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Training Log Archive: Bash

In the 7 days ending Nov 15:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Mountain Biking2 3:35:28 41.52(11.6/h) 66.81(18.6/h) 338
  Trekking1 3:00:00 3.73(48:17) 6.0(30:00) 80
  Strength & Mobility3 1:25:00
  Running1 34:42 3.11(11:09) 5.01(6:56) 69
  Total7 8:35:10 48.36 77.82 486

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Sunday Nov 15 #

Strength & Mobility 30:00 intensity: (8:00 @1) + (7:00 @2) + (15:00 @3)

Caron Shepley video: Injury prevention for endurance athletes. The only word in the title that applies to me these days is "injury" but that's a minor detail in 2020. The workout was a mix of core, stabilizing muscles, balance and therapy balls.

Then 'Bent and I "attended" the C3 25th anniversary virtual banquet where Sean Bechtel was inducted into the C3 Hall of Fame. I was surprised by the feeling of community, even just staring at a screen yet again.

Saturday Nov 14 #

10 AM

Trekking 3:00:00 [1] 6.0 km (30:00 / km) +80m 28:07 / km

'Bent and I spent half a day working on the trail that will link Tree Hugger ABC to the Bruce Trail. Major progress today - lots of pruning, moving and chopping logs, snipping tiny saplings, choosing micro-routes and improving the flagging. It will probably snow before it starts to look like a trail on the ground but it's now a well-marked forest route with most obstacles removed.

We will also need to get from the Bruce Trail to the Kolapore Wilderness Trails, which were not connected to the Bruce on purpose. They are about 60 m apart at one point but it's fairly steep with lots of young trees and some large, mossy logs on the slope. For our first season here, we'll probably just take off our skis and hike between the trails.

I missed being at the Stars O-Cup double header today. Not only was it a rare chance to do Night-O but this year's events were held at Pinehurst Lake Conservation Area, where I used to attend day camp as a kid. But 'Bent's ankle injury made Night-O a bad idea for him, and we didn't have dog care options to let us do both races, which made a 90-minute drive each way seem like a lot. Also, we're from a Red-hot COVID-19 region so nobody wants to see us anyway! :(

Wednesday Nov 11 #


If anyone thought the Coast Mountain Trail Running Summer Scavenger Hunt looked like fun, you may want to consider the upcoming Winter Scavenger Hunt.

"You can make this challenge as wild, interesting, social, and difficult as you’d like, OR you can keep it super low key and just use it to approach your winter fitness goals with some daily variety." The Summer version attracted participants from 20+ countries.

It's open to runners and walkers. Challenges are based on time with most in the 30-45 minute range. No GPS needed - just a watch. There will be 20 challenges to complete in December and January. Part of the proceeds will go to a food bank and the CMTR Scholarship program, which aims to grow the participation of under-represented groups in our sport.

4 PM

Running (Country Road) 34:42 [3] 5.01 km (6:56 / km) +69m 6:29 / km
shoes: Salomon Sonic 3 Confidence

Finnerty Sideroad gravel road run at sunset. Running 5K on a smooth surface doesn't seem to make my gimpy right foot worse. Hiking on a trail is harder on it.

5 PM

Strength & Mobility 30:00 [3]

Upper body weights and 1 km of rowing.

Tuesday Nov 10 #

7 AM

Mountain Biking (Trail) 2:54:51 [3] 56.62 km (19.4 kph) +216m

In 2007, landscape artist Cory Trépanier was planning an Arctic trekking expedition where he and his brother would need to carry 40+ kg backpacks with his canvases, painting supplies and filming equipment in addition to their camping gear. He commented to me, "This would be easier if I did what you do", meaning adventure racing. Of course I said, "But you *can* do what I do."

So after months of planning and training, the three of us raced ESAR together at Talisman in 2008. We won the Civilian Coed division, which shocked my teammates' families, who thought they were joking when they came home wearing medals. Cory made this video of our race back in the days when a waterproof video camera was large and clunky by today's standards.

Earlier this fall, Cory announced another expedition - a cancer journey with a good prognosis. He decided to ride 500 km as a fundraiser for our local hospital, doing much of the distance after he'd started chemo. He told me it would help if I rode with him some time. Fortunately, he's doing very well and he pushed the pace. It was great to catch up. It was definitely one of those times when it really sucked that I couldn't hug a friend.

We rode 41 km together on the rail trail and I rode another 15-ish kms to and from our meeting place. It was another weirdly beautiful November summer day but I think our regularly scheduled weather is about to resume.

I finished with 'Bent's Covid Crusher single track in our back yard. It's getting much more rideable.

Monday Nov 9 #


Here in the Region of Peel, COVID-19 case numbers are soaring. The issue is most severe in Brampton but Caledon would qualify for the provincial government's new "Red-Control" level all on its own. Because Ontario's new COVID-19 response framework is designed to keep businesses open rather than controlling the pandemic, restrictions were relaxed when Peel Region moved to the Red-Control level. After failing to convince the provincial government this was a bad idea, our Medical Officer of Health imposed additional restrictions starting this week. Some are mandated while others are strong recommendations.

Amongst other things:

- Restaurants must restrict seating to people from the same household. (This was obvious all along but the government didn't want to say it.)

- No wedding receptions until at least January.

- "Residents of Peel must restrict their contact to members of their household and essential supports only. Those that live alone may join one designated household."

- "Residents of Peel should not visit any other household or allow visitors to their homes or yards, except for emergency reasons, including medical and repairs, renovations or construction, deliveries and one-on-one tutoring."

There's a huge outcry from people who believe Caledon should be excluded from all this. Covid fatigue is real. But so is exponential growth. :(

10 AM

Mountain Biking (Trail) 40:37 [3] 10.19 km (15.1 kph) +121m

Ride around Palgrave East on another weird November summer morning. I met our neighbour, Kathy W, who was hiking with a friend. Great way to start the day.
4 PM

Strength & Mobility 25:00 [1]

Foothab and some calf strength.

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