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Training Log Archive: Mr Wonderful

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Friday Mar 15 #


It’s been an interesting two weeks. Tl;dr:

A fortnight ago, I noticed some pain in my chest that I didn’t think was “chest pain”, but coupling that with realizing my last physical was over nine years ago in order to adopt my beloved daughter, I decided a consult with a pro was in order.

New primary care doc diagnosed the pain as a pulled pectoral. I don’t remember doing it - shoveling is plausible. I told him about my overrevving problem as well, and said I had a full exercise calendar this year and wanted clearance.

He said he’d order a stress test to be safe, which required the formality of an EKG, no big deal. Nurse ran the EKG, ten minutes later, new PCP tells me I have atrial flutter, and he wants me at a cardiologist by Wednesday (this being a Friday).

Cardio confirms flutter on their EKG. He describes is as a not common but still “garden variety” atrial flutter, which can be fixed by cather ablation to disrupt the bad circuit that’s causing the atria to fire 4x faster than the ventricle.

That weekend after cardio visit was then Harvey’s birthday. The procedure was deemed safe, but seeing my mom and dad and sis and bro if it wasn’t was really fortunate timing.

Wednesday we hustled over to St Joes and had a TEE to confirm no clots in chamber #1 given no one had any idea how long I’d been in flutter. A few hours later I was in an OR, then I remember nothing, and woke up in recovery. Allegedly 90-95% chAnce it is all fixed up. No lifting more than 10 lbs until tomorrow (Saturday), and Monday I can resume normal exercise-no restrictions and he knows what I’m doing planning in August. Cardio check up in two weeks.

Recovery was going well, but Harvey and I now have stomach bugs so I am somewhat miserable this afternoon. I’m headed back to bed so I can be ready to throw up the saltines im eating.

I feel very fortunate to have pulled my pec so this could get found and fixed before something bad happened.

Given my recent facing of my own mortality, when we next see each other, my usual hug aversion will be diminished somewhat - take your shots. Love, Jens

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