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Training Log Archive: Mr Wonderful

In the 7 days ending Nov 15, 2018:

activity # timemileskm+mload
  Orienteering2 3:06:23 11.08(16:49) 17.83(10:27) 15024c356.7
  Weights3 1:40:00240.0
  Running2 35:01 2.45(14:16) 3.95(8:52) 92100.3
  Total6 5:21:24 13.53 21.78 24224c697.0
  [1-5]6 5:12:59
averages - sleep:7.5 weight:208.3lbs

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Thursday Nov 15, 2018 #

7 AM

Weights 30:00 [1]
slept:7.0 weight:208.8lbs

25 pu
25 2*30 lb squats
30 straight leg toe raises w/ heels on stairs
20 alternating right elbow to left knee style situps

tl;dr huge break. Too long want to read when bored below.

25 pu I swear I'm getting worse. 30 pushups, where did you go?

big gap

25 pu
25 2*30 lb squats
20 alternating right elbow to left knee style situps
15 per side 30 lb curls

25 pu
25 2*30 lb squats faster
20 alternating right elbow to left knee style situps
13 per side 30 lb curls

HUGE BREAK to remove my dishwasher from the cabinet area, and reconnect it so it can function in the middle of my kitchen otherwise the warranty people absolutely cannot assess it, also to take Harvs to school, which was slightly confounded by getting him all cinched up in his car seat at which time he promptly spit up on himself, necessitating a lap upstairs for a new outfit, although thankfully he was not super squirmy for that outfit, unlike the one he just soiled that was no easy task to put on him, so it only took a few minutes for the later wardrobe change.

I guess the LG warranty procedure if you aren't handy:

* Hire handyman to remove dishwasher. I imagine it's a $100 to get someone to show up at your house?

* LG service bothers to return calls / show up in definitely no more than 10 days

* Hire handyman to reinstall dishwasher. I imagine it's $100 to get someone to show up at your house?

Thankfully work is flexible, otherwise if you charge yourself for each day off at your normal vacation rate, you are quickly over the cost of a stupid new dishwasher, installed (and that would probably have a similar day off, making it still ahead....but I am 75% sure the LG service contractor will not have the part that's wrong, so they'll have to order and come back....)

Wednesday Nov 14, 2018 #

slept:8.0 weight:207.6lbs

My office building (1200 people?) is having a "Winter Wonderland" where you can show off your home business (pampered chef, avon, crafty business, food business, "informational"...) It's only $25 for a table, one wonders if a SMOC table would generate 2.5 starts worth of interest from the traffic.
3 PM

Running 32:50 [3] 2.35 mi (13:58 / mi) +92m 12:28 / mi
shoes: Brooks Ghost Swagger

Nice run at Marshall w/ BNM.

A few more slippery spots, but not too bad with judicious foot placement.

Tuesday Nov 13, 2018 #

Weights 25:00 [3]

For time to fit it in between work and class.

25 pushups
10 each of 2*10 front and back lunges per side (40 total)
20 situps

20 pushups
10 each of 2*10 front and back lunges per side (40 total)
20 situps

Monday Nov 12, 2018 #

9 AM

Orienteering 5:25 intensity: (7 @0) + (5:01 @1) + (17 @2) 0.27 mi (20:02 / mi) +5m 18:52 / mi
ahr:111 max:145 shoes: Inov8 Roclite 319

Went to a non critical one and received a text "gate probably won't be open". But it was open, and I parked on the inside of it, so maybe I shouldn't, so I went and moved my car outside of the gate. It would ultimately have been fine, as gate was still open when I returned.

Orienteering 1:51:19 intensity: (7:38 @0) + (55:25 @1) + (40:07 @2) + (6:39 @3) + (1:30 @4) 5.45 mi (20:25 / mi) +82m 19:31 / mi
ahr:130 max:172 9c shoes: Inov8 Roclite 319

Quick survey of Ken's high priority streamer locations. A lot of nice terrain, although superstars will not have the time to avoid all stray prickers, so gaiters recommended. One missing, so need to QR to confirm we were both thinking of the same thing. Feature was subtle and it's in an area where it's all flattish and undulating, so harder to read. There's a spot in Bishop with similar hip high does it make it, does it not type stuff, curious what Igor will think after he travels through.

Sunday Nov 11, 2018 #

12 PM

Running 2:11 intensity: (21 @0) + (1:50 @1) 0.1 mi (21:10 / mi)
ahr:104 max:126

Orienteering 1:09:39 intensity: (19 @0) + (22:41 @1) + (6:10 @2) + (16:16 @3) + (15:24 @4) + (8:49 @5) 5.36 mi (13:00 / mi) +63m 12:32 / mi
ahr:150 max:201 15c weight:209lbs shoes: Roclite 315

Fun, joy-of-running-in-woods course from Jess at Waterloo out of the cabin area.

Argh, watch decided to not locate satellites for some time, must start priming it on the drive or something. :|

I initially thought I'd take more trails, but the woods were super fast everywhere.

A couple mistakes:

Overshot 5. Just was too blind looking ahead that I didn't notice I was slightly right, but paused when I saw the distant hill too close. 30 m?

Turned off way too early for 8. Lost track of distance covered, so jumped off on a very low hill instead of the correct taller hill. Thankfully managed to manage the recovery and more or less made good progress there.

Then bungled the exit to #9, but it worked out, somewhat less climb-y, just a bit confusing. Always check trail direction! Always!

Oddly was able to run almost the whole thing, just a few hesitations. Happy with that, especially as last night was thrice interrupted sleeping for a little sad man.

Saturday Nov 10, 2018 #

9 AM

Weights 45:00 [3]

already missed a run on the comeback. whoops

also roads salted so time to put commuter in basement on trainer

20 pushups
15 per side 2*10 lunges
30 straight leg toe raises on stair
30 situps
10 per side 30 lb curls
15 per side on side raise leg

20 pushups
10 per side 2*10 back lunges
30 bent-is leg toe raises on stair
30 situps
10 per side 30 lb curls
15 per side on side raise leg

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