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Training Log Archive: Bash

In the 7 days ending May 26:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Adventure Racing1 8:01:43 47.51(10:08) 76.46(6:18) 1156
  Paddling1 5:02:54 15.05(3.0/h) 24.22(4.8/h)
  Mountain Biking1 33:43 4.39(7.8/h) 7.07(12.6/h)
  Total3 13:38:20 66.95(12:13) 107.75(7:36) 1156
averages - rhr:59

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Saturday May 25 #

8 AM

Adventure Racing race 8:01:43 [3] 76.46 km (6:18 / km) +1156m 5:51 / km

Storm Adventure Race 2024
Island Lake Conservation Area, Orangeville

Coach LD and I teamed up for the Storm Advanced Course just 20 minutes from home! I correctly guessed the rough route after Bob published the distances and disciplines for each leg. However, it didn't help me that much outside of Island Lake because we went to one forest tract I'd never visited before and two others where I'd seldom strayed from the Bruce Trail. We did 50 km of biking and I don't think I'd ever ridden any of it before, although I'd definitely walked or driven some of the gravel roads. Well done, Bob - you gave us some new adventures close to home!

After dropping our bikes and canoes, we did our map work near a grassy field in the south part of the park where the race started and finished. We started with 2 km of park navigation on foot.

Coach LD has been recovering from a foot injury so we planned to do some AR shuffling and a lot of hiking. You can see us leaving the start in the last part of the field - probably our fastest sprint of the day!

By the time we reached the canoe at the beach, I was hot and tucked my raincoat away. I still had a bike jersey and arm warmers along with my PFD. When the rain started out on the water, I gradually got chilly. Coach LD is a marathon paddler, and we both have nice carbon canoe paddles so we decided to use them instead of kayak paddles, which we knew would have been faster. There were a couple of strong Female teams and we didn't expect to be competitive, which kept things relaxed most of the day. We just wanted to visit all the controls, even though we could skip some and still get a ranked finish with fewer points.

We paddled most of the lake - a place Coach LD and I know very well - and punched 3 controls along the way. We were near the back of the pack but at least we didn't splash each other - one big advantage of canoe paddles.

I was chilled when we came ashore so I put my raincoat back on before we started a 3 km hike around the lake on the Vicki Barron Trail. I didn't feel warm again until we started climbing hills on our bikes. This photo was taken on a break from singing in the rain for the photographers.

We picked up our bikes and headed east on Sideroad 5 (paved) in torrential rain. There was a surprising amount of traffic and the first few kilometres reminded me of why I seldom ride on roads. Then we turned north on 4th Line and had a wonderful gravel ride across the Hockley Valley - long down and long up - with virtually no traffic. We turned east on Sideroad 15 and stopped at Anderson Tract for a trek. This very hilly area is known as the "Three Bitches" on the Hockley Loop. Bob got Mark Innes to make a few new LiDAR-based orienteering maps and it was a treat to have a good map for this area where so many trail runners have gotten lost.

There aren't any photos of us biking so here's my favourite paddling photo. :)

When we got back on our bikes, the rain became heavy again. We rode over to Mono Tract west of Mono Cliffs Provincial Park where we biked and hiked on another new O map. I've heard about this area but we have such great mountain biking in Palgrave that I'd never visited. There was some fun riding in here and I'd definitely come back! We had to find one CP on the way through the trail system before dropping our bikes at the TA on the far side. Then we had to find 3 CPs on foot, pick up our bikes and ride to one more CP on our way out. Then we rode to Hockley Valley Resort, mostly a flat ride followed by a long downhill to the bottom of the valley. Around this time, the miserable rain stopped for good and the sun came out - amazing!

Our first task at Hockley was a trek to two CPs on the ski hills. Such a steep climb! A lot of amazing team photos were taken here but alas, the photographer went up the hill for a moment just as we arrived. You can see the beautiful view, anyway!

After plunging down the ski hill and passing the final trek CP, we hiked back to our bikes. We returned the same way and rode the new-ish Hockley Valley single track trail system. Because this is a resort, I'd expected the trails to be fairly straightforward but a ski area is a ski area. We got off our bikes frequently to push them up steep sections. There were two CPs on the one-way trail system then we could bail out to 3rd Line and start riding up the south side of the valley. All riders - even the short course - had to duck back in at Adamo Winery and ride a section of single track to pick up one more control.

There had been several steep road climbs earlier in the race where we'd seen some racers walking their bikes. On 3rd Line, most of the racers were walking. Coach LD is super strong on a bike from riding up Blue Mountain all the time so she danced up all the hills and waited for me. I was much slower but managed to ride up all the hills except for the Hockley single track, where I'll bet every team walked part of it. (These are all professional photos. I didn't see this many people on their bikes.)

The view was gorgeous!

We rode over to 2nd Line and entered Island Lake near its southeast corner. Every time we thought the hills were over, there was just one more! We crossed the finish line with an hour to spare - phew!

It was a fun day with a great teammate and SO many hills! To our surprise, we were the first Female team on the Advanced Course. I suspect we were the slowest but apparently we were steady and accurate. We finished just above midpack overall on the Advanced Course, which is a good result for two "women of long experience".

Thanks, Bob, Wayne, Goose and team for another excellent Storm! Great to see both Sean and Heather racing after all their years of organizing this event. One of the wonderful things about Storm is that we see so many friends, sometimes racing with their kids on a shorter course. (There are Short, Long and Advanced courses.) Mr. and Mrs. Gally raced with their two boys and won the Family category. 'Bent and Tarno had an adventurous start to their day and ended up 2nd Masters Male. JayXC and Work4Justice came up from the U.S. to join some Canadians and win their category. Awesome work by everyone!

Thursday May 23 #

3 PM

Mountain Biking (Single Track) 33:43 [3] 7.07 km (12.6 kph)
ahr:119 max:148 rhr:59

Short ride around Palgrave West to test my map holder and AR bike shoes before the Storm adventure race on Saturday. There's a lot of smooth trail near our place so I had to aim for every bump to test the map holder. It seemed solid on the handlebars and it was easy to read the map. Unfortunately, I can't put the bike in the van with the map holder attached so I'll have to replicate what I did today at 5:55 am on Saturday.

Monday May 20 #

11 AM

Paddling (Canoe) 2:31:27 [1] 12.11 km (4.8 kph)

Family canoe paddle on the Beaver River on a hot, sunny morning. I finally tested the carbon racing paddle 'Bent got me for my birthday last year - so nice! (And total overkill for a family paddle, lol.)

We worked on Stephen's canoe skills. Last weekend we allowed him to jump out in a safe area, hoping it would freak him out. Our strategy failed. Today I stopped him from jumping out whenever he had the urge, which was mostly when we saw mergansers splashing nearby or red-winged blackbirds that got a little too close. The Beaver River in springtime is the perfect place to try to desensitize a dog who finds birds fascinating. We saw everything from barn swallows to bald eagles.

I gave up on trying to make him sit down, which is the eventual goal. He can't tip the boat when he's in the bow so the only rule today was that all four paws had to be on the bottom of the boat - not on the gunwale or bow. After a while, he followed that rule most of the time. He even sat down for a few brief periods. Progress!

This was my scenic view for most of the 2.5 hours. :)

AdventureDog was a rock star canoeist as always. He's happy to snooze in the bottom of the boat most of the time. Great day to be out! We got hit by a thunderstorm when we got home so our timing was right.

Paddling 2:31:27 [3] 12.11 km (4.8 kph)

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