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Training Log Archive: Orunner

In the 7 days ending May 29, 2010:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running6 3:31:26 23.0(9:12) 37.01(5:43)
  Total6 3:31:26 23.0(9:12) 37.01(5:43)
averages - sleep:7 rhr:54 weight:159.7lbs

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Saturday May 29, 2010 #

6 AM

Running 45:19 [3] 5.0 mi (9:04 / mi)
rhr:30 slept:5.5 weight:160lbs shoes: Wave Nirvana 3

5 Miles!

In my mind I am the 17 year old boy running 8 miles, every day after school, all winter long. In my mind I am the 30 year old that began again to Orienteer in the mid 80's. In my mind I am the middle-aged man that finally found fitness and nutrition in the early 90's. He was nearly always dissatisfied. He always wanted to do better. Second place was another form of losing.

Lauren and her mother pulled up next to me in the parking lot at Joyce Park at 6:27 A.M. I was holding the newspaper in my lap, watching an orange blaze near imperceptibly burn a hole through a blanket of fog lying over the ball-fields, prairie, and parking lot. I was tickled to see the pair at this hour.

I was committed to attempt five miles. Lauren and I talked, and she decided to try four. We took off South following the normal route along the bike path through the forest. It is beautiful. The sight of the trees, their height, and the open canopy draping overhead. The sounds of the birds, doing bird things, full of energy. And the river nearby, out of sight, but within ear shot. The feeling of the cool damp air, comfortable at this hour, but preparing to bring swelter to those who run later. The pleasant floral smells and the invisible clouds of pollen. All of our senses are entertained.

Lauren went out at a speed just beyond where I wanted to be, but within my grasp. I matched her stride, knowing that I may have to lay back. I was increasing my distance today. I did not want to stress the tissues on two planes at once. At the mile and a half, she broke away. I wondered if I had slowed, but that was not likely. Later she admitted she felt a need to be alone. How cute. She stopped at the fountain to remove her tee shirt. I ran through and took the lead.

I sensed a light twinge behind and above my left knee, and made a note. I adjusted my gate and stride a bit, and considered the possibility of shortening the run. The fog over the prairie was now a memory and the sun was demonstrating its intentions for the day. I remained coolish yet wiped my brow oft more than I wished.

The first four miles came and went without issue. I ran through the start at the fountain to do that final fifth mile loop; a half out and back again. A week ago, I knew the plan, but was questioning my design. But today I am pleased. the plan is working. I am getting stronger on all fronts. Tomorrow ends the first four weeks of real training in many years. It could all end in an inattentive moment, ignoring a simple signal. But I have hope. And today I remain happy.


In my mind I have always been and remain a runner. And I know it is true. Because it is the mind that IS the runner. The body is just dragged along.

Friday May 28, 2010 #

rhr:54 slept:7.0 weight:159lbs (rest day)

I decided this morning to just take a break. I kept teetering on the idea. But finally, I left the house to do some shopping, knowing that I could make it to practice, but not back home in time to get dressed to run first. So the die was set. I don't feel bad for not running, but I still have some kind of anxiety. I hope to up the ante tomorrow morning. We shall see what is in store.

No girls showed.

Thursday May 27, 2010 #

3 PM

Running 18:39 [3] 2.0 mi (9:19 / mi)
rhr:60 slept:8.0 weight:159lbs shoes: Wave Nirvana 3

It looked like rain. I checked the radar and saw what appeared to be some serious yellow and red blobs; little tiny storms riding an odd current from the north. They were pop-up thundershowers, to be sure. I like rain in general, but I particularly enjoy running in it, as long as its not knocking me down, and I can see. The problem is with the glasses. They get wet; I'm blind.

I grabbed my special running cap. It's a regular ball cap with a mesh top, a swoosh, and a hard, impervious to water, bill. When I need it, I place it flush with the top of the rim of my glasses. In most showers it keeps the glasses, eyes, and most of the face dry. It gives some kind of mental illusion that I am indoors, in a bubble, running through the rain. I know that I am getting wet, in fact I am usually drenched, but with dry glasses and face, I notice nothing but the sounds and a cool feeling. If you haven't experienced it, my words can not do it justice.

I dropped one Celebrex, flushed with a glass of water, knowing that I might not need it. I was thinking of taking a rest day, à la Pat. That being a shorter slower jog than recent days. I hope to bump up my daily mileage to 5 soon enough.

The temperature was still in the mid 80's. Yet it seemed to be a much more pleasant day to run. Overcast, slight breeze, the storm could come at anytime. I was tempted to try my five miles today. Lauren showed up at the last minute. We took off. She an octave above me, was soon well out front. I felt sore, and remembered my original intention to rest. I checked my pace, at the quarter I was still on for a season best. I heard my body. It was saying, "Yo, you their?" I knew that slowing down was in order. I felt that a rest was really the better plan. Most importantly, I do not want to risk injury.

I turned at the one. Headed back, resolved to stop after two with out shame. Up ahead, through the Honeysuckle, I heard laughter; some hoops and hollers. There were three teenage boys swimming in the river. How bizarre. Lightening flashed off in the distance, leaves were blowing from the trees, mother nature was coming. Who would be out in this stuff? Me, my team in servitude, and three carefree boys. Yet not a drop had threatened me. My cap invoked bubble went uninstantiated. I gripped its folded fabric in my fist, and with it wiped my brow as I crossed the finish.

No sooner than I was in my car, the rain tapered in. Intermittent wiper level at best. As I drove the mile lane out of the park, I saw my second Indigo Bunting. This one in a field near the forest edge. What a beautiful color.


I hope that I am rested well enough for tomorrow. If I am, I ramp it up.

Wednesday May 26, 2010 #

3 PM

Running 35:57 [3] 4.0 mi (8:59 / mi)
rhr:60 slept:6.5 weight:160lbs shoes: Wave Nirvana 3

Hot sunny 86° day like the other days this week.

I wasn't sure that I should tempt fate and continue setting season records. I wasn't even sure I should continue what seems to be an obviously aggressive schedule considering my background and history. I tried a different NSAID today. Instead of taking two Aleve I tried one Celebrex.

Mike Minium met the team and I for our daily run. He and I went out at a comfortable pace with the same four miles in mind. The conversation makes the miles and time pass easier. We started out at about the same pace I have been doing these past few days, but this was likely faster than I would have attempted alone. My gut has been suggesting that I should back off a bit and build in some rest even a small bit.

I was pleasantly surprised that we maintained a steady fair pace through the first two miles. I made a decision to back it off just a bit over the last two miles unless pleasant feelings just carried me away. The Celebrex seemed to being working but considering the lesser intensity I don't believe that it was a fair comparison.

At the three mile turn around I tried to slow a bit again. Running with Mike just naturally makes things go faster. With one quarter mile to go Mike apologized and excused himself to book it in while I coasted the remaining 400M.


Same two girls showed up today as yesterday.

Tuesday May 25, 2010 #

3 PM

Running 34:55 [3] 4.0 mi (8:44 / mi)
rhr:60 slept:9.0 weight:160lbs shoes: Wave Nirvana 3

Well. Another hot sunny day. 84°. Same route and conditions as yesterday. I prepared the same: anti inflammatories, plenty of water. the only difference being there has been less rest since yesterdays run. I felt good. No unusual pain or signals.

I did not expect to do as well as Monday. I had given it my all yesterday. I expected to have a more restful run or to really have to work to achieve the same level. Well, I am pleased with what I was able to do.


Hip Hip Hooray!

2 of the girls showed today.

Monday May 24, 2010 #

3 PM

Running 35:41 [3] 4.0 mi (8:55 / mi)
rhr:60 slept:8.0 weight:160lbs shoes: Wave Nirvana 3

It was warm at 84° with full sun, but a light breeze and a shady bike path made it a tolerable run. Starting at the Joyce Park water fountain I ran south towards Fairfield's Water Works Park to the mile mark, turned north, past the fountain and on to the north mile mark, turn again south returning to the fountain.

I took two Aleve 4 hours prior to alleviate the inevitable pain form a double dose of Osteoarthritis in my knees. I hydrated up well enough. And I had 9 hours of additional rest since yesterday mornings dawn run. Thus I was hopeful for a fair run, one I would be happy with, one that shows I am improving.

It has been 3 weeks since I started to train again after nine months off with injuries. I have gotten fat and lost all semblance of fitness. My arthritis has taken over my life style. I can't accept this. I need to be fit. I need to be competitive. This is my last hope on upright training. If I don't see some improvement, despair will overwhelm me.

I went out ordinary. Checking my quarters I noted I was not slower than normal, so far so good. At the mile I was at a fair pace and not one that showed fatigue, over-training, or injury. My disposition was rising. At the two I was still hanging in there. Being fully warmed up, I decided to press the issue and push the next mile.

At the three I turned to only be narrowly mowed down by a recreational biker. It would have been a mutual mistake, but I would have taken the brunt of the hit, we avoided the impact, both mumbling sorry. Then I hit my watch. My mind did some kind of funky math and reported "hey, you can do this". I pressed forward, hard, and fast. I wanted to beat that pathetic magic pace. I had to make a sub 36 minute run.

It did not feel good. I pressed. Passed the 3/4. passed the 1/2. A quarter to go. My lungs were screaming. My knees were burning. I heard a voice saying, "Its OK if you don't make it". I ignored it all and pressed some more. There was a single signal I could not block. It kept saying, "you must slow down". It was coming from my angel wings, radiating out my back and into my shoulders. I'm thinking, "what the heck do angel wings know about running". I could see the water fountain. I would not look at my watch. I refused. It was what it was. I pressed forward.

Burning, screaming, aching, I sped up, crossed the finish, punched the watch, 35:41 !! Halle-fricking-lujah.

Now to most everyone I know this is pathetic. Its pitiful. But I no longer care. Its a personal victory. It means I still have a chance. I'm improving. I'm very pleased. I'm looking forward to tomorrow, and the morrow, and on.


Now the bad news. Fourth straight day in a row, none of the girls showed up for conditioning. I will have to force them on their poor behavior.

Sunday May 23, 2010 #

6 AM

Running 40:55 [2] 4.0 mi (10:14 / mi)
rhr:57 slept:5.0 weight:160lbs shoes: Wave Nirvana 3

Another beautiful morning. Dense fog, 60°, all alone; just me and the birds on a wooded trail along the Great Miami River. Even if I don't physically improve, this is doing wonders for my psyche.

Knee pain is persistent. I took two Aleve an hour before my run. I don't think I would have had the will power to finish four miles without.

I would have liked to go on to the ARDF 80m competition this morning at Governor Bebb. Unfortunately, I am scheduled to lector and distribute at mass.

No girls have shown up since Thursday. Very few are running consistently. None are running daily.

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