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Training Log Archive: mgb

In the 7 days ending Apr 21, 2012:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering3 3:14:47 15.65(12:27) 25.19(7:44) 322
  Running5 2:13:29 12.57 20.23 89
  Cycling1 20:00 5.15(3:53) 8.29(2:25)
  Strength1 15:00
  Total6 6:03:16 33.37 53.7 411

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Saturday Apr 21, 2012 #

11 AM

Running warm up/down 2:12 [3] 0.22 mi (10:00 / mi) +4m 9:28 / mi

Quick warm-up before going out on blue.

Orienteering race 1:45:22 [4] 6.56 mi (16:04 / mi) +297m 14:05 / mi

Ali, Brendan and I went up to Nottingcook Forest to do some orienteering. The meet was organized by Bob Lux and UNO.

I first went out on the blue course. I did pretty well orienteering wise, but I was tiring at the end. Ali caught up with me to 12, and I was happy to be able to keep up with her for the next 6 controls. We were still orienteering on our own, with a mix of who found the control first.

1: Stopping too early. There were plenty of suttle hills before the right one that confused me, but I realized in the end that I need to continue until I can see the drop-off after the last hill.
3: Not doing any mistakes, but the uphill was too much and I walked most of it.
4: Started by trying to avoid the hill side, and ended up going the trail around.
17: Getting tired, I went the path around. Surprisingly, I got there faster than Ali going straight.
20: Too far down on the spur. I think the control was a little bit higher up than it should have been.

Pretty happy with the outing. It was a fun map and course.

It was also great to beat my nemisis JJ by 6 minutes.


Orienteering 20:40 [4] 1.88 mi (10:59 / mi) +24m 10:34 / mi

Ali wasn't sufficiently tired after the blue course, so she was heading out on the yellow one. Somehow, I thought that was a good idea as well and I went out 2 minutes before her, adding the extra motivation of trying to keep her from catching up to me for as long as possible.

Control 3 was in the incorrect location, but it was set really visibly so I could see it from the right spot. It is shown clear on the QR, with the control being hung at the turn around point on the track to the left.


Thursday Apr 19, 2012 #

6 PM

Running warm up/down 5:48 [3] 0.64 mi (9:04 / mi) +1m 9:01 / mi

Warming up before race including drills.

Orienteering race 18:46 [5] 2.31 mi (8:07 / mi) +1m 8:07 / mi

First CSU Park-O of the season at Danehy. I had expected a little bit more trickery, but the course was pretty straight-forward. I had mostly a clean run, except I went around on the path to 4 due to people at the soccer field at the track. Other people were able to get through there. I also saw a better route choice to 9 by going out to the street, but I thought that was out of bound.

Impressed with how speedy Giacomo and Ian F are.

Great attendance, with more than 30 people attending. It was great seeing so many regulars on a weekday for a change.

Running warm up/down 8:14 [3] 0.82 mi (10:02 / mi) +2m 9:58 / mi

Jogging around the park with BP as a cool-down.

Wednesday Apr 18, 2012 #

6 PM

Cycling 20:00 [3] 5.15 mi (3:53 / mi)

Easy biking at the gym

Strength 15:00 [3]

Assisted chin-ups - 45 lbs, pec fly - 135 lbs, back fly - 105 lbs, plank, assisted dip - 90 lbs

Tuesday Apr 17, 2012 #

6 PM

Running warm up/down 5:57 [3] 0.66 mi (9:01 / mi)

Running before intervals.

Running warm up/down 2:06 [3] 0.26 mi (8:05 / mi) +1m 7:59 / mi


Running 22:54 [5] 3.55 mi (6:27 / mi) +2m 6:26 / mi

CSU intervals at the Harvard track. Tired after the weekend plus a pretty fierce headwind made it slow. The long 10k/5k program:

800m: (1:44.6, 1:42.4): 3:27.0 (6:56 min/mile)
800m: (1:40.3, 1:42.9): 3:23.2 (6:49 min/mile)
400m: 1:37.9 (6:34 min/mile)
400m: 1:38.7 (6:37 min/mile)
400m: 1:37.2 (6:31 min/mile)
400m: 1:36.6 (6:29 min/mile)
400m: 1:33.8 (6:17 min/mile)
400m: 1:38.5 (6:36 min/mile)
400m: 1:37.8 (6:33 min/mile)
400m: 1:34.3 (6:19 min/mile)
400m: 1:38.8 (6:38 min/mile)
400m: 1:31.1 (6:07 min/mile)

Stephen was there visiting, but still too broken to run intervals. No other orienteer there.

Running 20:00 [3] 1.3 km (15:23 / km)

Rest between intervals.

Running 10:00 [3]

Drills before the strides.

Monday Apr 16, 2012 #

3 PM

Running 36:18 [3] 4.11 mi (8:50 / mi) +79m 8:20 / mi

Going for an easy run after the weekend. It was very hot though, but I need to get used to the warm weather with the summer approaching, it made it much tougher than it should have been though. It was a toasty 89 degrees.

Sunday Apr 15, 2012 #

10 AM

Running warm up/down 20:00 [3] 1.5 mi (13:20 / mi)

Warm-up before the middle, trying to get the stiff muscles to move.

Orienteering race 49:59 [4] 4.9 mi (10:12 / mi)

I had a good race today. Trying to go a little bit slower, not making any mistakes, and that paid off. No real mistakes apart some small things at 8 and 9.

8: Used the left flat rock and came to the west of cliff/boulders so I had to round it to the control.
9: I wanted to get to the path, but I never hit it so I did something in the middle. I also stepped into a hole, falling pretty hard. I think the foot is ok though.

Apart from that, it was a clean race and I placed much better today at 22 out of 29.

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