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Training Log Archive: cfosp1

In the 7 days ending Sep 24:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Biking Commuting10 5:16:38 81.0(3:55) 130.35(2:26) 569
  Hiking6 4:00:12 15.61(15:23) 25.12(9:34) 160
  Roller Skiing Classic2 2:39:21 18.8(8:29) 30.25(5:16) 262
  Strength: Flexibility2 44:18 0.16 0.26 1
  Running1 21:48 2.3(9:29) 3.7(5:54) 21
  Total13 13:02:17 117.86 189.68 1013

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Saturday Sep 24 #

7 AM

Hiking 44:56 5.1 km (8:49 / km) +34m 8:32 / km
ahr:112 max:144 shoes: Hoka One One Tor Summit Low

Energy Park Hike
10:42 AM; Hamline Midway/Frogtown

18.1 °C; Cloudy
Full Lexington to Snelling walk, surprised that the grass was not any wetter. They staked out the new trail to be built to connect the Lexington bike trail with Dunlop along Pierce Butler.

Biking Commuting 23:52 8.93 km (2:40 / km) +35m 2:37 / km
ahr:124 max:144 shoes: All-City Space Horse

Home to Eastside Heritage Park
7:34 AM; Hamline Midway/Como Park

17.3 °C; Cloudy
A little headwind and cool, but dry pavement.

Roller Skiing Classic 1:22:20 15.25 km (5:24 / km) +112m 5:12 / km
ahr:134 max:168 shoes: One Way Classic 5

Roller Skiing Classic double-pole/single-stick Workout
8:08 AM; Bruce Vento Trail

17.4 °C; Cloudy
Took classic skis to day, expected and found wet pavement with slippery leaf litter. 7 x 2:00 double pole/single sticking, alternating the two, 4 x double pole, 3 x single stick. Good workout.

Biking Commuting 27:12 9.9 km (2:45 / km) +53m 2:41 / km
ahr:126 max:144 shoes: All-City Space Horse

Eastside Heritage Park to Home via Trung Nam
9:47 AM; Hamline Midway/Como Park

17.6 °C; Cloudy
Stopped at Trung Nam on way home for some croissants and a Vietnamese coffee. Nice tailwind on way back.

Strength: Flexibility 23:58
ahr:103 max:130 shoes: Hoka One One Tor Summit Low

Stretching and Core
11:33 AM; Home

17.8 °C; Cloudy
Full session.

Friday Sep 23 #

6 AM

Biking Commuting 29:33 14.09 km (2:06 / km) +48m 2:04 / km
ahr:134 max:161 shoes: All-City Space Horse

Home to TPC
6:24 AM; Hamline Midway/Como Park

15.6 °C; Cloudy
A steady tailwind made this a swift ride, in spite of missing a couple of lights. 12 soldier men running in full battle regalia on Dinkytown Greenway. Only 2 W and 6 M runners besides the ROTC squad.
3 PM

Biking Commuting 36:33 14.0 km (2:37 / km) +74m 2:33 / km
ahr:131 max:153 shoes: All-City Space Horse

TPC to Home
3:14 PM; Hamline Midway/Como Park

19.3 °C; Light rain
Slow but steady rain on way home, increasing a little in intensity. Was close to throwing in the towel and take the train but figured that this was my last chance at riding in a warm summer rain. This has to be one of 2 or 3 times that I rode in the rain this summer, pretty amazing giving the amount of precip we had and riding pretty much every single day I was working. Washed the bike off and gave it some dry lube after I got home.

Thursday Sep 22 #

6 AM

Biking Commuting 31:07 14.02 km (2:13 / km) +48m 2:11 / km
ahr:128 max:143 shoes: All-City Space Horse

Home to TPC
6:36 AM; Minneapolis-St. Paul

18.1 °C; Light rain
Ground wet but no more rain after another stormy night. Day's runners were 8 m to 3 w.
4 PM

Biking Commuting 21:10 8.51 km (2:29 / km) +36m 2:26 / km
ahr:128 max:143 shoes: All-City Space Horse

TPC to Surly
4:35 PM; Minneapolis-St. Paul

19.4 °C; Cloudy
Heading out to meet Jim and his brother at the beer hall, of course they are late. Gave me a chance to set up my Mio Linc HRM. Busy as usual here, drinking a nice 10, very much like a Belgian dubble.
7 PM

Hiking 36:32 3.84 km (9:31 / km) +21m 9:16 / km
ahr:101 max:144 shoes: Hoka One One Tor Summit Low

Energy Park Short Hike
7:45 PM; Hamline Midway/Como Park

16.8 °C; Cloudy
Nary a day is complete without at least a short walk/jog with the dogs. Today in darkness, Many rabbits were chased but none were caught.

Biking Commuting 13:38 5.51 km (2:28 / km) +36m 2:24 / km
ahr:133 max:154 shoes: All-City Space Horse

Surly to Home
7:16 PM; Hamline Midway/Como Park

17.5 °C; Cloudy
Not sure what was worse, biking with a full stomach or biking after having 3 Surly 10. I am voting for the latter.

Wednesday Sep 21 #

6 AM

Biking Commuting 30:41 14.07 km (2:11 / km) +46m 2:09 / km
ahr:124 max:145 shoes: All-City Space Horse

Home to TPC
6:27 AM; Hamline Midway/Como Park

18.2 °C; Cloudy
Pleasant ride in this morning, mild temps, we obviously had a little rain overnight but pavement was dry. Maybe I squeak by the rain forecast for later today, we'll see. Not too many cyclists out, probably a result of the rainy forecast. Runners: 3 w : 17 m today, counting 6 ROTC guys running by the U.
4 PM

Hiking 35:27 3.76 km (9:26 / km) +15m 9:15 / km
ahr:97 max:137 shoes: Hoka One One Tor Summit Low

Energy Park Short Hike
5:08 PM; Hamline Midway/Frogtown

19.7 °C; Light rain
Under darkening sky, I expected that it would start raining but it didn't.

Biking Commuting 37:43 13.94 km (2:42 / km) +90m 2:37 / km
ahr:126 max:144 shoes: All-City Space Horse

TPC to Home
4:20 PM; Hamline Midway/Como Park

20.0 °C; Heavy rain
It was raining hard just before I left work but stopped by the time I rolled out my bike. Some minor road spray, that was it. The headwind was more of a nuisance. 10 men and 2 women running.

Tuesday Sep 20 #

6 AM

Biking Commuting 32:45 14.03 km (2:20 / km) +40m 2:18 / km
ahr:128 max:153 shoes: All-City Space Horse

Home to TPC
6:17 AM; Hamline Midway/Como Park

14.1 °C; Clear
Cool temps made me appreciate gloves and vest.
4 PM

Roller Skiing Classic 1:17:01 15.0 km (5:08 / km) +150m 4:53 / km
ahr:141 max:172 shoes: One Way Classic 5

Sisu MYR: Double Pole TT and Intervals
6:26 PM; Battle Creek West, St. Paul

22.9 °C; Cloudy
Special guest coach tonight, Caitlin Compton Gregg! Gave us some pointers on double poling after our time trial.
My time trial (first attempt) stunk, my right pole was slipping off the pavement again. Almost 7:14 for the distance we do, my worst time by far. Upon inspection, as I had suspected, the tip was out of alignment again. I thought I had done a poor job gluing the grip. When I showed it to Jake, He tried to twist the ferrule and indeed, the ferrule turned. He put it back in alignment and I did the time trial a second time (after the technique session in the parking lot with Caitlin). A 38 second improvement. After that, some 3:00 intervals, until it got too dark to ski. Good session!

Hiking 35:20 3.7 km (9:33 / km) +21m 9:17 / km
ahr:102 max:138 shoes: Hoka One One Tor Summit Low

Energy Park Short Hike
5:03 PM; Hamline Midway/Frogtown

27.1 °C; Partly cloudy
Very nice walk with the dogs. It still does feel like summer, two days short of the start of calendar fall. But some trees are changing leaves.

Biking Commuting 32:24 13.35 km (2:26 / km) +63m 2:22 / km
ahr:138 max:153 shoes: All-City Space Horse

TPC to Home
4:24 PM; Hamline Midway/Como Park

26.5 °C; Partly cloudy
Late start due to happy hour, no beer because ski workout later in the evening. Inflated tires to 70 PSI, they were pretty low. Slight headwind, took evasive action via southern route. Combined morning/evening runner count: 17 w 27 m. There was a running group in the morning with more men than women

Monday Sep 19 #

6 AM

Running 21:48 3.7 km (5:54 / km) +21m 5:44 / km
ahr:137 max:155 shoes: Nike Air Pegasus+ 30

Energy Park Short Run
6:35 AM; Hamline Midway/Como Park

18.8 °C; Cloudy
Having been very sore after the two runs in San Jose, I am making a commitment to run at least once per week. Today was the start. Not bad, Roux was very happy, Mellie dragging a little but hanging in there. Need to watch for surprised squirrels and rabbits with this faster pace so my companions don't take me down ...

Strength: Flexibility 20:20 0.26 km (1:18:12 / km) +1m 1:16:44 / km
ahr:98 max:131 shoes: Nike Air Pegasus+ 30

Stretching and Core
7:02 AM; Hamline Midway/Frogtown

18.7 °C; Cloudy
Trying to get into my daily stretching routine again. Long overdue and I am noticing it. Felt very good.
3 PM

Hiking 39:20 [1] 3.32 km (11:51 / km) +28m 11:22 / km
shoes: Hoka One One Tor Summit Low

Energy Park Hike
3:49 PM; Hamline Midway/Frogtown

26.5 °C; Clear
Dogs were antsy after the visitors from the funeral left. Took them out for a little hike. Roux has boundless energy these days, got to exercise him riding my bike to wear him out.

Sunday Sep 18 #

7 AM

Hiking 48:37 5.4 km (9:00 / km) +41m 8:40 / km
ahr:97 max:128 shoes: Hoka One One Tor Summit Low

Energy Park Hike
7:53 AM; Hamline Midway/Frogtown

14.1 °C; Clear
Beautiful morning, fall seems in the air. Grass wet from dew, Weird GPS error, putting in a track that took us across Snelling, where we did not go.

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