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Training Log Archive: O Steve!

In the 7 days ending Feb 27, 2011:

activity # timemileskm+m
  xc classic skiing3 4:19:05
  Total3 4:19:05
averages - weight:172.9lbs

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Saturday Feb 26, 2011 #

xc classic skiing 8:00 [3]

testing wax at Telemark before race...

xc classic skiing race 1:42:27 [4]

Classic Kortie...

great time and result that likely will move me back up to wave 3 next year...

Finish Time: 1:42:27.3
Overall Place: 120 out of 1068 in Kortelopet Classic.
Gender Overall Place: 85 out of 565 in Kortelopet Classic Men
Age Group Place: 11 out of 106 in Men 50 to 54
Overall Pace: 4:27 per K

comments and observations:

-got in the groove after the first 9K and avg :16 per K faster the last 14K...

-a guy took me out out on a down hill about 6K in when he hooked my ski from behind and I went down in a heap (remember when I said I did this to someone a few years back...guess it was payback time) and lost a minute trying to get to my feet on a blind downhill turn. There was no way to scramble off the trail. lost my rythme and had to get back in the groove.

-the tracks were hard and icy and I had avg glide with Fast Wax HF Green and awesome kick with Toko green binder layered thick. might have waxed a bit shorter in the pocket as Toko rec'd.

-Wow...the course after the birkie cutoff! chutes, no mush snow, its actually like a trail you train on. Got a glimpse of what the front racers have at the Birkie...the skate surface seemed screaming fast...

-Tracks were fast and a bit icy which lead to more falls...changing lanes was a bit tricky due to the slightly icy hard tracks and less experienced skiers were having difficulty at times.

-The Kortie has a different feel than the birkie..a bit more low key...not bad at all just different. I really enjoyed NOT having the crowd after the cutoff...I was skiing with only 0 to 2 classic skiers in sight from 9 to 23K...very different experience.

I will likely ski the Kortie classic next year and them perhaps try it skating it the next year...we'll see...

fun race...

Friday Feb 25, 2011 #


trend weight 172.84

Thursday Feb 24, 2011 #


trend weight 172.76

Wednesday Feb 23, 2011 #


trend weight 172.7...

summary of calorie counting:

2,000 average natural daily calorie burn/day for me
1,996 average calories consumed/day
514 average calories burned/day through training

517 average calorie deficit average/day

-21,197 total calorie deficit (41 days of calore counting).

that predicts a 6lb weight loss...actual is around 5 to 5.5 lbs...

"Based upon your current Body Mass Index (BMI) of 24.8, you are currently classed as at a healthy weight.

A healthy BMI for your gender and age is between 18.5 and 24.9 and a reasonable weight loss rate is 0.5-2 pounds a week"

I am thinking of trying to go down to 170 and call it good...this will create a bit of cushion and I will likely settle in at 172-173....

any teenage women are reading this you may want to stop here....

for every lb you lose you run 2 seconds a mile 5lb weight loss translates to 10-11 secounts a mile faster or 1.8% faster for me...

that translates into appx 2:30 faster ski time at Mora over my predicted ski time before the weight loss and an appx 2:15 minute savings at the Kortie Saturday...seems to make sense...

xc classic skiing 1:03:20 [3]

2 loops of the Wirth edited par3/comp loop on the waxless....just putting in some time and calorie burn...

Tuesday Feb 22, 2011 #


good grief! is the downside to nordic skiing....

and this is just ski prep!...(and I admit I just read the first few sentences of this...could not bring myself to read more....)

xc classic skiing 1:25:18 [3]

took the waxless out for a spin at Hyland before picking up Syd... a tiny bit soft in places but we are back to fantastic conditions....ran into Tpain for the last 300 meters and wished him luck on his maiden Birkie voyage....

Monday Feb 21, 2011 #


trend weight dropped to new low despite my recent leveling out....172.44....I have lost about 5.5 to 6lbs now.....lost about and inch on the waist...

and for Tpain and Wentz...this is good reading....

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