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Training Log Archive: Mr Wonderful

In the 7 days ending Oct 8, 2016:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering4 6:23:32 11.57(33:08) 18.63(20:35) 5999 /33c27%
  Walking7 4:53:50 13.58(21:38) 21.85(13:27) 205
  Biking3 4:16:37 51.42(12.0/h) 82.75(19.3/h) 501
  Total13 15:33:59 76.57(12:12) 123.23(7:35) 13059 /33c27%
  [1-5]10 12:47:32
averages - sleep:8 weight:216lbs

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Saturday Oct 8, 2016 #

9 AM

Walking 1:29:30 intensity: (40:42 @0) + (48:48 @1) 3.6 mi (24:52 / mi) +173m 21:37 / mi
ahr:92 max:138

Escape went from "occasionally stalling" to "stalling with great frequency". Barbara was super patient, and kindly cheered on the illegal spark plug replacement I did behind Autozone. That didn't quite fix it, but it sort of limped back to Novi better, then we went back up to White Lake in BNM's Subie and fixed up White (and the red start), both of which are complicated by trails disappearing after the stables emptied. Otherwise the stable start looks nice. There are a lot of outlets, although I didn't have a way to check for power. Pit toilets are decent enough by metro D rec area standards, parking loops ample. HR seemed more in check, although we didn't do anything too cray cray and climbs were modest on the white route. We didn't quite get to two new red spots after the stable-driven reroute, but I think BNM can cover them Tuesday and they are both more or less white and should not be too different than when the map was last updated.
1 PM

Orienteering 2:43:06 [3] 3.4 mi (47:58 / mi) +312m 37:20 / mi

I think the zoo could work for sprint.

Friday Oct 7, 2016 #

5 PM

Biking 2:01:19 intensity: (16 @0) + (17:45 @1) + (9:50 @2) + (12:29 @3) + (15:35 @4) + (1:05:24 @5) 19.94 mi (9.9 mph) +415m
ahr:173 max:224 shoes: Jamis Dragon Sport 29er

from my house to Maybury and back. I should do this more often - bit of fitness, decent bit of bike handling (it's very twisty), not terribly unsafe roads.

Thursday Oct 6, 2016 #

6 PM

Walking 1:06:59 intensity: (24:20 @0) + (21:30 @1) + (3:59 @2) + (1:24 @3) + (6:31 @4) + (9:15 @5) 4.02 mi (16:41 / mi) +2m 16:39 / mi
ahr:120 max:200 shoes: Brooks Ghost Blue

Hard to feel bad about missing yesterday - out the door by 7:30, not home, other than to exchange chairs, until 8:30.

Please tell me 180 bpm to hobby jog at 12:00/mile will go away in time.

Tuesday Oct 4, 2016 #

7 AM

Biking 1:07:39 intensity: (1:04 @0) + (1:06:04 @1) + (31 @2) 15.86 mi (14.1 mph) +12m
ahr:122 max:140 slept:8.0 weight:216lbs shoes: Long Haul Trucker

Leisurely, as I see the need for some ground up aerobic rebuiliding.

One day I will get ready efficiently or, better yet, the night before.

I did have one person gesture at me. Not a middle finger...not a sarcastic thumbs up, but a thumb-on-nose-finger-wiggle...

...It was a friend at work (occasionally referred to as "Wheel Guy", he does wheels and jacks and used to cycle a lot until he got buzzed by a truck mirror)
5 PM

Biking 1:07:39 intensity: (9:44 @1) + (14:46 @2) + (21:09 @3) + (11:25 @4) + (10:35 @5) 15.62 mi (13.9 mph) +74m
ahr:158 max:211 shoes: Long Haul Trucker

Leisurely back home.

So my problem seems to be:

I can simmer as much as I want. This is a light, crappy, slow simmer, but enough to not be embarrassed if I don't go to a champs.

If I try to get any kind of boil, even light, hr spikes up, power collapses.

Hoping general fitness clears it up. Old teammate Jeff had similar, except I do recover a bit, whereas he popped up and stayed up. He fixed it with long slow distance.

In reviewing Peach Mountain, most errors were preceded by egregious hr spikes - perhaps they are wrecking my brain. Second lap, only one spike, and nearly spot on. Not a coincidence, and I think not a coincidence just because I was generally slow - it was easy mode.
6 PM

Walking 10:26 [0] 0.54 mi (19:19 / mi)

To $2 burgers
7 PM

Walking 40:00 [0] 1.5 mi (26:40 / mi) +23m 25:27 / mi

back from $2 burgers via ice cream and house then around with pups. where is the extra half mile from? Oh, drift @ house

Monday Oct 3, 2016 #


1341 to 1354, so close!

Although vmeyer's log suggests QOC is slightly better at converting to starts, by approximately 4:1.

I'm curious how we'll do at PLRA, the first more or less conventional meet of the season, although potentially competing with kids' sports being on Saturday.
7 PM

Walking 35:56 [0] 1.46 mi (24:36 / mi) +2m 24:30 / mi

shown for time used not for any appreciable fitness benefit

Sunday Oct 2, 2016 #

Orienteering (Lesson) 1:20:00 [3] *** 1.6 km (50:00 / km)
spiked:7/7c shoes: Roclites 295 2

Lauren, Tom, and Tim from the U of M PhD pool of super naturals.

Tom had done Nitrogaine this year. All were fresh off 2/4/6 hour from earlier in September.

They took quickly to it. I didn't plan well and had kind of a difficult ~4th location, but they did well and got right to it.

I had them kind of solo an undulating cross reentrant/spur to the little gravel pit, which all nailed.

Nice people, hope to see them at future events. They know the dirty secret of strong nav in AR now.
11 AM

Orienteering 2:08:11 intensity: (13:20 @0) + (37:05 @1) + (23:02 @2) + (11:48 @3) + (9:23 @4) + (33:33 @5) *** 6.69 mi (19:10 / mi) +248m 17:11 / mi
ahr:152 max:254 spiked:0/24c shoes: Roclites 295 2

Firstly, very fun concept and interesting courses, with maximized potential for parallel error. Thank you for hosting, Igor!

Secondly, I need a ground up fitness overhaul, because if going redline is not why I'm stuffing up navigation left and right...I'm in trouble.

Crap route to my first put me in hurt out of the gate. So I bungled 1....2....3....okay to 4 and 5, even snuck a few feet back on Gibbard, then checked EVERY plausible spur gully combo at 6...pathetic.

I was good then except I stuffed up #11....I think Greg said, "almost done" here.

Got up to gravel ridgeline, Al Newman says, "You look like shit." Which well matched how I felt! Entering the exchange, I begged Igor to tell me I was overtime.

I was in 5th at the exchange - Kevin (my predicted winner), Cooper (I predicted him immediately after me), Scott Dye (noted as "to be feared" in my prediction notes, and Gibbard. Gibbard and I were together to #1 (he ran faster, I was more efficient). He had to be over a minute or two ahead by #2, I could not get moving on the trails.

Now physically wrecked, I made easy work of the navigation and was essentially error-free on the second loop. Interesting recovery.

I hate that I'm above race weight and out of shape. I hate that although I hate that, I'll probably find a snack when I get to homework later. And I'll probably sleep in tomorrow, figuring I'll exercise later. And when later comes around, I'll punt it to Tuesday morning to "work on homework". And then I'll be here again in six months.

Congrats to Kevin - I've been expecting big things, and correctly called his win. Props to Cooper, who was hot on his heels. Igor says same 2nd loop time for Coop and Kev.
3 PM

Orienteering 12:15 intensity: (23 @0) + (9:58 @1) + (1:31 @2) + (2 @3) + (8 @4) + (13 @5) *** 0.49 mi (25:03 / mi) +39m 20:05 / mi
ahr:133 max:199 spiked:2/2c shoes: Roclites 295 2

Somehow I only ended up with 2c for pickup.

The first one Igor had previously used to cause me to spend approximately ~20 minutes to locate in my early days - this time there and back was 12 minutes or so just waddling up the hill.

Walking 12:25 intensity: (10:03 @1) + (2:22 @2) 1.04 mi (11:56 / mi)
ahr:137 max:141 shoes: Roclites 295 2

Gravel pit and back
6 PM

Walking 38:34 [1] 1.42 mi (27:08 / mi) +5m 26:50 / mi
shoes: Barefoot

Pups around DTP

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