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Training Log Archive: Mr Wonderful

In the 7 days ending Sep 24, 2016:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering4 5:43:33 16.92(20:18) 27.24(12:37) 84239 /48c81%
  Walking1 25:00 1.2(20:50) 1.93(12:57)
  Running1 17:52 1.57(11:23) 2.53(7:04) 30
  Biking1 7:50 1.57(12.0/h) 2.53(19.4/h) 14
  Total7 6:34:15 21.26(18:32) 34.22(11:31) 88639 /48c81%
  [1-5]6 5:56:14
averages - sleep:7

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Saturday Sep 24, 2016 #

11 AM

Orienteering 2:24:39 intensity: (40:10 @1) + (31:51 @2) + (15:39 @3) + (11:10 @4) + (45:49 @5) *** 7.67 mi (18:52 / mi) +348m 16:32 / mi
ahr:160 max:254 spiked:12/15c shoes: Roclites 295 2

This is why I like orienteering - just so much cool stuff on this course - from saddles lined with boulders/cliffs to marshes that didn't even get your feet wet, to huge terrain, to zero scratches!

I am pretty sure La Baguette was the tiny Canadian woman who destroyed me up the creek I took to my #7. She moves so fast and just flew up the hill, relentlessly forward.

Igor caught me shortly after 6, but I had nothing to chase him with. Any spurts of power to conquer boulders were a huge hit - I took a few breaks esp. on the leg to 7.


Lazily headed to #6, read cliffs wrong, took wrong spur, which I quickly corrected. In my defense, I wanted a spur with a marsh behind it, and this also had it!

I exactly did my intended route to #7, right up until I hit the bare rock right by it, then I went on a nice scavenger hunt, couldn't place myself, eventually found....JJ? more or less recovering the same way I wanted to try.

Slightly helped on 8 by a USA team looking person, just as I was going to hesitate a bit, he got it.

Otherwise okay, just so beat that I was very sluggish to 10.

At times, I could read the map and terrain with perfect clarity. A few, not so much at all.

Fun day other than the fitness!!

EDIT: Thanks watch for missing half the race. Kudos! Anyone selling a 305 with a good battery?

Friday Sep 23, 2016 #

12 PM

Orienteering 39:26 intensity: (5:19 @0) + (34:07 @1) 1.77 mi (22:17 / mi) +160m 17:24 / mi
ahr:104 max:133 slept:10.0 shoes: Roclites 295 2

After a glorious morning sleeping without an alarm, we went to the middle. I was 30 minutes ahead of Igor start-time wise, so I headed up.

A bad omen was that I was a little confused by the warmup controls...this cannot be a good sign. Seems like that should have told me: take it easy, concentrate!

Orienteering 1:19:11 intensity: (42 @0) + (18:22 @1) + (23:26 @2) + (25:25 @3) + (11:08 @4) + (8 @5) *** 4.43 mi (17:53 / mi) +190m 15:47 / mi
ahr:148 max:191 spiked:19/22c shoes: Roclites 295 2

tl;dr dumb mistakes @ three c = 20 minutes

Well it started well.

Until #4, where I somehow drifted over to the wrong cliff, then lost three minutes relocating...yeee argh.

Then it went mostly alright (other than wobbling a little) until 11, where I should have taken the high trail, ended up on the low trail, and misread the clearings vs trails vs who knows five minutes yeee argh.

Then I got my mojo back, and did well until 14. I picked what looked to be a climb-minimized route to #15, and then I executed it terribly. I somehow lost count of which trail was which, then ended up going the wrong way, then went back down the hill, finally relocated using a yellow or white control ARGH and then make a sloppy but effective assault on 15, sloppy in the sense that I more or less got there from that yellow c, but not without shooting a bearing to the start tent and using that to correct in the circle.

Somehow I was super slow to 18, although it didn't feel like it. Then I ran the last few on pure hate and didn't lose any more time to Igor.

I didn't realize it was a no punch finish, so I hesitated for a quarter of a second in the chute, managing to make that the 3rd finish chute I've done imperfectly.

Kind of not pleased, feel dumb, being in last place in M40 and all. I may just go "all out" (whatever that means in my current configuration) to see if I can't lose less than six minutes to my roomie.

Thursday Sep 22, 2016 #

2 PM

Orienteering 35:58 intensity: (4:22 @0) + (28:24 @1) + (2:48 @2) + (24 @3) *** 1.35 mi (26:34 / mi) +88m 22:06 / mi
ahr:112 max:156 spiked:3/5c slept:4.0 shoes: Roclites 295 2

Sampled the model terrain....very slowly and deliberately.... It was not my finest performance but I think I had the hang of it by the end.

I have now been within 5 m of the master! He was talking to someone near our parking spot.
3 PM

Orienteering 44:19 intensity: (1:38 @0) + (42:19 @1) + (22 @2) *** 1.7 mi (26:01 / mi) +56m 23:36 / mi
ahr:114 max:140 spiked:5/6c shoes: Roclites 295 2

Slowly took in rocky-by-my-standards long model. Boulders that would be signature features on a SMOC map don't even rate inclusion. After a while I started to get the hang of what would make the map and what wouldn't, and got some insight into things I should and shouldn't use to get around (trails were solid and findable...marshes were harder to discern for me).

Woods were quite open, although footing will be a challenge. Hopefully I don't roll anything and wish I'd brought a brace!

I saw the master starting off! Just as I was getting back.

Monday Sep 19, 2016 #

7 AM

Running 17:52 intensity: (6 @0) + (4:56 @1) + (8:02 @2) + (4:48 @3) 1.57 mi (11:23 / mi) +30m 10:45 / mi
ahr:145 max:159

AP thought I was walking. :(((

Dropped car off for oil change, jogged easy home.
10 AM

Biking 7:50 intensity: (54 @0) + (6:49 @1) + (7 @2) 1.57 mi (12.0 mph) +14m
ahr:104 max:140 shoes: The General

That is not a very long bike ride.
11 AM

Walking 25:00 [0] 1.2 mi (20:50 / mi)

No parking on job fair week

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