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Training Log Archive: O Steve!

In the 7 days ending Nov 19, 2017:

activity # timemileskm+m
  lateral ski machine3 2:34:57
  exercise bike2 1:40:37
  Run2 52:05
  machine poling2 42:37
  uphill treadmill hike1 35:41
  weight training2 22:03
  Hike1 11:02
  Total5 6:59:02

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Sunday Nov 19, 2017 #

lateral ski machine 30:02 [3]

Hike 11:02 [3]

hike before and after run....warm up and cool down.

Run 22:05 [3]

short tempo

I wanted to get a good run test while being very cautious and trying to not overdo important test to see where I am at as I have less than two weeks to begin more regular running (twice a week?...1.5 times per week?)

I decided to:

-Wear my run brace on a high setting to take strain off point of pain in the knee joint....also braced my other "good" knee with a compression brace
-run on a flat dirt trail that was warmed and soft due to 38F temps
-wear my Hokas for maximum cushion
-I was trying to run slow for the main purpose to see how much knee pain I would get.

I measured the around Brownie lake dirt loop...a flat dirt loop of just a meter or two shy of 1K... .58 miles from end of bridge to beginning of bridge....

I decided to run 3 loops with an option of 1 more....

Here is how my run test went:

7:28 (131 HRA...a false reading...HR did not kick in initially
7:25 (150 HRA)
7:12 (155 HRA)

bottom line...I ran 3K in 22:05 for a 12:00 pace...

The big knee pain was a 3.5 and although feeling tenous and unstable it stayed fairly constant with one moment where is spiked and then backed off...

The downside was not my knee pain but How HIGH my HRA was running a 12:00 mile pace!....right at 150 HRA....a tempo pace! for such a slow pace! was on a slower dirt trail but still!.....

The problem is that I have a lot to do to get a faster race pace on the run and it will be tough to do with a compromised arthritic knee......right now if I could run slightly sub 10 minute miles on the end of a sprint triathlon I would consider that a very good result.....lordy, this is what age and injury has wrought!

first step of a hopefully a long journey.......

Saturday Nov 18, 2017 #

exercise bike 40:04 [3]


machine poling 12:30 [3]

5 x 50 on 2:30...45 lbs

weight training 10:02 [3]

15 x 18...moved up rep

machine poling 10:06 [3]

4 x 50 on 2:30...

Friday Nov 17, 2017 #

exercise bike 1:00:33 [3]

Long Endurance....

wet and damp caused me to forgo a planned long pole hike and put me in the gym....

wanted to get in a long endurance builder with the focuses on 20K ski event efforts.....decided on a exercise bike/ ski machine combo to get this done......

lateral ski machine 1:03:27 [3]

....although the HR was not all that high this session required muscular endurance and I was having to suck it up a bit the last 30 minutes......I suspect the last two interval sessions left my leg muscles tired for this through it and hope it helps push out my leg fatigue threshold that definitely comes into play in nordic ski workout should focus on upper body.....and allow the legs a bit of a break.

Thursday Nov 16, 2017 #

Run 30:00 [3]


3 x 10 minutes at 13:37 pace @ 4 % incline w/ 5 min of 20:00 pace @ 4% incline

HR was 119 to 155 HR on the last segment with HR at 150-153 on most of the tempo segments "comfortable hard" effort was right at this target.


With an eye to next summer and needing to keep at my tempo workouts for ski events I decided to try my tempo paced workouts on the treadmill running a slow pace at an incline targeting a HR of high 140's to 150 for the tempo paced sections.....

the plan was 4 x 10 minutes tempo with 5 min mild recovery....BUT, after 3 x 10 minutes my tendons on the front of my upper thighs were already sore and I know I can over do it and inflame a tendon SO I cut off the last repeat....I almost always power through but I got enough issues and 40 minutes of tempo paced running was a bit of a stretch anyway....

My knee hurt pretty good on the first tempo segment, surprisingly...and not in a good way (I almost quit) but I stayed at it and it leveled off to a 4...or 3.5...tolerable if not entirely comfortable...

so in summary it went like this....:

uphill treadmill hike 35:41 [3]

uphill hike for warm up, recovery and cool down for running segments....

20:00 mile @ 4 % incline....HR about 120 most of the time.

weight training 12:01 [3]

20 x 15

Tuesday Nov 14, 2017 #

lateral ski machine 1:01:28 [3]

VO2 max

Back at it after a week of consolidation.

9 x 2:30 @ L 20/ 2:30 recovery @ L 10

45:00 interval segment had HRA of 144

very hard effort........ HR from 130 to 167 on last interval

machine poling 20:01 [3]

10 x 50 on 2:30.....45 lbs, moved up....

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