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Training Log Archive: Bash

In the 7 days ending Jun 9:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Mountain Biking3 4:33:38 29.48(6.5/h) 47.44(10.4/h) 784
  Total3 4:33:38 29.48(9:17) 47.44(5:46) 784

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Sunday Jun 9 #

10 AM

Mountain Biking (Single Track) 1:48:35 [3] 20.3 km (11.2 kph) +335m

Albion Hills Mountain Bike Orienteering
Toronto Orienteering

Fun bike-O race around Albion Hills. Although I'm very familiar with the area and definitely had a local advantage, there are constant minor trail changes. We weren't allowed to bushwhack and I also made it my own rule not to use unmapped connector trails since I wasn't sure if that was permitted. It wasn't the same MTBO map that I used when I designed courses at Albion so it held my attention, especially given how fast the terrain moved by and how challenging it is to read single track on the fly.

Because it was a 2-hour score-O, people took different routes so I ran into friends around the course, which was nice.

Things went well until the very end when I glanced at my watch and figured I would clear the course within the time limit but I wouldn't have a ton of time to spare. My last two controls were beginner controls and I didn't look carefully at the map when I set off on the route between them. I don't ever ride that route so that was dumb. Before the race, I'd tucked my compass into my pack, thinking I wouldn't use it and didn't have a great way to carry it. I sorely regretted my decision.

This huge blunder added a little spice to the end of my race as I climbed unnecessary hills and rode through deep mud puddles, all the while wondering if I was going to be overtime. In the end, it was about a 3+ minute error. I'm only sad because it meant that 'Bent beat me, haha!

Congrats to Timato, the overall champion by a big margin! Wil and Sofia Smith came in together in 2nd place. Katarina Smith was next, then 'Bent (who did an extra loop from the finish after discovering he'd mispunched), then me. I was pleased with that!

There were 30+ riders - a pretty good turnout for MTBO. Arthurd and Gary came from Rochester, the Smiths came from Nobel and Una came from North Bay, which was awesome. Amber is planning another MTBO in the South Georgian Bay area for October.

Thank you, Amber and Barbara!

I forgot to turn on my watch until 13 minutes into the race so I have an accurate SI time but I had to guess my distance for the first section.


Saturday Jun 8 #

1 PM

Mountain Biking (Single Track) 55:16 [3] 11.33 km (12.3 kph) +162m

Ride around Palgrave West to test my bike before tomorrow's Mountain Bike Score-O at Albion Hills. I've been the race director for several MTBO events there and I'm excited to be able to ride this time. Thank you, Amber!

Conditions were fantastic so it was tempting to keep going but I'll need fresh legs for a 2-hour ride tomorrow morning. There seems to be some good buzz so I hope there's a large turnout.

Bike computer distance instead of GPS because of twisty trails.

Thursday Jun 6 #


In the news: How not to spend the night before your gravel bike race.

Wednesday Jun 5 #


Something I've seen more this year: Grumpy comments on social media about Pride Month. A typical complaint is that the 2SLGBTQI+ community is getting in the way of some other reason June ought to be considered special, e.g. "National Cancer Survivors' Month". For these people, I guess there can only be 12 causes that deserve their own month.

I recently received a Facebook friend request from a woman on a cheery adventure racing team that we sometimes meet on the course. I'm friends with two of her teammates so I accepted. A few days later, she made a post saying that June is Indigenous Peoples' Month and it's a shame that it's being overshadowed by Pride Month. She implored us to support Indigenous People instead because June belongs to them. Um...

Then today her post was simply "June is Men's Health Month". Am I a bad person for really, *really* wanting to comment, "It's a shame that Men are being overshadowed by Indigenous People"?

I resisted.

Tuesday Jun 4 #

10 AM

Mountain Biking (Trail) 1:49:47 [3] 15.81 km (8.6 kph) +287m

First bike ride on the Kolapore Trails since last fall and also the first ride in ages on the heavier Pivot Trail 429 bike that I keep up there.

Dry mud clogged the pedals - oops. "I'd better make sure I can clip in." I took a short spin around our gravel driveway and had no problem using the pedals but the rear brake wasn't perfect. As I came to a stop, I was unable to *unclip*. Yikes - it was one of those slow crashes onto a hard, pointy surface where you have a few seconds of knowing exactly how much it's going to hurt. After that, I took a stick and cleared all the damned mud from the pedals.

Weirdly, the two body parts that got banged up the most - my right forearm and my left shin below the knee - are very sore and somewhat swollen but there is almost no colour after 12 hours. There was no blood either. I feel like the worst is yet to come.

Other than our driveway, I didn't have any other incidents during our sunny, rocky ride. 'Bent started out by choosing "the road less travelled", which led us to an unmaintained trail and a ski trail in a wet area that was recently trashed by ATVs (sigh). After that, we focused on trails that other people actually bike on and it was much more fun! As the ride went on, I got braver in uphill sections of damp, jumbled, off-angle rocks. It will never be my favourite kind of riding but it's close to home. When we live up here full time, I may "need" a gravel bike.

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