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Training Log Archive: Mr Wonderful

In the 7 days ending Nov 13:

activity # timemileskm+mload
  Biking9 2:11:36 14.12(6.4/h) 22.73(10.4/h) 7191.8
  Orienteering1 2:06:20 7.02(18:00) 11.3(11:11) 32323c80.8
  Total10 4:17:56 21.14(12:12) 34.02(7:35) 33023c272.6
  [1-5]10 2:53:20

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Friday Nov 12 #

8 AM

Biking 13:28 [1] 1.46 mi (6.5 mph)
shoes: Old Trailer

4 PM

Biking 11:45 [1] 1.34 mi (6.8 mph)
shoes: Old Trailer

Plumbing is done. Now I have an irregular shape of concrete, and no spare tiles to replace the removed ones, so maybe when it dries....rug? It'd be nice to make floor replacement a problem for future Jens.

Thursday Nov 11 #

8 AM

Biking 15:58 [1] 1.62 mi (6.1 mph)
shoes: Old Trailer

4 PM

Biking 9:53 [3] 1.18 mi (7.2 mph) +1m

Wednesday Nov 10 #

7 AM

Biking 23:19 [1] 2.12 mi (5.5 mph) +6m
shoes: Old Trailer

Wee man was up 45 minutes earlier than usual, so we went with big sis to work then puttered around town.

Tuesday Nov 9 #

Biking 10:00 [1] 1.5 mi (9.0 mph)
shoes: Old Trailer

Called in a plumber for our slow drain...and they found a cracked pipe under the basement. $$$$ :(
7 AM

Biking 12:00 [1] 1.42 mi (7.1 mph)

Monday Nov 8 #

8 AM

Biking 15:00 [1] 2.0 mi (8.0 mph)
shoes: Old Trailer

4 PM

Biking 20:13 [3] 1.48 mi (4.4 mph)

Sunday Nov 7 #

Event: SMOC Chilson
2 PM

Orienteering 1:24:16 intensity: (53:24 @0) + (8:54 @1) + (7:57 @2) + (14:01 @3) 4.79 mi (17:35 / mi) +230m 15:18 / mi
ahr:81 max:164 14c shoes: Topo Ultraventure II

Fun time! I was a little underpowered today, but biggest time losses were missing right on #3, and left on #8. I had the advantage of #9 being in place.

#1 - follow the generously streamered hunter trail, then look for the big spur after the third marsh, then climb up

#2 - great leg. Left and longer but on trail? straight and see what the woods look like? And right is almost viable too. I went with trail, figure it would be the for sure faster climb and not a huge distance penalty .... Cooper was straightest and only 30 meters less in practice so trail was a good call.

#3 - oops. There looked to be a flattish line (which Cooper found), but I veered a bit, have to fix that up. My landing had similar but too big versions. I saw the trails and roads and then realized I must be too far south and misread which hill was which.

#4 - I didn't even consider the right hand option, which is good because it was slower. Bad execution by not holding a little tighter to the big swamp, drifting up. I got confused but recognized I was on the wrong swamp and back tracked, should have gotten skunked but it seems a lot of folks had trouble in this area.

#5 - I' really happy with my line here. Rationale was two fold: I could get a look at the #6 area (which is tricky), and the route would be all white. So up to the disc golf trails, then pop off after the big depression, then follow white woods around. I ended up not seeing #6, but was well-anchored and had good visibility.

#6 - This is tricky, so just go straight. I aimed towards the hill between the number and circle (past the flag), and watched for the reentrant on the approach.

#7 - I considered the Pontus / Cooper line, but the extra hill scared me off, so I went left, plus that is HIGH speed movement on the flat trail. Seems I was wrong, since you get trail closure to the flag. Not terrible though and fun hike up the hill.

#8 - Oops. I was tired, so I thought straight was viable, woods were fine. But then after being right on line after the approach I stopped paying attention long enough to get sucked by the larger hill to the east, panicked, then realized my mistake. Cooper's line is probably best.

#9 - One of those fun legs where the leg is the attackpoint (reentrant all the way). Hammer down!

#10 - When I get tired, I go straight! Also, the first short cut set up the second shortcut, then just a little up and down. Cooper's left hand route is very viable for fast folks.

#11 - Left is short and faster

#12 - Tiredness inspires straight and straight can be fast. Going to the trail saves nothing on the ending, and then if you look at the ratios, the trail is 25% of the straight distance to the trail crossing, which seems like a not great ratio when the woods are white. Plus the exit to the trail is green, so a penalty there.

#13 - Surprisingly, this is where I got the lead back from Cooper....all here! It looks so straightforward, but then many were pulled left. I'm not even sure left is a bad idea; I also knew the finish was looming so I could pour out whatever run power was left. Cooper's route added 80 meters / 10% so it should be roughly a minute slower, but I was moving as well as I could. I thought straight on that ridge would be good, ridges often have trails or runnability, then an easy pick up of the right hand disc golf trail. The trail departure point looked survivable - look for a ditch / soft reentrant in tolerable woods and jump trails there.

#14 - actually hesitated a bit near the end, wasn't sure how visible the x items would be in green, but then it was no trouble.

Orienteering 42:04 intensity: (31:12 @0) + (8:34 @1) + (1:31 @2) + (47 @3) 2.23 mi (18:52 / mi) +93m 16:42 / mi
ahr:76 max:154 9c shoes: Topo Ultraventure II

Nice juicy pickup loop in the middle.

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