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Training Log Archive: jtorranc

In the 7 days ending Apr 24, 2004:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Cycling5 5:54:00 70.5(5:01) 113.46(3:07)
  Orienteering2 2:09:24 10.33(12:31) 16.63(7:47) 535
  Total7 8:03:24 80.83(5:59) 130.09(3:43) 535

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Saturday Apr 24, 2004 #

Orienteering 41:58 [4] 4.63 km (9:04 / km) +90m 8:16 / km

Tentative reacquaintance with New England terrain after a winter and early spring of spur and reentrant. Moving and map reading a bit slowly, a bit lost on long leg before relocating carefully on the trail, two significant errors in the vicinity of the control if not quite within the circle.

Orienteering 16:33 [4] 2.7 km (6:08 / km) +65m 5:28 / km

A bit of confusion in the dense trail network north of the lake, a couple of not quite spikes (one involving a painful amount of needless climb), and feeling a bit wasted from driving up and the earlier race - it may have felt like a 5 effort but I think it was more of a 4.5.

Friday Apr 23, 2004 #

Cycling 1:06:00 [3] 13.0 mi (5:05 / mi)

Thursday Apr 22, 2004 #

Cycling 1:12:00 [3] 14.5 mi (4:58 / mi)

Commute, returning by way of a German film as part of Filmfest DC. Regarding my left knee, it felt what is currently normal on Monday but significantly worse on Tuesday for no earthly reason I can imagine. I've been taking ibuprofen since then - seems to help but I don't like it as a permanent solution. Though one of those will have to wait for the O competition season to be over if things continue as they are.

Wednesday Apr 21, 2004 #

Cycling 1:06:00 [3] 13.0 mi (5:05 / mi)

Tuesday Apr 20, 2004 #

Cycling 1:06:00 [3] 13.0 mi (5:05 / mi)

Monday Apr 19, 2004 #


Incidentally, my left knee feels unchanged and I picked up, along with the usual assortment of scratches, a really ugly puncture of the skin on the front of my left biceps. Small but it didn't heal nicely and it was surrounded by a really ugly ring of black, subcutaneous discolouration. I had an attack of hypochondria on the drive home wondering if it might, despite my being fairly certain I picked it up during the Farsta and not seeing a tick at the break after that race, be the classic Lyme disease rash but the colour and size look nothing like online photos so I'm going to assume one of our Indiana plant friends was dispensing some kind of irritant along with the lacerations. I had a couple of similar looking pinpricks on the other arm and all of them are noticeably faded compared to yesterday.

Cycling 1:24:00 [3] 17.0 mi (4:56 / mi)

Commute plus errands - a little easier pace than usual since my quads were feeling the weekend a little bit.

Sunday Apr 18, 2004 #

Orienteering 1:10:53 [4] 9.3 km (7:37 / km) +380m 6:20 / km

Pig Classic Blue - warm again and my start was 10:09 EDT but there was some breeze to ease the discomfort. Got sucked several steps down the trail towards 2 before I noticed 1 sitting there with its circle intersecting the start triangle - not a great split as I got over that bit of cognitive dissonance but it could have been much worse. Navigation not very challenging in general with fairly frequent long trail/field runs. Was a little dismayed to see Mike Waddington coming up from behind as I left 5. Went low and climbed at the end as he apparently contoured and saw him again as I left 6. Again at eight and he got ahead taking a line somewhat left of mine to the field corner on the way to 9. Traded again on the way to 10 and 11. He went more directly to 12 and I arrived at the control just as he was leaving so I followed him for the entire trail run towards 13. He went fairly directly up and over the hill to 13; I contoured around in the vicinity of 14 and then wasted several seconds going towards the top of the southern ditch before I read the map and corrected - nothing to blame there but fatigue and myself. Managed to get back to 14 without too much floundering and then the rest was easy bar the effort of running hard without a visible competitor to spur me on. No idea yet how the whole field shook out but reasonably satisfied with time compared to others I know of. Just wish there was more time to NAOCs. Or that I'd trained harder through the winter.

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