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Training Log Archive: cfosp1

In the 7 days ending Feb 17, 2018:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Hiking7 5:31:30 17.63(18:48) 28.38(11:41) 114
  XC Skiing Skate3 2:35:43 22.03(7:04) 35.45(4:24) 452
  XC Skiing Classic1 1:20:44 10.41(7:45) 16.76(4:49) 256
  Kayak: Lake1 1:00:00
  XC Skiing Skijor1 39:19 6.45(6:06) 10.38(3:47) 125
  Running: Interval2 20:38 1.49(13:54) 2.39(8:38) 1
  Total15 11:27:54 58.01 93.36 948
  [1-5]15 11:04:13

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Saturday Feb 17, 2018 #

7 AM

Hiking 1:06:24 intensity: (20:00 @0) + (46:24 @1) 4.5 km (14:45 / km) +4m 14:41 / km
shoes: NEOS N5P3

Onion River to Van Tassels Point
7:07 AM; Washburn, WI

-7.4 °C; Partly cloudy
Visiting our own mini ice caves along the bluffs NE of the Onion. Lots of ice fishermen out this morning. Chatted with one of them and also with our neighbor Mike.
10 AM

XC Skiing Skate 22:57 intensity: (49 @1) + (1:11 @2) + (5:02 @3) + (5:47 @4) + (10:08 @5) 5.86 km (3:55 / km) +76m 3:41 / km
ahr:153 max:168 shoes: Atomic Worldcup Skate '11

Testing Atomic Skate Skis
11:24 AM; Mt. Ashwabay

-2.9 °C; Partly cloudy
The Atomics definitely feel softer than the Fishers, tracking not as reliably. My overall speed was higher, but so was my heartrate and I did not sit down during this lap. I did not get much V2 in with either ski.

XC Skiing Skate 21:59 intensity: (57 @1) + (1:01 @2) + (9:28 @3) + (7:54 @4) + (2:39 @5) 5.87 km (3:45 / km) +73m 3:32 / km
ahr:148 max:166 shoes: Fischer RCS CarbonLite Skate

Testing Fisher Skate Skis
10:57 AM; Mt. Ashwabay

-3.7 °C; Partly cloudy
Always wanted to do a side by side comparison of my Fisher RCS and my Atomic Worldcup skate skis. Deciding what ski to use for tonight's Book Across the Bay Event gave the impetus. I skied aggressively, trying to maximize speed, looking to have smooth transitions. I always felt that the Fishers felt better on a very firm skating surface, which is a condition that I am still not entirely comfortable with. Today was no exception. I even sat down whe my ski caught in an unevenness on the trail. Still, the overall sense I got was that the ski was stable.
6 PM

XC Skiing Skate 30:33 intensity: (37 @1) + (2:11 @2) + (6:11 @3) + (2:13 @4) + (19:21 @5) 9.8 km (3:07 / km) +9m 3:06 / km
ahr:159 max:193 shoes: Fischer RCS CarbonLite Skate

Book Across the Bay #22
6:05 PM; Chequamegon Bay

-2.5 °C; Partly cloudy
We go there way too early, turns out Liz insisted on taking the shuttle close to 4:00 because she thought the start would be at 5:30. So we had to wait a whie, luckily in a heated tent. Made it to the start line around 10' before the start. Dropped my skis at the start line and did some running for warm-up. Conditions were excellent. A lot of skiers passed me out of the gate, but I picked them off one by one as they faltered. Got 47 overall and 5 in my age group. Speed was good, too. Of course, as usual, I had to wait for half an hour until the car with the bags arrived. Fortunately, the heaters in the big top are excellent. As is the post race party!
Geek notes: Glide wax:Rex Blue, Dress: hat, buff, Race skin over mesh top. Bottoms: Race skin over compression tights. Borderline under-dressed but OK.

Friday Feb 16, 2018 #

7 AM

Hiking 1:18:13 [1] 6.18 km (12:39 / km) +10m 12:33 / km
shoes: NEOS N5P3

Onion to Sioux River
7:46 AM; Washburn, WI

-17.3 °C; Clear
The usual stretch, except we were hiking on the like instead on shore. The ice is super smooth, very few pressure ridges and cracks this year. Also very little piled up ice along shore. We walked past the Sioux and crossed it near the old RR grade, which we took to the slough, then back to the lake. Saw two foxes crossing the ice towards Madeline, the second one was seen by the dogs and chased by Roux.
1 PM

XC Skiing Classic 1:20:44 intensity: (9:31 @1) + (23:42 @2) + (37:34 @3) + (7:20 @4) + (2:37 @5) 16.76 km (4:49 / km) +256m 4:29 / km
ahr:137 max:178 shoes: Atomic Worldcup Classic '13

1:20 PM; Mt. Ashwabay

-8.3 °C; Clear
Lovely afternoon. First, I ran into John, the manager. He immediately asked me if I'd be up for the 5k skijoring race, first weekend in March. I told him my predicament of cabin not available. I still may try to come up. Not having any wax and relying on whatever was still sticking on the bottom of my skis, I took off on Raven and Deerpath. My suspicions seemed confirmed, I was losing kick on the harsh, transformed snow rather quickly. but then, it is a fairly level cours and I did a lot of double poling. The tracks were fast, almost disconcertingly so on the longer downhills. But I managed to avoid any spills. When the intersection with Deerpath and Oppendahl's Alley came, I went for Oppendahl. No regrets, what a lovely classic-only trail, it had been a while since I last skied it. Where it intersected with Jolly Long, I saw a golden retriever dash by, chatted a moment with the owner. The level sections of Jolly did not present any problems and surprisingly, I managed to still get some kick out of my skis when I started climbing again. All in all a super ski!

Thursday Feb 15, 2018 #

9 AM

Hiking 45:41 intensity: (3:41 @0) + (42:00 @1) 4.42 km (10:20 / km) +17m 10:08 / km
shoes: Hoka One One Tor Tech Mid WP

Hamline U Neighborhood
9:23 AM; Hamline Midway

3.2 °C; Partly cloudy
Headed for Hamline Hardware for a carriage bolt for roof-top carrier. Took the dogs along and took a little detour. Again, above freezing but the sidewalks are slick.

Wednesday Feb 14, 2018 #

6 AM

Running: Interval 10:22 [1] 1.26 km (8:14 / km) +1m 8:12 / km
shoes: Hoka One One Tor Tech Mid WP

Home to Green Line
6:39 AM; Minneapolis-St. Paul

-7.2 °C; Clear
3 PM

Hiking 15:32 [1] 1.36 km (11:25 / km) +2m 11:20 / km
shoes: Rubber Boots

Hamline U Neighborhood
3:33 PM; Hamline Midway/Frogtown

5.4 °C; Clear
Lots of puddles on this warm day.

Tuesday Feb 13, 2018 #

6 AM

Hiking 10:32 [1] 1.13 km (9:19 / km) +1m 9:17 / km
shoes: Hoka One One Tor Tech Mid WP

Home to Green Line
6:27 AM; Minneapolis-St. Paul

-11.8 °C; Clear
3 PM

Hiking 41:15 [1] 4.03 km (10:14 / km) +26m 9:55 / km
shoes: Hoka One One Tor Tech Mid WP

Energy Park Short
4:13 PM; Hamline Midway/Como Park

-1.4 °C; Clear
Much milder, some melt puddles and the snow is starting to look old and tired. Tomorrow's thaw will likely take a good bite out of it. Dogs got some love from Hamline lacrosse players and ran through the snow.

Hiking 14:56 [1] 1.44 km (10:22 / km) +9m 10:03 / km
shoes: Hoka One One Tor Tech Mid WP

Green Line to Home
3:47 PM; Minneapolis-St. Paul

-0.9 °C; Clear
6 PM

XC Skiing Skate 1:20:14 intensity: (20:05 @1) + (14:04 @2) + (23:13 @3) + (10:19 @4) + (12:33 @5) 13.92 km (5:46 / km) +294m 5:13 / km
ahr:137 max:182 shoes: Atomic Worldcup Skate '11

EU MYR: 6 x 3:00 Skate Intervals
6:30 PM; Battle Creek West, St. Paul

-4.0 °C; Clear
EU MYR: 6 x 3:00 Skate Intervals. Last official Endurance United workout of the season, 10 days to the Birkie. Good turnout, skied with, or rather tried to hang on to the leading group, Anatoly, Mike B, Jamie and Saul. Good workout, got that heartrate up where it belongs. Went to Green Mill after practice for a beer, some snacks and some talk. Good times!

Monday Feb 12, 2018 #

6 AM

Running: Interval 10:16 [1] 1.13 km (9:05 / km)
shoes: Hoka One One Tor Tech Mid WP

Home to Green Line
6:18 AM; Minneapolis-St. Paul

-17.6 °C; Clear
3 PM

Hiking 44:13 [1] 3.9 km (11:20 / km) +39m 10:48 / km
shoes: Hoka One One Tor Tech Mid WP

Energy Park Short
4:29 PM; Hamline Midway/Como Park

-11.5 °C; Partly cloudy
Cold, especially for dog paws when crossing slushy puddles of brine. Amazing, there is still powder on top, I guess that will change by midweek. Cold or not, dog noses were poked as deep probes into the snow.

Hiking 14:44 [1] 1.42 km (10:23 / km) +6m 10:10 / km
shoes: Hoka One One Tor Tech Mid WP

Green Line to Home
3:58 PM; Minneapolis-St. Paul

-11.0 °C; Cloudy

Sunday Feb 11, 2018 #

Kayak: Lake 1:00:00 [1]

ISK Kayak Skills Pool Session
Brooklyn Center Community Center

28.0 °C;
My first session with ISK (Inland Sea Kayakers) Have been feeling a little queasy about my self and assisted rescue skills with all the paddling I'm doing and decided I need to do something about it. I also finished reading my Xmas present from Joel, Deep Trouble, a book about Sea Kayaking accidents in the Pacific NW, which is a scary book. Not surprised that the number one cause of death in sea kayaking is hypothermia related, that is certainly a big issue in the Lake Superior. Anyway, I joined Inland Sea Kayakers (ISK). Got a nice welcome email almost immediately with a plan of what I need to do, including attending pool sessions and to start working on my BCU three star assessment, whatever that is. Went to their pool sessions today and promptly learned how to do the cowboy self rescue, doing it several times. Next time I go I will start working on rolling. It's pretty cool, they have one guy just standing in the water who works with whomever wants to work on something.
8 AM

XC Skiing Skijor 14:56 intensity: (1:55 @1) + (4:29 @2) + (8:32 @3) 3.42 km (4:22 / km) +41m 4:07 / km
ahr:134 max:152 shoes: Atomic Worldcup Skate '11

Highland Skijoring Mellie Roux 1 Lap
8:51 AM; Highland 9 Hole

-16.8 °C; Clear
Highland Skijoring Mellie Roux 1 Lap. Roux was rambunctious, unfortunately not it the right way. Tried to play with poor old Mellie instead of focusing on pulling. Oh well, this was our cool-down lap.

XC Skiing Skijor 24:23 intensity: (3:55 @1) + (4:57 @2) + (12:17 @3) + (3:04 @4) + (10 @5) 6.96 km (3:30 / km) +84m 3:18 / km
ahr:136 max:160 shoes: Atomic Worldcup Skate '11

Highland Skijoring Roux 2 Laps
8:19 AM; Highland 9 Hole

-17.8 °C; Clear
Decided to turn things around so Roux would not need to pull Mellie during his first lap. The two of us started alone, leaving Mellie in the car, picking her up for one more lap. He wasn't totally into it, I can understand with temps hovering around -18 °C, we still did OK, averaging just over 12 minutes per lap. One big difference between Mellie and Roux is that Roux loves running downhill, he even starts sprinting when he is super tired. Mellie on the other hand is very uncomfortable going downhill. We started as the groomer was completing his second pass of three. Much appreciated to have someone out in this cold, what a resource. Other than the cold, it was a gorgeous morning with bright sunshine. One skier was just finishing up, two more were just starting, all classic. we had the skate lane to ourselves throughout.

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