slow start. Descent felt good - overall just 1s faster than 2018 so I guess I lost more this time on the initial drop from the top. It's very rare for Strava to pop up with any PRs on segments nowadays.

Friday Nov 5 #

4 PM

Running 24:23 [3] 5.22 km (4:40 / km) +75m 4:21 / km
slept:5.0 shoes: Mizuno Wave Rider 24 Blk

Pretty tired and slow today. Significant increase in traffic at 5.05pm although Bassaleg Road was already queuing to the top before then.

JK call a little weird given the BOF and co-ordinator's desperation for the two long days to share Pwll Du. It's almost as if they're looking for any way to cut the costs down and the orienteering comes second. After reluctantly agreeing to listening to our alternatives, they have let us continue pursuing our preferred option for now but still didn't seem very enthusiastic and implied the plug will be pulled if the Is aren't dotted and Ts crossed quickly. If both sets of planners and controllers say something is not possible, and organisers run off a long list of reasons it's a bad idea, why keep repeating "There's no reason the two days can't both use Pwll Du"! I've given British Orienteering the benefit of the doubt recently - but I have to say from this experience so far that they have no interest in orienteering or orienteers and lots of interest in raising money.

Thursday Nov 4 #

6 PM

Orienteering - Urban 59:02 [3] 11.57 km (5:06 / km) +205m 4:41 / km
slept:5.0 weight:77kg shoes: Mizuno Wave Rider 24 Blk

Dursley MapRun. Not really in the mood to push this as I guess tired from 6.30 start and surprisingly long drive from the office (55 mins here, vs. 65 mins to Bishop's Cleeve 2 weeks ago). Reasonably cold - but went with wearing vest and shorts anyway on assumption that I would warm up but did find my fingers cold for the first 3k or so.

S-2-19-11-28-27-3-12-20-7-21-13-6-14-23-10-30-17-26-9-29-18-8-22-25-5-24-4-16-1-F. 580 points.

Went S first as that's the bit I've not done. Surprisingly hilly but rewarding. Pace not very quick though and lost a lot of time crossing the main road the first time.

By 14 it was obvious the course was easily clearable but not totally fussed with trying to do so as 15 in quite an annoying place. Had a plan for the top loop of 23-26-17-10-30-9 but at the last second went for the order I did as it looked more interesting. Definitely so as I found a huge playing field not on the map and went for an explore to see if there were any shortcuts (no!). At least now I know what to add on to the map. This route also didn't work out so well at the top as pavement 26-9 on other side of road and didn't want to risk holdups with extra road crossings, so slightly longer route around the houses.

29 was a lot further and higher than I anticipated. Quite a weird path. And approaching 18 from the west was definitely fun but possibly not advisable - required navigation skills whilst not being mapped correctly, and a bit of jumping through bushes and over ruined fences but did hit it perfectly!

Sadly not enough time for a tedious dog leg to 15 and still quite a lot of climbing to get the rest so had to get a move on. Some of the shorter climbs were good - almost like I used to be, and necessary as so many trip hazards on the playing field at the end (shoe scrapers, ankle high fences etc.) that I had to be cautious on the flat. Very surprised to be a minute early as expecting to be late.

Huge amount of variety on this course. Lots of places where the map was misleading or needed more detail but the slopes, paths, variety of terrain made this quite enjoyable.

Wednesday Nov 3 #

5 PM

Running 26:09 [3] 5.67 km (4:37 / km) +85m 4:17 / km
slept:6.5 shoes: Mizuno Wave Rider 24 Blk

In the dark so went anti-clockwise to keep car headlights behind me. Reasonably easy pace. One section of lights not working by the playground. Think I need to invest in the chest mounted light to be visible as lots of people on the pavements wearing black.

Tuesday Nov 2 #

5 PM

Running 25:33 [3] 5.9 km (4:20 / km) +75m 4:04 / km
slept:6.0 shoes: Mizuno Wave Rider 24 Blk

Loops of my road to see how flat it is. Not a lot of difference between this and the longer loops last week. Not aiming to be quick but gradients shallow and started to get bored after 5 laps so more progression.

Monday Nov 1 #

5 PM

Running 29:00 [3] 6.13 km (4:44 / km) +115m 4:20 / km
slept:6.0 shoes: Mizuno Wave Rider 24 Blk

Easy run as foot not quite right. Good weather for running after yesterday’s wind and rain. New hole in a hedge just around the corner where the council have had the road shut all day chainsawing. Think there used to be a tree behind it.

Done a bit of sweat talking for a Plan C for the JK. If the co-ordinator did some actual co-ordinating I would be in a position that I know where in Wales my event will be to start planning, and the Day 3 officials wouldn’t feel so rubbed up the wrong way. It seems the only way to salvage any chance of a decent weekend with happy officials is for us to come up with our own plan. Maybe Plan A will work after all - but the message from above does seem to be that the quality of orienteering isn’t important to them…

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