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Training Log Archive: O Steve!

In the 7 days ending Dec 3, 2017:

activity # timemileskm+m
  lateral ski machine2 1:27:21
  xc classic skiing1 1:15:24
  Hike2 59:27
  exercise bike1 59:05
  Run2 56:01
  xc skate skiing1 30:14
  machine poling1 13:23
  weight training1 11:02
  stretch1 4:29
  Total5 6:36:26

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Sunday Dec 3, 2017 #

xc classic skiing 1:15:24 [3]
ahr:142 max:168

long endurance....

elm creek 1K loop.....didnt time laps, wanted to keep effort mild and focused on form and balance....not speed. Tried to ski smooth and easy. got passed alot but resisted the effort to speed up. Managed to keep HR reasonable but still higher than a typical easy endurance session (perhaps 8-10 high)

xc skate skiing 30:14 [3]

Gotta skate ski more this year...planning to do the 21K Loppet skate....its been awhile.

its a start to get my balance down but not bad for a first 30 leg strength is way....lactic builds up quickly even in a normal effort....that has to get better....I will try to train this to improvement.

testing knee in skate and I think it will tolerate classic and skate....knee pain is about a 3 to 3.5....there are moments when it spikes but its doable at this level. Its not perfect. I feel it all the time and I think I protect it in subtle ways...I cant always ski with abandon which is what you need to ski to your potential. But getting the most from endurance sports has never been about perfection.....its about doing the best I can wiith what I got in this moment.


My little brother was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia with a concerning prognosis just 4 weeks ago...out of nowhere his bone marrow stopped functioning. Intensive chemo was not working to the degree it needed to for a bone marrow transplant (all 3 of us brothers where tested during an emergency trip to Duke University Hospital in N.C)....

Now he has a fungal infection that he cant fight due to the chemo. He is in will likely end his life in the near future barring a miracle

When all 4 of us were together it was like old it has always been for us 4 Bullard Boys....I was able to talk and be with him knowing this might very well be the last time.....I insisted on the photo on Facebook (jokingly called "Our album cover photo" knowing it might be the last one we ever take. We removed our hospital masks and latex gloves for the photo in the corridor of the hospital.

He has kept the seriousness of his illness private....nothing on Facebook to shield his kids and business customers.

He has a wife, a 16 year old daughter and a son that's a freshman in college...the damage this illness will do to his family is significant....

He occupies my thoughts, but glad to have a final talk with him. We both told each other how proud we were to have each for a brother....and that we loved each other....even if it would have gone without saying.

I now wait......

Saturday Dec 2, 2017 #

lateral ski machine 56:03 [3]

mid/easy hands the entire time working on leg strength and balance....

Friday Dec 1, 2017 #

Run 19:00 [3]

VO2 max intervals....

new approach to begin to try and run at a decent pace as I begin a consistent comeback

the plan: incline run intervals on the treadmill to minimize foot strike pain in knee....

Did the following:

5 x 3 min @ 12:00 pace w 4% incline w/ 3 min recovery walk 3.0 mph at 4% incline

and then 2 x 2 min @ 12:00 pace w 5% incline

10:00 warm up hike w/ :25 surges of speed from 4.0 mph up to 5.0 mph every minute

3:00 144 HRA
3:00 146 HRA est
3:00 148 HRA
3:00 151 HRA
3:00 152 HRA

2:00 150 HRA
2:00 153 HRA.....168 max

Hike 33:20 [3]

warm up/cool down and recovery part of run interval session

machine poling 13:23 [3]

5 x 50 on 2:30 ......50 lbs!...moved up

stretch 4:29 [3]

Wednesday Nov 29, 2017 #

exercise bike 59:05 [3]

long easy workout as i wait for and ski machine combo...

lateral ski machine 31:18 [3]

weight training 11:02 [3]

15 x 15

Tuesday Nov 28, 2017 #

Run 37:01 [3]

First run of a planned scheduled effort to make a run comeback while still protecting my knee....

the objective was a long run at an easy pace to try and string together 5K....Kari came along and although I did not run hard or push at all my HR was running surprisingly high at the modest pace even though it did not really feel hard.

I did not quite reach the objective of a mild easy log run pace and it ended up being a low end tempo run

the format was

5 x 1K loops of Brownie w/ 2:00 walk/hike between K's

here are the loop times and AHR for the loop:

7:32 144 HRA
7:25 146 HRA
7:29 147 HRA
7:20 149 HRA
7:15 153 HRA

163 max
11:54/mile pace average

its a start and it went a bit better than I thought it would

wore brace and pain was about a 3.5 steady and no increase with it feeling the best on the later loops.....

small progress and it felt good to run the long/far....its the little things.

Hike 26:07 [3]

hike warm up/cool down and segment recovery for the run workout.

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