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Training Log Archive: theleperking

In the 7 days ending Dec 4, 2010:

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  Strength Training3 4:30:00
  Total3 4:30:00

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Friday Dec 3, 2010 #

Strength Training 1:30:00 [3]

5 minutes Bike
2 minutes C2
Dynamic Stretches
Overhead Squats 20kg x 5 x 3
Front Squats 20kg x 5 x 2

20kg x 5 x 3
40kg x 5 x 2
50kg x 5
60kg x 5
70kg x 3
75kg x 5 +straps (+5kg post injury PR!!)
*easy peesy but taking it easy, figure I will go up max 5kg a week. It really took a long time for my knee to warmup and start to feel loose. I tried doing the squat stretch in Coach Pendlays videos but the pressure in my knee was really bad that after 5 seconds or so I couldn't really force my knees apart to bring my hips lower, maybe next week.

Snatch Progression Practice
(Below Knee to Hip Crease to Power Snatch to OHS)
20kg x 3 x 3
*felt a lot smoother and balanced today, I think squatting first was a good idea, really loosened up the knee to let me OHS

Bench Press
20kg x lots
50kg x 10
60kg x 5
70kg x 5
75kg x 3
82.5kg x 1
90kg x miss
65kg x 5 x 3

Knee Rehab
12 x 2 x Single Leg Curl/Single Leg Extension/Sprint Start Machine/Negative Leg Press

Static Stretching & Foam Rolling(IT Band) x 15 minutes

Decent session, didn't really have a plan just wanted to take it easy before starting with the coach on Sunday, the squats felt good, bench felt weak like always but most importantly my knee felt really good during the rehab stuff. Have a wicked Friday all, I am off to eat masses of Pork belly with the misses.

Wednesday Dec 1, 2010 #

Strength Training 1:30:00 [3]

10 minutes Bike
3 minutes C2 Row
Shoulder warmup (Raises, Laterals, Delt Fly, DB Press)

Strict Press:
20kg x 10
30kg x 5
40kg x 5
47.5kg x 3
55kg x 2
62.5kg x 1
67.5kg x 1 (+5kg PR)
50kg x 5 x 3

Barbell Row:
70kg x 5
80kg x 5 x 3

DB Incline Press:
40kg x 8
45kg x 8
50kg x 8

Knee Rehab
4 x 12 x (Sprint extensions/Single Leg Curl/Single Leg Extension/Single Leg Press+Negative)

15 minutes Stretching

Went and checked out this really wicked Oly gym today but the coach wasn't there at the time so I called him and made an appointment for Sunday, really looking forward to it! I really wanted to give my knee a bit of a rest today, its been a bit sore the last few days, and I don't think I am really going to accomplish anything significant in the next two workouts before I get to meet the Oly coach other than seeing how many funny looks I can get trying to snatch on my own! Everything felt good today, probably good for a bit more on the press if I would have brought my belt, but I will take any PR I can get!

Monday Nov 29, 2010 #

Strength Training 1:30:00 [3]

5 minutes Bike
2 minutes Row
5 minutes Dynamic Stretching / Light Back Squat 40kg x 5 x 3

20kg x 5 x 2
40kg x 1 x 5
50kg x 1 x 5
*Really just can't catch it in the deep squat position, and much to my dismay I can't Overhead squat 50kg, weak, weak, weak

Clean Pull + Hang Clean
40kg x (2+1) x 2
50kg x (2+1) x 1
*really not impressed with my form

Overhead Squat
20kg x 5 x 3
25kg x 5 x 2
*first time trying these, I just can't seem to find my balance and can barely hit parallel, really lame.

70kg x 5
90kg x 5
110kg x 5
130kg x 3
160kg x 2
190kg x 1 (+10kg PR!)
160kg x 1
*hook grip for all, I think 200 would have gone, next time. Haven't deadlifted in quite awhile and my buddy was doing them and I was so pissed off with my terrible snatches that I needed to feel something heavy in my hands. Also my first time using hook grip on anything over 100kg, didn't hurt as much as I expected, that was a nice surprise.

Static Stretching x 15 minutes

After a bunch of asking around I have found an Oly gym here in Gothenburg and I am going to check them out tommorow. They don't have a website but I guess the coach is one of the better ones in Sweden and currently is training 2 of the top women, the Berntsson sisters. *Cross my fingers* hopefully he won't mind taking a crazy Canadian foreign dude living in his country into his private basement gym! We will see, I could use the help haha! I hope everyones training is going well.

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