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Training Log Archive: tdgood

In the 7 days ending May 15:

activity # timemileskm+m
  walk6 6:01:45 16.83(21:30) 27.09(13:21)
  Orienteering1 2:51:16 8.96(19:07) 14.42(11:53)
  Run3 1:49:06 13.16(8:17) 21.18(5:09)
  Other1 1:16:54 2.09(36:47) 3.36(22:52)
  Total10 11:59:01 41.04(17:31) 66.05(10:53)

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Saturday May 15 #

12 PM

Other (cutting grass) 1:16:54 [1] 2.09 mi (36:47 / mi)
shoes: Addidas Ultraboost 20 2020

Cutting the grass. Had to be careful near the trees because the Cicada's came out yesterday and there were some on the ground still near the trees.
2 PM

Run (road) 35:03 [3] 4.18 mi (8:23 / mi)
shoes: Addidas Ultraboost 20 2020

Easy run because there is orienteering tomorrow. My left calf is still sore.

to and down rt 175, then back.

Dist Pace
0.97 8:14
1.12 8:05
1.12 8:42
0.98 8:30
5 PM

walk (road with Darcy) 1:05:33 [1] 3.01 mi (21:47 / mi)
shoes: Addidas Ultraboost 20 2020

Walk with Darcy. We walked partly in the park which we haven't done since covid because it was always too crowded.

Friday May 14 #

5 PM

Run (road) 37:08 [3] 4.48 mi (8:17 / mi)
shoes: Addidas Ultraboost 20 2020

Rt 175 + severn Road

Dist Pace
1.05 8:19
0.24 8:17
0.96 8:08
0.94 8:38
0.25 8:06
1.04 8:10

walk (road with Darcy) 1:26:43 [1] 3.59 mi (24:09 / mi)

walked up around the school. NEw contrructions and fencing in place. I will have to up the map yet again.

Thursday May 13 #

7 PM

walk (road with Darcy) 55:03 [1] 2.6 mi (21:10 / mi)

Should have gone running but I had to work late and didn't feel like it when I got home. Walked with Darcy.

Wednesday May 12 #

7 PM

walk (road with Darcy) 1:07:30 [1] 3.24 mi (20:50 / mi)

Tuesday May 11 #

5 PM

Run (road) 36:55 [3] 4.5 mi (8:12 / mi)
shoes: Addidas Ultraboost 20 2020

Rt 175 + severn road.

I actually felt pretty good. Not like last week after orienteering where I was really sore.

Dist Pace
1.04 8:19
0.24 8:15
0.96 8:03
0.96 8:27
0.25 8:07
1.05 8:01
6 PM

walk (road with Darcy) 1:06:46 [1] 3.31 mi (20:10 / mi)

Sunday May 9 #

12 PM

walk 20:10 [1] 1.08 mi (18:40 / mi)
shoes: VJ Falcons 2019

Walk to the start. I missed a turn and walked extra. I had to look at the map to see where I was. Streamers were far apart.
1 PM

Orienteering (blue) 2:31:06 [3] 7.88 mi (19:10 / mi)
shoes: VJ Falcons 2019

Course was 9.7K but I went much farther and didn't finish the course.
Listed distance is the start to finiish but I only did 13.5 controls before I quit and walked back on the trails. Picked up another QOC member and walked back with them.

Pre start: I was very tired. I don't often run three days in a row, much less race. AFter two day my body is tired and beat up. My right hand ipinkie is swollen but not hurting anymore.

Walk to Start. I stopped at the bathroom, fortunately because had forgotten my glasses. Went back and got them. Then I got lost on the way to the start. The flags were far apart and apparently I missed a turn. I got down to the river west of the start and had to pull out my map and see where the start was. I should have just navigated cross crountry to the start but instead went back up the hill (35 m). Way to add climb before the race even started. Finally got to the start.

#1: Took the trail to the first trail crossing. left trail up hill to trail again . Down hill to big inlet. Reading map but nothing was making sense. I pulled up way short. I think I got out of adjustment with a true 5 meter contour map. Note: I noticed later on that none of the subtle contour detail was on the map and I kept trying to find it on the map. There were missing shallow reentrants and ditches. Later I found a boulder that I don't think was on the map but I wasn't sure where I was by then. Anyway, I realized I was still short of the control and went to the control. I figured I lost 2-3 minutes. Not a Good Start.

#2: Generally straight'ish but I went to the long spur to run the high ground. On the way I noticed we were passing near 14 which threw me off and lo-and behold I ended up navigating to 14. I was confused by the reentrants around 14. Hard to see the details. Got to 14 and was surprised it wasn't my control (#2). Realized what I had done and went to #2.

#3: Straight.
#4: course line hid something in the contours leaving #3 which confused me. over to main reentrant with stream, Up stream to right side reentrant. Lost some time getting through the green slash.

#5: Circle line hide the contour details so hard to read what is what. I went through the distinct vegetation area (nice running) and over to the control.

#6: straight.

#7: I intended to go straight but drifted left and ended up crossing the trail at the trail junction. Down to the control.

#8: I drifted left on the broad spur. Had to cut back to the reentrant.

#9: Down the reentrant to the stream/inlet. through the marsh and over the spur (should have gone more around). Down along inlet to the stream going off to the west. Cut up the reentrant, over the spur. I apparently got pulled right and hit the reentrant closer to 10. At this point I realized the clue description was wrong (It had pillar instead of rock pile). Took me a bit to relocate but eventually ran over to the control in a round about manner. Lost another 2-3 minutes.

#10: Straight. up hill and I am really tired now. Going slower and slower.

#11: I was trying to read the map and thought I knew exactly where I was. I think I drifted right again so instead of crossing the stream before the control I kept going to the next stream. Then spent a long time in the wrong area trying to figure out where I was. I wandered a bit. None of the reentrants were matching up (even when I found out where I was). Eventually I corrected and back to the control but not before having lost a bunch of time.

#12: Down cross stream, up reentrant, over spur to the rock. There were were actually two rocks, Neither were on the map but were about the same size as the one with the control. I am not sure the control was in the correct spot. I lost another 30 seconds.

#13: Right of direct line. Spotted control from a long way away.

#14: Went due north, crossed stream, climbed up small reentrant, along big reentrant, right to I don't know where. I went from know exactly where I was to non of the entrants matched. I wandered around and couldn't figure out where I was despite looking at every expanding circles of the map. I saw several old trails/rides but they didn't match what was on the map. I was in a saddle but there is no saddle on the map matching where I was. I only had 20 minutes to get back in time for 3:00 and I was still a long way away. The course had stopped being fun so I just called it quits and started walking back. Never did find 14 and still don' t know where I was. Eventually I hit the north/south trail west of 15. There I met the another QOC person looking for the parking lot. We walked back together. Nice to have company. Got leg cramp walking back in on one of the steep trails.

Took about 40 minutes to walk back in.

Orienteering warm up/down (trail) 20:10 [1] 1.08 mi (18:40 / mi)
shoes: VJ Falcons 2019

Walk to the start. Got lost on the way.

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