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Training Log Archive: O Steve!

In the 7 days ending May 31, 2009:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering2 2:22:13
  Run1 1:51:40
  Mt Bike1 1:37:58
  Swimming2 1:01:15
  Triathlon Bike1 39:57
  weight training1 6:25
  Total5 7:39:28
averages - weight:175.2lbs

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Sunday May 31, 2009 #

Mt Bike 1:37:58 [3]

setting at Salem Hills....confirming course design for Mt bike section...included 3 loops with some stops here and there....

Orienteering 1:06:43 [2]

Setting for the Harmon Park Hammer....should be a a great course on USGS map with lots of open running opportunities....

Saturday May 30, 2009 #


Orienteering 53:26 [3]

Preg O Score O : )...Kari and I jogged/hiked the advance Score O....everything went well except went for 104 and missed...but we ran through it and kept going so we minimized the time wasted...(5 min?) 9 controls and if we had really gone for it and navigated well and maxed our time (we finished with 6 minutes to spare) we might have gotten 11...but we didnt want to risk a frantic sprint at the end.... still not sure if we were to high or low for 104 but we went by it...

Orienteering 22:04 [4]

Willow River Sprint....totally botched 3 and 4...apparently I wasnt alone....I give me a D+ on this one....

...apparently my Orienteering is not up to minnesota standards "where all the kids are above average"...good event at TO and its been downhill since then....ironically I have never gotten in so much O much of a good thing?

Friday May 29, 2009 #


Triathlon Bike 39:57 [4]
ahr:152 weight:174.4lbs

36:38...Hopkins loop personal record for the loop which was good to see...looks like I managed over 20 mph average with no delays at all through the intersections (got lucky, cars timed well)....heart rate average was accurate (no elec interference)....about a 95% effort time trail...

this bodes well for some tri bike splits over 20 mph on flat courses....of course hills are my weakness but all in all pretty pleased with minimal specific tri bike mileage...

weight training 6:25 [1]

push ups week 4 day 1, 21/25/21/21/27...:60 rest...didnt get 32 or more on the last one....repeat week again....

Thursday May 28, 2009 #


just couldnt get motivated the last two days...need to get up and do something.....

weight drifted back up again....time for a new mini diet....need to get back to 174 by the triathlon next weekend....

Swimming 31:08 [4]

Another Swim workout against my 35 year old self...

My workout on May 26th 1993....3x300 with 15 seconds rest between intervals 4:42, 4:29, 4:27....

Today on the same workout 3x300 with 15 seconds rest between intervals:


so I averaged 1:30.88/100 16 years ago and 1:33.00/100 16 years later...

not exactly Darre Torres but not bad...I bet I pushed a bit more today to make it but I am pretty happy with these times.....

on the down side I was 176.4 lbs at the gym....but apparetly fat floats in DOES not help in the hills on the bike or on the run....

Run 1:51:40 [2]

I put it as a run but it was actually Urban Orienteering....Kari and I wen to the U of M campus to do TomP's urban course from last december...I actually made 3 mistakes along the way showing that any moment you can screw up if you are not concentrating.....Kari averaged 143 on her HR as we jogged pretty slowly but it was a fun midweek adventure....

Tuesday May 26, 2009 #

Swimming 30:07 [4]

for an athlete thats getting older the greatest foe is your former self...

thought I would recreate a workout I did last year on May 28th....

10x100 with :30 rest...pretty tough...


3:00 rest

1x300 in 5:00

1:00 rest

1x100 in 1:49....

comments: I actually averaged 1:26.5/100 as opposed to 128.4/100 last year BUT I know I put more effort into it this year...still very happy that after a sluggish start I put up some good 100 times and hung in there....swim speed is coming around...

weight 174.7 at gym.

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