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Training Log Archive: cfosp1

In the 7 days ending Nov 25, 2017:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Hiking9 7:16:38 21.8(20:02) 35.09(12:27) 242
  Biking Commuting8 4:17:00 63.42(4:03) 102.06(2:31) 441
  Running: Interval1 1:00:32 3.85(15:43) 6.2(9:46) 45
  Kayak: Lake1 46:34 1.75(26:40) 2.81(16:34)
  Total15 13:20:44 90.82(8:49) 146.16(5:29) 728
  [1-5]15 12:53:33

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Saturday Nov 25, 2017 #

7 AM

Hiking 1:14:11 intensity: (14:11 @0) + (1:00:00 @1) 5.48 km (13:32 / km) +4m 13:29 / km
shoes: Hoka One One Tor Tech Mid WP

Onion to Sioux River
7:03 AM; Washburn, WI

-2.0 °C; Clear
Beautiful morning, turned chilly overnight. The sand is frozen, leaving yesterday's tracks petrified, at least temporarily. Came by a woman walking four big dogs. One wanted to keep up with us, highly compatible with Roux. She ended up going back since she could not control her dog. Brought a ratchet wrench and a 24 mm socket to undo the nuts on the threaded rods going through some pilings I wanted to retrieve. It worked, had them all ready to go within 5 minutes.
10 AM

Kayak: Lake 46:34 intensity: (10:00 @1) + (5:34 @2) + (20:00 @3) + (11:00 @4) 2.81 km (16:34 / km)
shoes: Pelican Trailblazer Kayak

Bayview Park Beach Salvage
10:26 AM; Washburn, WI

-3.3 °C; Clear
Easy paddle to the pick-up location, hard work paddling back, pulling two big timbers against a strong wind.
2 PM

Hiking 42:34 [1] 1.1 km (38:42 / km) +8m 37:20 / km
shoes: Hoka One One Tor Tech Mid WP

Back 40
2:24 PM; Washburn, WI

-1.6 °C; Clear
Slogging through the back 40 with Craig and Joel. Quite a fiew of the tall cedars down. Overshot our wa out by quite a bit.

Friday Nov 24, 2017 #

7 AM

Hiking 1:13:00 intensity: (13:00 @0) + (1:00:00 @1) 5.6 km (13:02 / km) +9m 12:56 / km
shoes: Hoka One One Tor Tech Mid WP

Onion to Sioux River
7:36 AM; Washburn, WI

7.1 °C; Partly cloudy
Mild morning, beautiful sunrise with interesting light because of dark clouds overhead with sunlight coming in just over the horizon. A few other people were out, enjoying a post turkey feast digestive walk. Chatted with a guy from Chicago who was walking his collie. Dog became friendly. Westerly wind provided no-surf conditions. The wetland had ice so thick that it was bearing my weight and there were a few icy spot along the shore.

Thursday Nov 23, 2017 #

9 AM

Running: Interval 1:00:32 intensity: (58:23 @1) + (2:09 @2) 6.2 km (9:46 / km) +45m 9:25 / km
ahr:100 max:135 shoes: Hoka One One Tor Tech Mid WP

McMurray Fields
9:44 AM; Hamline Midway/Como Park

-0.1 °C; Clear
Morning to be thankful for. Got up rather early and started by finishing up installing a under-cabinet LED light fixture. It had come with a defective power supply and for a few bucks, I had bought a much better one at Amazon. After that, I installed a new trailer hitch on the Acura. The one that came with it was a 1 1/2", I needed a 2" because of the bike carrier we have. It was more work taking the old one out than putting the new one in. Needed to drop the muffler, too. Everything was relatively easy because the car is still pretty new and the bolts are not rusted solid yet. After biking to Dunn Bros for beans, I concluded this lovely morning with a hike to McMurray Fields.

Biking Commuting 25:40 intensity: (13:38 @1) + (10:48 @2) + (1:14 @3) 9.07 km (2:50 / km) +38m 2:46 / km
ahr:118 max:140 shoes: All-City Space Horse

Home to Dunn Bros
9:07 AM; Hamline Midway/Como Park

-1.4 °C; Clear
Bean run ...
5 PM

Hiking 16:00 [1] 0.69 km (23:11 / km) +14m 21:03 / km
shoes: Hoka One One Clifton 2

Cedarwood Ridge
5:07 PM; Hamline Midway/Como Park

4.8 °C; Partly cloudy
Quick walk with dogs on break from turkey feast.

Wednesday Nov 22, 2017 #

6 AM

Hiking 11:08 intensity: (8:09 @1) + (1:20 @2) + (1:39 @3) 1.01 km (11:01 / km) +48m 8:54 / km
ahr:108 max:141 shoes: Shimano SH-MT34L

TPC to TCC plus Stairs
7:42 AM; TPC to TCC

The usual, walk to office plus ten floors.

Biking Commuting 33:18 intensity: (2:29 @1) + (14:06 @2) + (16:43 @3) 13.8 km (2:25 / km) +38m 2:23 / km
ahr:134 max:150 shoes: All-City Space Horse

Home to TPC
6:45 AM; Hamline Midway/Como Park

-9.6 °C; Clear
Chilly morning, thus I took my time getting dressed. Two layers head to toe plus the reflective vest, which is wind proof in the front. I added that second layer to my hands, Toko shell gloves over my Craft lobster claws. No regrets, hands were not exactly cozy but no tingling, either. As a matter of fact, they started getting warmer when I turned onto CLT. No wind this morning certainly helped to keep the -9 °C bearable. Quiet ride, not too many people out on the morning before the Thanksgiving holiday, sort of a mid-week Friday. When walking by a large mirror after the shower, I noticed my big black bruise on my upper right thigh from the spill last week, it's a good one. Makes me feel lucky that it wasn't any worse ...
2 PM

Hiking 52:51 intensity: (52:34 @1) + (17 @2) 5.06 km (10:27 / km) +41m 10:02 / km
ahr:94 max:125 shoes: Hoka One One Tor Tech Mid WP

Energy Park Lexington to Snelling
3:02 PM; Hamline Midway/Frogtown

-2.9 °C; Cloudy
Since I got home early, I took the dogs on an extended walk. Very nice. Towards the end, we saw a few snowflakes. Hamline U campus was already deserted for tomorrow's holiday.

Biking Commuting 34:05 intensity: (1:57 @1) + (12:45 @2) + (18:17 @3) + (39 @4) + (27 @5) 13.77 km (2:29 / km) +75m 2:25 / km
ahr:135 max:159 shoes: All-City Space Horse

TPC to Home
2:13 PM; Hamline Midway/Como Park

-3.3 °C; Cloudy
Quiet ride home. Forgot to switch from my office to my bike shoes, probably because I was taking my laptop to work remotely. I only noticed when I got to my locker. Oh well, I survived, not even that much slower. But the cleats are nice! Still cold but bearable, kept over boots and over mitts in the bag.

Tuesday Nov 21, 2017 #

6 AM

Biking Commuting 38:10 intensity: (3:07 @1) + (28:12 @2) + (6:51 @3) 13.57 km (2:49 / km) +47m 2:46 / km
ahr:129 max:145 shoes: All-City Space Horse

Home to TPC
6:25 AM; Hamline Midway/Como Park

-2.8 °C; Cloudy
Strong wind in my face most of the ride this morning, including snow flakes, and dust. Some of the windier areas included the western end of the UMN Transit Way, the top part of the Dinkytown Greenway and River Road near CLT. Was glad for that fixed derailleur cable, as I was using some of the bigger sprockets, consequently one of my slower rides to work.
3 PM

Hiking 37:16 intensity: (33:00 @1) + (4:16 @2) 3.71 km (10:03 / km) +23m 9:45 / km
ahr:151 max:190 shoes: Hoka One One Tor Tech Mid WP

Energy Park Short
4:42 PM; Hamline Midway/Frogtown

-3.6 °C; Clear
A cold NW wind but a gorgeous evening sky, fading from deep orange to blue and black. Man had to chuckle when I passed him with eager dogs.

Biking Commuting 31:53 intensity: (1:00 @1) + (7:39 @2) + (19:15 @3) + (3:25 @4) + (34 @5) 14.12 km (2:15 / km) +75m 2:12 / km
ahr:140 max:170 shoes: All-City Space Horse

TPC to Home
3:51 PM; Hamline Midway/Como Park

-2.3 °C; Clear
Felt colder than the -2 C. A nice tailwind pushed me homeward, much better than this morning's slog to work. Sounds like tomorrow will be calmer.

Monday Nov 20, 2017 #

6 AM

Biking Commuting 32:04 intensity: (3:41 @1) + (11:32 @2) + (13:47 @3) + (1:40 @4) + (1:24 @5) 14.14 km (2:16 / km) +50m 2:14 / km
ahr:135 max:168 shoes: All-City Space Horse

Home to TPC
6:18 AM; Hamline Midway/Como Park

-0.7 °C; Clear
Saw frost glittering on the pavement as soon as I got going. Was mindful of this as I was taking my turns, a couple of years ago, I wiped out when turning from the UMN Transit Way onto 25th Ave SE. When I rode down the hill at the Guthrie, I saw the boardwalk covered in white. Slowed down already and knew that I'd be safe if I didn't have to stop suddenly or swerve to avoid an obstacle, neither did seem likely. With that, I saw one of the regular dog walkers starting to walk into my path. I touched my brakes and felt my front wheel go, fortunately, the bike stabilized. I was already slow enough to easily avoid man and beast, who were walking very leisurely at a very low angle across the trail. Thinking it might be time to put the bike away for the year. Or take the RR service road to Stone Arch Bridge ...
4 PM

Biking Commuting 33:03 intensity: (2:37 @1) + (8:48 @2) + (20:13 @3) + (1:25 @4) 14.18 km (2:20 / km) +68m 2:17 / km
ahr:138 max:158 shoes: All-City Space Horse

TPC to Home
4:18 PM; Hamline Midway/Como Park

6.5 °C; Partly cloudy
Pretty normal ride home. Didn't know what to make of the wind but it turned out to be mostly in my favor, coming pretty much from due south.
6 PM

Hiking 29:04 [1] 2.6 km (11:11 / km) +9m 10:59 / km
ahr:152 max:173 shoes: Hoka One One Tor Summit Low

Hamline Midway Short
6:15 PM; Hamline Midway/Frogtown

7.1 °C; Partly cloudy
Short walk because I spent 1:30 hrs finishing up the leaves in the backyard, the dogs keeping me patient albeit a little weary (because of the lawnmower) company. They were elated when we finally got going. Walked around Hamline U campus, enjoying this mild evening. Dogs did not seem to resent that hadn't gotten any off-leash time.

Sunday Nov 19, 2017 #

9 AM

Hiking 1:40:34 intensity: (1:20:00 @1) + (15:00 @2) + (5:34 @3) 9.84 km (10:13 / km) +86m 9:48 / km
shoes: Hoka One One Tor Tech Mid WP

Como Golf Course
9:44 AM; Hamline Midway/Como Park

-3.9 °C; Clear
Beautiful morning, off-leash maximization walk. Dogs were well behaved. Abandoned hobo camp at Lexington and BNSF S and an occupied tent at BNSF N near Snelling. Now, that all colors are muted to grey, the blue jays look all the more striking. Walked around all the broomball rinks at McMurray.
3 PM

Biking Commuting 28:47 intensity: (12:19 @1) + (11:56 @2) + (4:32 @3) 9.41 km (3:04 / km) +50m 2:59 / km
ahr:122 max:148 shoes: All-City Space Horse

Home to Aldi via Dunn Bros/
3:15 PM; Hamline Midway/Como Park

Partly cloudy
Primarily out to get coffee beans but wanted to check if Aldi has the stollen and other Xmas type treats. They did, but no marzipan. Nice, leisurely ride. Just saw the front page of the Pioneer Press, listing the most dangerous intersections for cyclists and pedestrians. Four are right in my neighborhood. I generally avoid them. there was some additional advice for cyclists, one of which seems obious to me: ride on the road, not on the sidewalk.

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