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Training Log Archive: Thumper

In the 7 days ending Jun 3, 2017:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  Cycling6 10:07:31 164.45(16.2/h) 264.66(26.1/h)
  Running4 2:35:45 22.25(7:00) 35.81(4:21)
  Total10 12:43:16 186.7(4:05) 300.46(2:32)

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Saturday Jun 3, 2017 #

8 AM

Cycling hills 1:54:58 [5] 31.5 mi (16.4 mph)

Hill reps on loads with a 60 min warm up.

12x 2 mins/ c.80secs roll back rec.

After being a little paranoid that I'm this bad on the bike currently due to (the current AP theme of) fatigue I'm pleased that my legs are starting to respond and I feel I can attack things a little bit. Good. Bad is that i was really shit in comparison to prev. sessions.

But, I'm back on it.

Like Paul I've been succumbing to more beer than I should again this week, which isn't helping my weight loss aims! Need to sort my life out and similarly stop feeling sorry for myself…but beer is so nice…

New wheels maiden voyage which was fun, they're noting earth shattering but the best Ive had. Took me ages to get the bike set up due to a minor mechanical through…things I hate about cycling #1
4 PM

Running 40:12 [3] 6.0 mi (6:42 / mi)

Cheeky run form Bakewell. Knee great. Achilles not bad but still there enough to now that back to back days would hurt it.

Knee now sore.

Nice to run though

Friday Jun 2, 2017 #

7 AM

Cycling 45:17 [3] 13.0 mi (17.2 mph)

IW - Shorter way for no reason other than I drove to a pub in Clay Cross and the roads looked beautiful so did my alternative IW route.

4 PM

Cycling 1:54:43 [3] 30.5 mi (16.0 mph)


Decided to tick off another previously not ridden 100 greatest cycle climbs- Slack Hill, on the Matlock-Chesterfield Road.

Previously I've avoided it as its a death trap with loads of high speed crashes.

Still don't get why its on the list, its super steep but its not pretty and its a bit hairy with knob head drivers.

Decent ride before that through the hard wick estate

Thursday Jun 1, 2017 #

7 AM

Running 34:30 [3] 5.0 mi (6:54 / mi)

Easy plod flat around holmebrook.

All niggles present.
4 PM

Cycling 1:58:35 [3] 32.1 mi (16.2 mph)

Hill reps on Beeley, needed to get out of the rut of feeling shit and soft climbing.

Felt shit and soft, but hopefully a few sessions will help

8 X 5mins/2mins roll down

Wednesday May 31, 2017 #

7 AM

Cycling 55:50 [3] 15.75 mi (16.9 mph)

IW-yey!...I didn't fuck it off!
4 PM

Cycling 2:38:08 [3] 41.6 mi (15.8 mph)

Ride in the peak with Dave.

Took in the Longstonenedge climb for the first time- a lovely climb.

Then did a few smaller ones before coming back over curbar.

I miss being able to attack climbs!

Tuesday May 30, 2017 #

9 AM

Running 44:37 [3] 6.25 mi (7:08 / mi)

At home for my uncles funeral -so only exercise I could do was a short run (had Sophie all morning)

I'm aware I'm a dick for running, but kept it flat, Achilles sore throughout but never worse. Left quad/ IT band, stupidly tight. Afterwards my knee was sore.

Think this knee thing is something a bit more "permenant".


Garmin was awful in the woods
6 PM


Dear diary,

Felt a bit drained after a stressful funeral, tried to motivate myself but it felt a bit more than just CNBA, so sacked off the planned ride.

Hopefully I'll get my mojo back tomorrow

Monday May 29, 2017 #

9 AM

Running 36:26 [3] 5.0 mi (7:17 / mi)

Got up early to do a bike ride before spending time with Hatt and Soph. Felt pretty wiped and the weather was cack. So, after planning my big cycle ride for next week, I did a short flat run (to test my theory that uphills is the main aggravator in my achilles problem.) It was certainly better than around Linacre

Pretty sore, but no worse for walking around after. Spent the afternoon at the mini works. I feel wiped out for some reason. I seem to have swollen glands behind my ear, so whether its anything to do with that I'm not sure.

Anyway.. driving back the peak was like pea decided to bin an outdoor ride today. Too many reasons not to.

Although, I had an amazing pizza at Amici & Bici for lunch (never been before- really recommend-bargain prices), so need to do something later!!

Whether, I do a turbo or be a knob and run again remains to be seen...
7 PM


Decided to be sensible lazy (still not sure which), as felt wiped out.

Went pub instead. So much for the bikini body

Sunday May 28, 2017 #

7 AM

(rest day)

Planned rest day.

May as well rest when I'm working and enjoy BHM.

Legs knackered from a tough return to the bike. Worried about my knee. Achilles doesn't feel as bad today as I expected but calves tight. Maybe 5 milers on flat is the only running I'll be able to do for a bit.

Daren't buy the wheels-hate cycling
2 PM


Update: Was optimistic re: the Achilles. It's pretty fucked and sore to walk on.

So that's decision made- after 4 years of debating I've finally taken the plunge and upgraded my wheels (using my Sierre Zinal budget). Spent sonlong trying to find the right wheels within my budget and they didn't exist but dropped on a deal this morning which was fortunate timing. (Don't get me wrong they're not my dream wheel)

Also bought a few new volumes of the cycling hill climbs books- so it looks like my summer will mainly involve trying to get back on the Strava leaderboards. Thank goodness for strava!!

To be fair- as much as I've been so looking forward to running the routes I had planned in the lakes- I've never cycled there so it should be fun

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