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Training Log Archive: Mr Wonderful

In the 7 days ending Oct 24:

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Wednesday Oct 21 #


Must have been some night! Cardio called, appointment Friday.

Tuesday Oct 20 #


We have traditionally gone with a flat points-per-partial-minute overtime penalty.

However, I think this could be pretty demoralizing for newer teams.

For Peach Mountain, Joe had no preference so the one I put into the sheet was roughly:

Take the ceiling of the minutes you were late (eg, 5:41 => 6)

Divide that by 2

Divide that by the max number of minutes late of everyone (in this instance, 30)

That number times your score floored to the nearest 10 points is your penalty.

If an 800 point team is 14:29 late, they lose 200 points. If a 400 point team is 29:54 late, they lose 200 points.

This way it stings more if you are fast, but doesn't make you -1200 if you were not so hot on planning.

Monday Oct 19 #


Well, posting a giant dong to the club facebook page was not my finest moment, but at least I noticed it right after and eventually figured out the edit post system, naturally different than pre-pandemic. IN MY DEFENSE...the photographer did not point it out!

Also, now on a 80 mg aspirin daily after the doc's office called and said, "BTW, AFIB at 4 am Saturday morning, did you notice?" "No, and I went on to have a pretty good run at noon!"

There was some debate, as aspirin prevents clotting, in order to reduce stroke risk, so we talked about how likely I was to crash badly and bleed out. I said I got scratched...a lot..but tended not to really get opened up on the bike or anything.

Sunday Oct 18 #


That didn't take long...monitor didn't have good connection, so app finally said to change the patch. Not sure if: operator error the first time, jostling and falling a bit yesterday, accidentally water ingress past the patch, or the two times Harvey yanked on it, since I tend to carry him left side which puts curious hands right there and he can get good leverage.

There's approximately no spares, so not sure how it plays out or how to get more if needed. You know me and calling people....

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