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Training Log Archive: tdgood

In the 7 days ending May 18:

activity # timemileskm+m
  walk2 4:17:54 9.28(27:47) 14.93(17:16)
  Orienteering1 2:16:43 6.71(20:22) 10.8(12:40) 480
  Run2 1:01:06 6.8(8:59) 10.94(5:35) 30
  Total5 7:35:43 22.79(20:00) 36.68(12:25) 510
averages - sleep:7

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Saturday May 18 #

8 AM

walk (trail) 1:24:42 [1] 2.65 mi (31:58 / mi)
ahr:87 max:118

Went for a hike with Darcy and Darcy's brother at Linda Vista Trail in Tucson. It was a short hike but had a lot of rock/steps along the trail.
Saw few llizards, and some big yellow bugs. Log of Sagauro Cacti.

Friday May 17 #

4 PM

Run 31:37 [3] 3.56 mi (8:53 / mi) +30m 8:39 / mi
ahr:146 max:148 slept:7.0 shoes: New Balance 1540 2024

Went same general run as yesterday but added more loop around the school area so I could cut out more of the road area. Still slow but I felt better despite it being hotter today (95 deg Fahrenheit). Faster first mile but then I settled into an easier pace. Slight incline felt harder than it should have.

Dist Pace
1.00 8:12
1.00 9:18
1.00 9:00
0.56 9:09

Thursday May 16 #


In Tuscon Arizona visiting Darcy's Brother.
5 PM

Run 29:29 [3] 3.24 mi (9:06 / mi)
ahr:144 max:155 shoes: New Balance 1540 2024

Eating too much and haven't' run this week so went for an easy run. It was hot so with all the food I couldn't do anything but an easy run. Trying to find a soft grassy place to run in Tucson is problematic. Went down the street which had nice shoulders and gravelly areas. Ran along the gravel areas towards local school, then ran the area around the schools. Mostly in gravel road and some fields. Run was a little short so went back along the road a bit to add some distance.

Dist Pace
1.00 8:50
1.00 9:05
1.00 9:17
0.24 9:24

Monday May 13 #

2 PM

walk 2:53:12 [1] 6.63 mi (26:07 / mi)
ahr:77 max:108

Went for hike with Darcy at Bowie to start GPS'ing the trails. Saw Dave Linthicum who was out mapping there. Several of the trails were underwater so we had to do a lot of doglegs. Walk was much longer than expected as a result. Good news is the bridge is in place (not finished but it is there). They were working on the bridge while we were there.

Sunday May 12 #

11 AM

Orienteering 2:16:43 [3] *** 10.8 km (12:40 / km) +480m 10:21 / km
ahr:141 max:173 shoes: VJ Falcons 2023

Billygoat, Gunstock ski slope, Gunstock New Hampshire.

I had rested 2 days for this event. Weather was ideal, mid 50's. I was worried what the climb was going to be and it turns out I was right to be (480m). My climb was 627m quite a bit more and I didn't make any real mistakes (and that didn't include the 55m climb in the walk to the start. I decided to wear my camel back so I had easy access water which turned out to be a good decision. Over all it was a very physical course. Too much climb and too much rock underfoot.

Everyone was slow off the start so I saw I chance. I ran into first place. I just hope Nadim got the picture of me leading the pack. 10 steps later everyone passed me.

#1: Followed crowd. I didn't take a good route as I climbed initially only to drop back down some.

#2: up hill following line of people

#3: I started up the hill and was wondering where everyone was going. That was when I realized it was a forked control. I didn't like the leg going "right" 3 to 4, so I followed the crowd going to the lower three. Part way there I really started navigating. Saw Alex Jospe in front of me and felt good that was a competitant person to follow and run with. unfortanetly she was running faster and slowly pulled away over the next few controls.

#4: I roughly counted 150 climb on this leg. I made sure I wasn't pushing it hard on this so I didn't burn out. I was surprised to see Alex jogging part of it. No problem getting to 4 but by the time I got there I knew I was going to be in trouble as I was beat. Too much climb.

#5: I saw the medium green was just saplings and that walking through them wasn't a problem. Since I was walking across the stony ground and up hill I went right through it and made up time on the people in front of me.

#6: After the fact I see that several skipped this. I never considered this one. I got over the ski slope and did the climb on the slope. It was very hard getting off the slope. There was debris and major rocks. once I got off made good time to the control.

#7: Quick down hill following someone. Control was on the right side of the Stream which was actually a major gully to cross. Person who went right made up lots of time over those of us that approached from the left. Very tough getting down the gully and up to the control.

#8: Straight. Two other eople with me. I was low but they spotted the control.

#9: Still with other two people and I pointed out the control this time.

#10: Angled through the green, cross the stream by rocks so knew where I was. Up hill , read the semi open land and right to control. Down to just one person with me.

#11. I though about skipping this control but it looked like the first control that you could actually run and I wanted a bit to stretch out my legs some and jog. No problems.

#12: Along semi open scattered trees and to the control. Still with the same one person.

#13: I said I was thinking of skipping this one (and just taking trail to 14) but other guy said he had skipped six so couldn't. I decided to stay with someone and make my last skip option (#17) be my skip. We agreed to go to the 2nd trail bend. Trail was really hard to follow. We got a little high and overshot the control. As we came back huge pack had caught/passed us.

#14: I went fairly straight. People all over the place taking different routes. I thought some may be skipping 14.

#15: Took the right ski slope and made good time.

Water stop. I was hoping for gatorade but all I saw was water. I drank a cup of water.

#16: Down to the flat section of the course, yeaaaahhhhh!. Down hill to the trail. trail part way and cut over to marshes. I was little off. Started passing Kid Goaters.

#17: SKIPPED THIS CONTROL. Control very close to 18 so same route.I should have headed east to tthe trail but instead when west to the other trail and then later cut back to the lower trail.

#18: on the lower trail I passed Alex Jospe and Ari going the other way on the trail. I didn't see 19 even though I looked for it as I jogged by. I was really tired but still doing a good jog pace. Trail to field to bridge. Then I turned left and got on the wrong trail heading to the out of bounds. I realized this and cut up to the correct trails. Circle/Line hid the trail by the control so I was surprised when I hit it. I Could see the control from the trail. When I left the trail I started to get leg cramps. Doooohhhh. Got there just ahead of people who had earlier left me behind.

#19: Back the way I came to trails and 19. I was in danger of cramping so had to walk parts. Finally get the running part and I can't run. People who I caught at 18 still just in front of me. They hesitated at final approach so I caught back up.

#20: I was thinking the rest of the course was a trail run so was surprised on this leg. I was very slow going through the woods with my legs threatening to cramp. Another person passed me.

#21: I took the trails around to make it easier on my legs.

#22: I followed the people crossing to right of the Dam. When I got there I saw the large pack on the left side of the Dam which was faster. I got there just behind the pack.

#23: Everyone passed me. As Joe B passed me (last of the pack) he . said something to the effect "we are too old to stay with these youngsters".

Rest of the course was just slow. I passed some Kid Goaters, and did manage to pass one Goater but generally I was having minor cramps so couldn't move. I walked a lot.

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