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Training Log Archive: tommyturbo

In the 7 days ending Dec 9, 2017:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  MTB6 12:25:00 114.6(9.2/h) 184.43(14.9/h) 14459
  Total6 12:25:00 114.6(6:30) 184.43(4:02) 14459
averages - weight:148.5lbs

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Saturday Dec 9, 2017 #

weight:147.8lbs (rest day)

Friday Dec 8, 2017 #

MTB 1:56:00 [3] 14.3 mi (7.4 mph) +2654ft
ahr:123 max:144 weight:148.2lbs shoes: SW MTB 2014 Bling

Raging River: I now believe in ghost (riders), but not in Back to the Future. No, I shall remain in the past. I saw on Strava that three people made it to the top of Raging last Saturday, so I fully expected to do so today. When I got to the start of the clearcut, there was 4" of snow...and no foot or bike tracks past my turnaround point.'s been sunny all week. After two days of riding the MY18 Epic FS bike, I am so incredibly happy to be back on my MY14 SW Epic World Cup. I may never sell that bike, but of course I have said that before. I did order a MY18 Epic Hardtail this week, and I am really looking forward to riding it.

Thursday Dec 7, 2017 #

MTB 2:57:00 [3] 28.5 mi (9.7 mph) +2822ft
ahr:117 max:150 weight:147.8lbs shoes: SW MTB 2014 Bling

Lunch RideGR-Duthie-Soaring Eagle: After five straight days of hard riding on three different mountain bikes, Bike Evaluation Week is complete-Tracy, I have returned to Planet Earth. Every so often, I feel a bit of wanderlust and contemplate changes in my bike scuderia. This involves a lot of focused online research, talking with friends about bikes, and testing bikes. I have a new MY18 SW Epic Hardtail frame on its way, but my Epic SW WC full suspension bike is safe, as I far prefer it to the new Epic FS I have ridden the last two days. To say I have been a bit distracted by bikes lately is a profound understatement, but then I am always at least a little distracted by them.

Wednesday Dec 6, 2017 #

MTB 1:26:00 [4] 12.5 mi (8.7 mph) +2150ft
ahr:127 max:149 shoes: SW MTB 2014 Bling

Olallie on a MY18 Epic FSR. Thanks to Gerks for a demo bike with zero miles. It's always special to deflower a brand new bike, even if one doesn't own it. Scott and I had near perfect trails, at least until we hit the snow level. Rather than deal with ice and slush, we cut the climb short.

Tuesday Dec 5, 2017 #

MTB 2:16:00 [4] 22.7 mi (10.0 mph) +2480ft
ahr:123 max:149 weight:149lbs shoes: SW MTB 2014 Bling

GR-Duthie: I ran into (almost) a Motorbicycle and its rider and his pathetic attempt at being clueless. Motorbicycles (I refuse to call them E-bikes) are illegal in King County Parks. On the Water Tower Trail, I came within an inch of a head-on with an approaching rider exceeding his skill level. I could tell this because he seemed frozen and unable to alter his cornering line when he spotted me. His falling over when he came to a stop was another clue. I politely informed him that motorbicycles were illegal at GR, and he acted quite surprised. After I told him he could check it out on the King County Parks website, he replied, "I talked with them and they told me they were OK." Uh, not only is that not going to happen, but the fact that this rider said he discussed it means he definitely knows his bike is not allowed on the trail.

Monday Dec 4, 2017 #

MTB 2:05:00 [4] 19.9 mi (9.6 mph) +2288ft
ahr:122 max:150 weight:148.8lbs shoes: SW MTB 2014 Bling

Grand Ridge: 95mm of squish never felt so plush. After three straight rides on the hardtail, I was back on the WC today. The fork and shock were just rebuilt at the Specialized Service Center in SLC, and the ride differences with the HT were dramatic, to say the least.

Sunday Dec 3, 2017 #

MTB 1:45:00 [4] 16.7 mi (9.5 mph) +2065ft
ahr:134 max:157 weight:149.2lbs shoes: SW MTB 2012

Grand Ridge: I can finally breathe almost normally. Still congested, but getting better fast.

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