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Training Log Archive: bgallup

In the 7 days ending Oct 22, 2011:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  Orienteering3 4:14:31 13.2(19:17) 21.24(11:59) 21298 /12c66%
  Cycling2 1:10:00 17.0(4:07) 27.36(2:34)
  Total5 5:24:31 30.2(10:45) 48.6(6:41) 21298 /12c66%

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Saturday Oct 22, 2011 #

11 AM

Orienteering 1:49:50 intensity: (1:24 @1) + (21:05 @2) + (31:24 @3) + (47:27 @4) + (8:30 @5) 7.7 km (14:16 / km) +521ft 12:56 / km
ahr:157 max:185

i'm just going to refer to this as 'the incident' and move on. to crochet. or maybe interpretive sitting.
against my better judgement, i added my catastrophe to the splits, and gave up the chance to let them be lost to history. fun includes getting my SI stick yanked and flung on leg 3, a preview disaster leg on 5, a mini-disaster leg ending with hilariously/moronically mispunching/repunching 53 instead of 35, (not even realizing i'd been there once already. no wonder the control number seemed like it was on my list), immediately followed by a full-fledged, 50 minute long nuclear meltdown. Didn't really screw my head back on afterwards, but managed to limp along somewhat effectively. Ballpark, real Ben lost 55 minutes (45+ mid-meltdown), and fictitious smart Ben should've come in around 55min, assuming he didn't remispunch. hope i meet that guy some day, he seems cool.
plusses include being well-rested for a number of the legs. ha! and successful blister prevention. many thanks to larry berman for the moleskin, and greg walker for the idea to tape the inside of the shoe - which i had never heard of before. that, and building up a dam around the blister a few tape layers thick saved the day.
note to self, mispunch@30:49. starting out from the wrong con trol definitely helped the meltdown be as meltdowny as possible

Friday Oct 21, 2011 #

1 PM

Orienteering 31:21 intensity: (10 @3) + (19:42 @4) + (11:29 @5) 3.58 km (8:45 / km) +395ft 7:30 / km
ahr:177 max:189

green sprint at franklin park. did okay. wasn't really navigating well enough to make a sprint of it. seriously pooched at least three controls. a fictitious, smarter ben should've been around 10th or so, i reckon. on account of the shorter distance, and not keeping the pace up, i was feeling like i should've tried red today. looking at the splits, i think green was the right choice - i should be going slower and more carefully. that said, I'm slotted for the red middle distance tomorrow, and we'll see how that goes.

started the watch late, ended it late. i'll hack it up to auto-split later

Tuesday Oct 18, 2011 #

Cycling 40:00 [3] 9.0 mi (4:27 / mi)

bike to work and back, with a detour to the bermanses on the way home to stuff foliage classic envelopes. hooray manual labor?

Monday Oct 17, 2011 #

Cycling 30:00 [3] 8.0 mi (3:45 / mi)

biking to work and back. legs felt surprising good despite post-yoga-slaughter-soreness and damn near 5 bonus k at Norwottuck.

Sunday Oct 16, 2011 #

10 AM

Orienteering 1:53:20 intensity: (5 @1) + (1:14 @2) + (22:30 @3) + (1:11:36 @4) + (17:55 @5) 9.96 km (11:22 / km) +1213ft 9:36 / km
ahr:168 max:189 spiked:8/12c

booo-urns. i'll dissect this train wreck later. turns out my legs were extremely sore from yoga, and my brain was extremely relaxed from it. too relaxed. . good brain workout, even if it didn't show up to play today. there was a solid crowd of 7+ orienteers prowling for control 9, but BP said it was where it should be, and he knows his stuff. to the point where he beat me by an hour. but i did get him on the last control, so, small victories. plusses on the day include it ending, making red-grade mileage, and solidly spiking a few controls. minuses were mainly totally pooching at least four controls, including 4 splits over 10 minutes, and one over 20. feh.
it's later!
total lost time (lower bound):
3min on 2 - bad bearing, short pacecount
6min on 4 - topo sign error. was looking in a gully, should've been on the ridge
18min on 7 - eugch. bad bearing and pacecount. crap at relocating
2min on 8 - bad bearing again. at least three rights make a left
15:30 on 9 - euuuugch. attacked from the same point three times. there were numerous unmarked trails in the area, and a solid group of orienteers prowling for the same control for quite awhile. only got it in the end when i heard someone shout 'i see it' and plunge off. if it were just me, i'd chalk it up to doofusness, but there were others grumbling. that said, BP thought it was right where it should be, and he's damn effective. i'm eager to see the QR when i get a scan - there was a black triangle rock feature that might've been fooling everyone. we'll see!
for a grand total of 44:30, and a coulda-shoulda-woulda time of 1:09::00. bearings and pace counts were consistently bad, despite focused effort.

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