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Training Log Archive: cfosp1

In the 7 days ending Jan 20:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Hiking8 4:18:16 15.42(16:45) 24.81(10:25) 250
  XC Skiing Skate2 2:30:48 21.97(6:52) 35.35(4:16) 685
  XC Skiing Classic1 1:12:04 7.85(9:11) 12.64(5:42) 335
  XC Skiing Skijor2 54:03 9.4(5:45) 15.13(3:34) 250
  Running: Interval2 19:56 1.4(14:12) 2.26(8:49) 2
  Total14 9:15:07 56.04(9:54) 90.19(6:09) 1522

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Saturday Jan 20 #

6 AM

XC Skiing Skate 1:24:43 intensity: (2:27 @1) + (8:48 @2) + (31:56 @3) + (25:40 @4) + (15:52 @5) 22.86 km (3:42 / km) +375m 3:25 / km
ahr:148 max:166 shoes: Fischer RCS CarbonLite Skate

Skate Skiing Hyland
6:34 AM; Hyland Park Reserve

-3.6 °C; Cloudy
Decided on an early workout because I needed to get the car to Lynn. When I got to Hyland at 630, Rennet prep work were in full progress. There was an electronic sign that displayed "Trails closed on Jan 20." I squinted at my watch's date display with my hypermetropic eyes and thought I made out 19 though I was not sure. There were only two other cars in the Jane's Place lot, and one skier had been out before me. I decided to give it a go. The corduroy was only blemished by that one skier. I took the Boulder Ridge cut off, as I usually do, enough climbing as it is. After a couple laps, I noticed a guy setting up signs for course directions. I saw him again on top of the scenic foothills and asked him about the date (the 20th and not the 19th as I'd thought) but he said i was fine, the race wasn't starting till 830. Glad to have official permission, I continued my five laps, gradually joined by an increasing number of racers who were warming up. By the time I left a little after 8, it was quite busy. Chalking this up as a fast fartlek workout, working hard during the climbs and recovering during the downhills. One no -pole lap around chutes & ladders, 5 laps to the Boulder Ridge cut-off and one no-pole lap around chutes and ladders to cool down. One thing that always amases me is how fast the man made snow is. So much faster than the beautiful natural snow at Wolverine last weekend.
1 PM

Hiking 1:11:42 [1] 6.18 km (11:36 / km) +64m 11:02 / km
shoes: Hoka One One Tor Tech Mid WP

McMurray Field
1:36 PM; Hamline Midway/Como Park

5.0 °C; Cloudy
Hiked to McMurray Field to test a camera drone. Did most system checks at home but forgot to bring my mobile phone, which plugs into the flight controller for FPV functionality and for general set-up. Bummer, could not try it out. But the walk was nice, rather mild again at +5C. Spring-like.

Friday Jan 19 #

7 AM

Hiking 10:04 [1] 1.1 km (9:09 / km) +85m 6:36 / km
shoes: Hoka One One Tor Tech Mid WP

Home to Green Line
7:07 AM; Hamline Midway/Como Park

-1.9 °C; Clear
Wearing only my fleece hoodie. It's sufficient.
3 PM

Hiking 38:21 [1] 3.81 km (10:04 / km) +21m 9:48 / km
shoes: Hoka One One Tor Tech Mid WP

Energy Park Short
3:46 PM; Hamline Midway/Como Park

5.1 °C; Cloudy
Quick walk with dogs, wearing only my fleece hoodie over a thin cotton T. Spring-like.

Hiking 12:23 [1] 1.33 km (9:19 / km) +4m 9:10 / km
shoes: Hoka One One Tor Tech Mid WP

Green Line to Home
3:30 PM; Hamline Midway/Como Park

5.6 °C; Cloudy

Thursday Jan 18 #

6 AM

Running: Interval 10:31 [1] 1.16 km (9:04 / km)
shoes: Hoka One One Tor Tech Mid WP

Home to Green Line
6:07 AM; Hamline Midway/Como Park

-4.5 °C; Clear
2 PM

Hiking 13:52 [1] 1.4 km (9:54 / km) +7m 9:40 / km
shoes: Hoka One One Tor Tech Mid WP

Green Line to Home
2:34 PM; Hamline Midway/Como Park

5.0 °C; Light rain
Reading "Deep Trouble," stories of kayak mishaps from Sea Kayaker Magazine on the train. While the stories are mostly from the Pacific NW, many of them could easily take place on the big lake. Even before reading this book, one of my plans for this year is to brush up on safety and rescue skills.
4 PM

Hiking 38:16 [1] 3.79 km (10:06 / km) +21m 9:49 / km
shoes: Hoka One One Tor Tech Mid WP

Energy Park Short
4:06 PM; Hamline Midway/Frogtown

3.5 °C; Clear
Early walk with dogs, took the last couple phone calls for work from home. Very mild and no wind, the green space at the Snelling-Energy Park exit is already largely snow free. Just hoping we get some more snow this weekend, we will certainly lose some more tomorrow and Saturday.

Wednesday Jan 17 #

6 AM

Running: Interval 9:25 intensity: (8:00 @1) + (1:00 @2) + (25 @3) 1.1 km (8:34 / km) +2m 8:29 / km
shoes: Hoka One One Tor Tech Mid WP

Home to Green Line
6:38 AM; Hamline Midway/Como Park

-16.7 °C; Clear
4 PM

Hiking 37:59 [1] 3.65 km (10:24 / km) +35m 9:56 / km
shoes: Hoka One One Tor Tech Mid WP

Energy Park Short
4:58 PM; Hamline Midway/Frogtown

-4.0 °C; Clear
First walk since last week Thursday. Dogs appreciated it, except for the stretch where their tender paws were exposed to the evil road salt. Missed a great pic when they were playing king on the hill on top of a snow plow pile. Forgot to turn off GPS at the end.

Hiking 13:28 [1] 1.37 km (9:50 / km) +8m 9:33 / km
shoes: Hoka One One Tor Tech Mid WP

Green Line to Home
4:39 PM; Hamline Midway/Como Park

-3.7 °C; Clear

Tuesday Jan 16 #

6 AM

Hiking 10:27 [1] 1.02 km (10:15 / km)
shoes: Hoka One One Tor Tech Mid WP

Home to Green Line
6:28 AM; Hamline Midway/Como Park

-16.8 °C; Clear
4 PM

XC Skiing Skijor 12:06 intensity: (3:07 @1) + (4:33 @2) + (4:11 @3) + (15 @4) 3.55 km (3:25 / km) +42m 3:13 / km
ahr:128 max:158 shoes: Atomic Worldcup Skate '11

Skijoring Highland Mellie Roux
4:58 PM; Highland 9 Hole

Decided to skip practice tonight because of the busy ski weekend. Since I had a car, I decided to take the dogs out. This lap with both dogs. They were both fresh and willing. Beautiful evening, but my fingertips were not dressed for the occasion, they got painfully cold. Decent coverage thanks to some creative rerouting by the groomer. There are quite a few frozen puddles along the course that are easy to avoid in daylight.

Hiking 11:44 [1] 1.16 km (10:07 / km) +5m 9:54 / km
shoes: Hoka One One Tor Tech Mid WP

Green Line to Home
4:03 PM; Hamline Midway/Frogtown

-13.9 °C; Clear

XC Skiing Skijor 11:56 intensity: (1:05 @1) + (3:01 @2) + (7:37 @3) + (13 @4) 3.47 km (3:26 / km) +42m 3:15 / km
ahr:138 max:154 shoes: Atomic Worldcup Skate '11

Skijoring Highland Roux
5:13 PM; Highland 9 Hole

-15.6 °C; Clear
Skijoring with the little guy. As I finished up this fast lap, I realized that when I take the dogs for a walk, it takes me three times longer to cover the same distance. The other thing is that I owe it to my dogs, especially Mellie, that I started to be more serious about skiing and that I learned a new skill, the skate technique. Beautiful evening sky, fingers not quite as cold as during lap 1. If there had been more light (to avoid the icy patches) and if my fingers hadn't been that cold, I would have probably done another lap.

Monday Jan 15 #

8 AM

XC Skiing Skate 1:06:05 intensity: (45 @1) + (4:30 @2) + (29:25 @3) + (15:10 @4) + (16:15 @5) 12.49 km (5:17 / km) +310m 4:42 / km
ahr:150 max:167 shoes: Atomic Worldcup Skate '11

Wolverine Skate Skiing Outside Loop plus Cliffhanger
8:33 AM; Ironwood, MI

-13.3 °C; Snow
One last outing, did the outside loop plus Cliffhanger on both Saturday and Sunday, today, I did it freestyle. Hardest workout of the weekend. The trail was covered with about 3 cm of fresh powder, glide was probably the best I had. a skier had been out ahead of me, I couldn't tell if he was following fox tracks or accompanied by a dog. Turned out she was with an australian shepherd mix, caught up and passed at about the Three Sisters cut-off. to my amazement, the Wolverine loop was freshly groomed, had not set up yet and was much slower. I climbed Cliffhanger on the fresh corduroy, it was hard. Noticed that the woman with dog had had a spill on the downhill part of Cliffhanger. It was almost a relief to be back on the ungroomed trail. Encountered the groomer coming up Three Sisters cut-off and turning back to finish and rolling Wolverine/Powderhorn. Back at the reservoir I met groomer number two, whom I followed slowly until he pulled over to let me pass. Chatted with him for a moment, asking about the Ottawa loop. Not groomed, he said. He said he was waiting for his fellow groomer, told him I had seen him. I finished my workout by taking the first cut-off to loop the reservoir. Getting through just before groomer #1. This one counted, much higher AHR then during any other workout this weekend.

Sunday Jan 14 #

10 AM

XC Skiing Classic 1:12:04 intensity: (4:56 @1) + (11:30 @2) + (45:45 @3) + (8:49 @4) + (1:04 @5) 12.64 km (5:42 / km) +335m 5:02 / km
ahr:140 max:159 shoes: Atomic Worldcup Classic '13

Wolverine Classic Skiing Outside Loop plus Cliffhanger
10:53 AM; Ironwood, MI

-18.5 °C; Partly cloudy
Wolverine Classic Skiing Outside Loop plus Cliffhanger. Fading sun and more wind made the experience not quite as spectacular. Identical to yesterday's workout but a good 10 minutes faster, also less effort in terms of heart rate. Better glide due to the slightly warmer temps and fewer photo opportunities? I did not encounter a single person and like yesterday, there were only two cars at te warming house and two skate tracks led away from there. Trails had been groomed again this morning.
3 PM

XC Skiing Skijor 23:09 intensity: (1:09 @1) + (2:00 @2) + (12:00 @3) + (5:00 @4) + (3:00 @5) 6.02 km (3:51 / km) +138m 3:27 / km
ahr:145 shoes: Atomic Worldcup Skate '11

Skijoring Wolverine Roux
3:41 PM; Ironwood, MI

-14.4 °C; Snow
Put Mellie in the car as a newly arrived guy was glaring at me. Not sure if he dislikes dogs. By that time Jason and Noque had caught up with us, we exchanged a few more words, he confirmed he hadn't done Seeley Hills yesterday. He was leaving for 40 km at 15:30, headlight on his head. We took off together, Roux following Noque. Noque eventually returned to Jason who was just a few steps behind us, he's a powerful classic skier. We turned onto Cliff trail and no longer saw them. After Cliff, we turned left onto Powderhorn, then right onto Wolverine which we followed back to the warming house. No extra laps on the beginner loop today, lil' Roux did awesome and I do not want to overdo it. Sounds like we should have good coverage in the Twin Cities now and be able to get out some. As I was messing with the dogs' harnesses at the parking lot, I forgot my skis, fortunately they were as I left them when I returned later to pick them up.

XC Skiing Skijor 6:52 intensity: (40 @1) + (1:00 @2) + (3:00 @3) + (2:00 @4) + (12 @5) 2.09 km (3:17 / km) +28m 3:05 / km
ahr:137 shoes: Atomic Worldcup Skate '11

Skijoring Wolverine Mellie Roux
3:27 PM; Ironwood, MI

-14.0 °C; Snow
Picked up dogs, Paula was busy cleaning and feeding her charges. Mellie and especially Roux were besides themselves to be picked up and the rest of the kennel wanted to come along, too. It took a while to put the harness on a very squirmy Roux. What a blast, flying around the beginner loop! Tried to film a little, not sure how this worked out as light was fading. On the way back to the parking, We came past Jason and one of his neighbors. We passed them and around the corner came Linda and Jason's big lab Noque. A collision between my dogs and Noque ensued, followed by some growling and butt sniffing. We headed on to the parking to drop Mellie off. Great sprint workout and fun interaction with Jason!

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