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Training Log Archive: tdgood

In the 7 days ending Apr 19, 2021:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering2 4:26:59 11.7(22:50) 18.82(14:11) 220
  walk2 2:16:14 6.57(20:44) 10.57(12:53)
  Run2 1:12:35 8.65(8:23) 13.92(5:13)
  Total6 7:55:48 26.92(17:41) 43.32(10:59) 220

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Sunday Apr 18, 2021 #

1 PM

Orienteering (Blue Lake Needwood) 1:24:04 [3] *** 8.7 km (9:40 / km) +220m 8:35 / km
shoes: VJ Falcons 2019

Orienteering at Lake Needwood. The place was packed. I was able to get close up parking which was nice. Mid 60's temperature and sunny. A nice day to get out. I figured it would crowded on the trails so was ready to deal with it.

S -1. It was congested at the start. People coming in multiple directions and there was a passer by who was trying to figure out what the start stuff was. After explaining orienteering to her from distance she moved aside so I could start. There were people on the trail so I cut directly into the woods.

1-2- There was bunch of green bushes in the valley. ran around them then hit the marsh. Ended up getting feet all wet crossing the stream area. Went up the hill and didn't see the control. It was behind a tree so I lost a little time.

2-3: More or less straight. Was a little high on the approach but not time lost.

3-4: I decided running around was too far but the control was lower than I expected so it may have been faster. I went part way up the hill and contoured some.

4-5: Leaving 4 I got confused. #14 was right next to #4 and I started wondering which one I went to. Dropped down the hill to flat area. Ran the flat area (part with a trail).. Guy in front of up cut spur early. I opted to run most of the way around. I expected the control to be lower but it was at the top of the spur. I saw Peggy up there so she was in the correct spot. I had to climb to get to it. By the time I got to it Peggy was gone.

5-6: Run to the stream crossing. I wasn't sure if the intent was for us to use the road to cross or cross somewhere else. Saw Peggy in front me. Crossed the stream on the road. Peggy cut into the woods right away. I went a little further up the road. Wasn't clear how far up the road we were allowed to run. Peggy was higher up the hill than me. I ran along stream area until I could see the control.

6-7: Straight up the hill to the parking lot intersection. I had to way quite awhile for a break in traffic in order to cross the road. Through the parking lot. I couldn't see the road out of the parking lot on the map (I expected a black line not a tiny brown road) so I had to slow down to see what I was missing. Down the road to the bench (man made x) and cut into the woods. Straight down to the control.

7-8: I saw we had to cross the dam. So as I started running I was trying to get my mask on. Unfortunately I didn't pay any attention to where I was going. I was running each instead of south towards the dam. I finally got my mask on then figured out I running the wrong way. Ended up running the trail to dam, across the dam, across the field. I should have gone straight across the field but the Steep hill on the other side didn't look friendly so I ran farther west then I should up. Got on an unmapped trail/animal track above the steep area. At the large reentrant cut up to the hill top but got too high. I saw the control farther down the large spur.

8-9: Road/stream crossing. Saw the crossing point on the map. Ran the spur. Got to the bridge area and wasn't sure where we were supposed to cross. It looked very deep. Finally saw the streamer which I guess was the spot to cross. Looking closely, it did look less deep and good footing. Crossed there and it wasn't too bad. Did get wet and my feet were heavy. Should have run over the hill but instead ran around the hill which was way to long.

9-10: Into the Golf course. It was confusing the read. I think I needed better glasses or to have the map blown up more.

10-11: The buildings were gray instead of black which made them very hard to see. As a result I went right of the buildings which was longer.

11-12: Still having troubles reading what was what. I was tired and not running very fast. Should have just gone straight.

12-13: Up the trail, around the building. I thought I was running around a fence but now that I look at it was a ride. I took the long way again.

13-14: Thought about go along the stream the whole way but instead went straight. The climb after crossing the road was killer. I was dying while trying to get up the hill. No problems getting to the control.

14-15: Straight. There were people all along the final stream looking for places to cross. I cross and angled up the hill. Control was much lower down than expected. I should have run along the bottom and cut up at last moment.

15-16: Back across the stream to the trail. Trail to marsh then to the other trail. Waded across the stream. UP the hill. got stuck in thorns trying to get into the field.. Across the field.. There was a large family at the control. They didn't understand to move away from the control so I could punch. The parents moved but the kids didn't. Lost at least 20 seconds waiting. The finally moved allowing me to punch.

16-Fin: Family now in the way I wanted to go. Instead of contouring some I ended up having to go directly over the hill.

Over all, whenever I had put my mask on I got distracted and had to slow down. I also had way more hesitations than I should have.

Total distance traveled: 6.32 miles.

Saturday Apr 17, 2021 #

2 PM

Orienteering (mapping with Darcy) 3:02:55 [1] 6.29 mi (29:05 / mi)

Couse setter for Pataspco noticed a bunch of new trails so went for a map hike with Darcy to GPS the trails. Also updated some green areas, and added/removed some root stocks. Did everything from the trail.

Friday Apr 16, 2021 #

4 PM

walk 1:12:43 [1] 3.44 mi (21:08 / mi)

Walk with Darcy

Thursday Apr 15, 2021 #

5 PM

Run (road) 34:56 [3] 4.16 mi (8:24 / mi)
shoes: Addidas Ultraboost 20 2020

Run to rt 175 then down rt 175. Wasn't fast but kept moving.

Dist Pace
0.99 8:24
1.08 8:07
1.12 8:57
0.97 8:04

Tuesday Apr 13, 2021 #

4 PM

Run (road) 37:39 [3] 4.49 mi (8:23 / mi)
shoes: Addidas Ultraboost 20 2020

Still felt full but went for a run anyway. I wasn't fast but did manage to finish my run. Rt 175 + severn Road.

Dist Pace
1.05 8:16
0.24 8:26
0.96 8:21
0.95 8:51
0.25 8:13
1.04 8:08
5 PM

walk (road with Darcy) 1:03:31 [1] 3.13 mi (20:18 / mi)

Walk with Darcy through the neighborhood.

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