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Training Log Archive: TimM

In the 7 days ending May 13:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running11 7:48:32 59.4(7:53) 95.6(4:54) 2074
  S&C / Core / Plyo / Flexi1 30:00
  Total11 8:18:32 59.4 95.6 2074
  [1-5]11 7:48:32

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Sunday May 13 #

5 PM

Running 1:33:58 [2] 15.0 km (6:16 / km) +783m 4:58 / km

Not many places better than the seat on an evening like tonight. Some of the standard climbs and a couple of not so standard. Nothing of note happened until Ali was attacked.
7 PM

Running 9:27 [2] 1.88 km (5:02 / km) +20m 4:46 / km

To and from Tesco. Noticed my OMM bag has nearly broken which is really quite annoying.

Saturday May 12 #

7 AM

Running 19:56 [2] 4.15 km (4:48 / km) +10m 4:45 / km

Shakeout with Ali through suburbia.
11 AM

Running 17:53 [2] 3.62 km (4:56 / km) +30m 4:45 / km

WU faffage.

Running 36:17 [5] 9.98 km (3:38 / km) +172m 3:21 / km

Penicuik 10k.
Started very easy, aware that it could be a grim 7/8km after the first fill, so wen't purposefully steady up the steep part and then tried to pick it up a little through the less steep bit which dragged on far longer than I remembered. There had been some people starting clearly too fast so picked my way through them nicely for the next 5 or 6k and was feeling pretty good. Was really enjoying the course, and feeling as though I'd paced it well. Continued pulling up places and legs weren't complaining, and then bang on the 8k marker an almighty stitch ripped through my abdomen and there was nothing I could do other than suffer and look like a mug.
Had been trying to work up to 3rd place, and I think I would have crept in under 35 which wouldn't have complained with. Not too fussed really, was good fun and will definitely be returning next year for the food. If only we didn't have to spend the rest of the day revising.

Running warm up/down 18:22 [2] 3.06 km (6:00 / km) +30m 5:43 / km

Round some nice little trails with Ali.

Friday May 11 #

7 PM

Running 37:17 [2] 7.96 km (4:41 / km) +140m 4:18 / km

Easy round the seat with Ewan, Will and Ali and Tam of course.

Thursday May 10 #

1 PM

Running 39:47 [2] 7.94 km (5:01 / km) +140m 4:36 / km

Dying round the seat with Dan.

Wednesday May 9 #

2 PM

Running 19:53 [2] 4.36 km (4:34 / km) +16m 4:29 / km

Les Reed went to Italy to buy a Lamborghini,
Instead he bought a striker,
His name is Gabbiadini.
5 PM

Running 10:47 [2] 2.4 km (4:30 / km) +42m 4:08 / km

To Waverley to catch a train.

Running 21:30 [2] 4.23 km (5:05 / km) +20m 4:58 / km

From Bridge of Allan to Stirling uni and then some faffage.

Running 37:21 [4] 7.91 km (4:43 / km) +429m 3:43 / km

Dumyat Hill Race.

Felt terrible on the climb, completely unable to get going. Not like the long ones when you can settle into it either so nicely far behind by the time I got to the top. Then tried to nail it down and caught and dropped a few people. Progress slightly hindered by not realising we went through the gate on the way down - lost about 15 seconds directly but took a while to stop sulking about it and keep going. Wasn't enjoying the single file path with no one willing to get out of the way (including me).

Took Gregor in the woods which was by far the most fun part of the race. Some really well positioned trees to nearly snap yourself on, and some tight corners that you could fall off quite easily. Hit the road and closed up to Liam, then Felly went past and I thought it was all over. Hit the track by the wall and had nothing. Liam had got past again and felly opened a little gap which I tought I ahd no chance of closing but by the time we got to the uni road it hadn't really opened up so I gave it one last push and got past. But then of course I could hear him coming back to me, so this time I really did put in a last push and just about held off. At some point it had started pissing it down - don't really have any recollection of that starting, but seemed appropriate.

Quite disappointing to be so far down on the climb but can only really get better I guess. Hopefully come back and take a nice chunk off the time.

Running 12:07 [2] 2.46 km (4:56 / km) +21m 4:43 / km

Rushed off to catch a train because we're really social.

Tuesday May 8 #

8 AM

Running 28:26 [2] 6.3 km (4:31 / km) +30m 4:24 / km

Easy round the meadows with two people I don’t run with that much. Feeling tired.
7 PM

Running 29:34 [2] 6.56 km (4:30 / km) +33m 4:24 / km

Another sunny lap of the meadows; this time with the added bonus of being joined by Mr Barr. Tonight will undoubtedly be the most stressful evening of my university career.

Monday May 7 #

5 PM

Running 7:06 [2] 1.78 km (3:59 / km) +29m 3:41 / km

To gym. Hard work.

S&C / Core / Plyo / Flexi 30:00 [0]

Nice to see that all strength has disappeared and the squats will no doubt cause some soreness tomorrow.

Running 28:51 [2] 6.01 km (4:48 / km) +129m 4:20 / km

Round the seat with a topless Dan and Carcas; Dalkeith contingent refrained from exposing our perfect physiques. Legs weren't feeling so perfect but it was another top class evening so what's not to love.

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