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Training Log Archive: expresso

In the 7 days ending Sep 21, 2009:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteer2 3:36:18 13.55(15:58) 21.8(9:55) 755
  Run4 3:07:26 21.0(8:56) 33.8(5:33)
  Bike1 1:38:00 23.8(4:07) 38.3(2:34) 70
  Total6 8:21:44 58.35(8:36) 93.9(5:21) 825

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Monday Sep 21, 2009 #

Run (path & road) 57:30 [3] 6.4 mi (8:59 / mi)
shoes: Mizuno WR 905

Adler Lap. Knew rigormortis would set in by tomorrow so I wanted to run and loosen-up to maybe flush some residual junk from the legs. Felt pretty good but have a few bruises or muscle tweaks from the yesterday's effort.


It turns out that I was in Syracuse a year ago for the NA Champs...
Wow, rereading that reminds me how far I've come in all aspects of my orienteering. When I lack motivation, I will use the above link to remember what orienteering was like when I was way out of shape.

Sunday Sep 20, 2009 #

Orienteer race (ultra-long) 2:22:09 [4] **** 14.6 km (9:44 / km) +475m 8:22 / km
shoes: Icebug MR2 811

US Ultra-Long Championship - Rattlesnake Hill, near Rochester, NY
Approached this race with a lot of trepidation as 15 hilly Ks is a long way to go and I knew I would be out there over 2 hours. Tried my best to prepare all advance aspects of this race. Good to finally start and get down to business.
Shaky start as (even with magnifier) I did not see the trail to 1 until I my feet found it and I stopped to resolve. First half of the leg to 2 was thick and physical as I just pushed NW then W until I was caught by the stream and then followed the spur up and straight in; good simplification. Straight to 3 was diffuse but I am pretty sure I found the rootstock attack point but things did not match-up after that. Lots of folks thrashing around looking through here and we finally stumbled across it. Water and Gu would be critical on this long, warming day so I detoured a bit south to the water stop; adjusted route when I saw the same open spur from earlier with paths headed down it. This was the killer route choice and I sped down to the stream junction and then contoured over to 4. Humped it straight to 5 and then down and up toward 6. There were no good APs up there but I tried to use the corner of the green blob but wound-up 100m north and a bit down from my point but luckily relocated on rootstock there. Didn't blink at any route other than the road to 7 but lost time missing veg boundary handrail near end. Good route choice to 8 but humbugged by control description of bottom of reentrant as I hopelessly searched down at stream level while it was actually 3 contours up. Bit slow to 9 and thought I had a good fast route to 10 taking the road way up and then dropping down around the north side of the lake but the southern trails are probably better. Almost 2 hours into race now and starting to tire quite a bit and lose mental and physical acuity. I fell and instinctively grabbed a small pine tree but couldn't stop momentum and instead lacerated hand pretty bad on broken branch nubs. Ouch!! and lots of blood. Overran 11 and had to climb back up to get it. 12 was a twilight zone experience as I just pounded SE toward road but came out 400m east of where I expected, luckily right on line to point. Ugh, this race had better end before my wheels come off completely. After finishing I was exhausted, wobbly and then discouraged to see Sergiy was already in after starting 10 minutes behind me. Oh well, I gave it everything I had and should be satisfied with that.
The adrenaline was wearing off and my hand was throbbing so I made my way to the ambulance. What pathetic service!! Apparently, by NY law, all they were "allowed" to do was wipe it with water and when I asked for hydrogen peroxide or Neosporin, they offered to drive me to the ER. Gawd, how brain-dead can the lawmakers be when paramedics can't offer rudimentary first aid. They didn't even bandage it until I asked, only to receive a lame piece of gauze and half-assed wrap of tape. Luckily it wasn't as deep as I feared from the prodigious amount of blood earlier. Enough about that...
Bussed back to download and was very pleased have third place in M40 in the midst of some great orienteers. It was a good day and I found a lot to be happy about.

Saturday Sep 19, 2009 #

Orienteer race (sprint) 18:10 [5] *** 2.6 km (6:59 / km) +60m 6:16 / km
shoes: Icebug MR2 811

US Sprint Championship - Mendon Ponds Park, Rochester, NY
Had an early start for this so I got out on the model course early to get my head into the mapping style and small scale. Race "arena" was a small field with the start, finish, spectator control and an occasional runner crossing at the top of the hill. Very well designed and fun area and course.
My run was good and clean. I particularly enjoyed the first few controls through some nice white woods. Other than drifting right on 3 a bit the run was very clean and fast through 9. Bit confused by the bushes and slow to 10 and then took a roundabout way to 11 that was safe but a bit slow. 14 was my downfall, although I executed the route pretty well, it was the worst of 3 route choices (straight). I had not had any problems moving through the woods yet so I thought I could power through the short distance or maybe find a beaten track (no such luck). Rest were fine but I was really tiring at the end and a cadetette dusted me in the chute.
Results... were pretty good. I was fourth among M40-44 runners (beaten by Eugene, Tom C. & Sergiy G.) but with one Canuck and two running up with the elites, I defaulted in for the gold medal. I look at it as a US bronze and was pleased with my run.

Orienteer race (middle) 55:59 [3] **** 4.6 km (12:10 / km) +220m 9:49 / km
shoes: Icebug MR2 811

Middle - Mendon Ponds Park, Rochester, NY
I was on this map about a year ago and remember some big hills and technical areas. I was looking forward to the nav challenge but did not want to kill myself on the hills in advance of tomorrow's ultra-long. I approached the race with a resolution to stay off the gas and get into the map. Things were off even before the start as I forgot my magnifier which I needed to read the detail. I could have run back to car but didn't want a panic session so I decided to just go.
Things got even worse as I missed seeing the mapped stream to 1 and drifted left and luckily recovered on rootstock pair. Straight to 2 and I spotted the control right beyond a depression with (I thought) a bit of drying mud at the bottom so I decided to go through it at high speed. Nope!! It was a 6+ foot deep pool of "quickmud" and in an instant I was up to my armpits in stagnant goo; just awful !! I slowly dragged myself out and looked like the "swamp thing" with decomposing leaves and mud hanging off me. I trudged over to punch the control with heavy, mucky feet and then shambled off for the next point considering whether I should just bag the run only 2 minutes into it. But I didn't and was lackluster through 6, bad 7 and then major boom on 10 when I did not see the second trail and made a parallel error. That was it, I was already tired from dragging around the extra 5 pounds of water & mud and my run was non-competitive so it was time to slow down and walk to focus on nav and conserve energy for tomorrow. It was not fun to let people run by me but decent nav practice and would hopefully pay off tomorrow. Results are not relevant.

Run (grass) 30:00 [3] 3.0 mi (10:00 / mi)
shoes: Icebug MR2 811

Warmup/down around the day's races.

Friday Sep 18, 2009 #


Crazy morning getting everything done and generally settled so I could enjoy the weekend. Quick plane flight to Buffalo where I met Charlie & Maricel. Drove to Henrietta (Rochester), got an early dinner at Ruby Tuesday (yum!!) and then browsed through a sporting goods store. Wound down the evening in a very sedentary mode.

Thursday Sep 17, 2009 #

Run (path & road) 52:16 intensity: (37:40 @3) + (14:36 @4) 6.4 mi (8:10 / mi)
shoes: Mizuno WR 905

Adler Lap with tempo stretches of about 1.1 and then 1 mile.
Tempo Splits: 7:40, 6:57
Good to work through a motivation low and push this.

Wednesday Sep 16, 2009 #

Run (path & road) 47:40 [3] 5.2 mi (9:10 / mi)
shoes: Mizuno WR 905

Carmel Lap. Legs ready for more intensity, maybe tomorrow.

Tuesday Sep 15, 2009 #

Bike (road) 1:38:00 [2] 23.8 mi (4:07 / mi) +70m 4:05 / mi

Easy ride through LF to 41 & back. Perfect weather. Takin' it easy this week.

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