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Training Log Archive: O Steve!

In the 7 days ending Dec 10, 2017:

activity # timemileskm+m
  xc classic skiing1 1:42:02
  lateral ski machine2 1:00:00
  Run2 56:00
  Hike2 52:41
  machine poling1 21:45
  stretch2 10:29
  weight training1 9:50
  Total4 5:12:47

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Sunday Dec 10, 2017 #

xc classic skiing 1:42:02 [3]

Vo2 max intervals....

the plan was a simple one loop easy, one loop hard....with 2 min rest after the easy loop and 3 min rest after the hard loop

the hard was pretty hard....I reached 178 HR when my max is 183 or so...of course no one around me would know how much I was hurting, not like I am doing much more than just skiing along....incognito suffering.

still working on a bit of balance....but with no snow I have a solid start for ski prep for the season...

Friday Dec 8, 2017 #

lateral ski machine 40:00 [3]

medium filler

machine poling 21:45 [3]

10 x 50 on 2:30....40lbs

weight training 9:50 [3]

stretch 4:57 [3]

Thursday Dec 7, 2017 #

Run 20:00 [3]
ahr:137 max:163

Vo2 max intervals

Was planning to ski but they closed Elm creek to make problem, gotta keep working on my run...

10 x 2 min at 10:20@ 2% incline (9:40 pace equivalent) w/ 2 min walk recovery

10:00 walk warm up with 7 x :20 increasing run speed to get the knee going

HRA on 2 min interval segments...ending HR at 163 on 2nd to last interval

145 (did 9:40 pace at 0% incline)

2:00 walk cool down

knee pain was a 3.5 most of the time after cortisone shot on hoping for 2.5 but it was a slight improvement...tolerable but I know I am protecting it a bit...

seems like progress on speed....not horrendously slow

Hike 28:26 [3]

walk portion of run interval workout

lateral ski machine 20:00 [3]

mild effort

Tuesday Dec 5, 2017 #


...and just like Brother is gone...

Monday Dec 4, 2017 #

Run 36:00 [3]
ahr:130 max:152

easy/"long" run....

trying to build up to a 1 hour easy continuous run.....that's the ultimate goal....

treadmill started running at 13:18/mile at 4% incline graduated to 13:57....due to it being to hard...HR trended to high for an easy run....I cant believe it but its the truth

I almost quit on the first run segment due to knee pain at a 4.5 spiking to 5 in moments....stayed with it and pain mellowed to a 4 and eventually a 3.5....I was having a good knee day and was surprised by this difficulty

warmed up with 10 min warm up uphill treadmill walk

9 x 4 min at 13:18-13:57 pace @ 4% incline w 1 min walk @20:00 pace @4%

4:00 ??? HRA/1 min walk
4:00 136 HRA/1 min walk
4:00 137 HRA/1 min walk
4:00 138 HRA/1 min walk
4:00 138 HRA/1 min walk
4:00 140 HRA/1 min walk
4:00 141 HRA/1 min walk
4:00 144 HRA/1 min walk
4:00 146 HRA/1 min walk (ran at 0% incline at 11:18 to 12:00 pace...kept backing it off due to high HR

6:00 127 cool down...HR still a bit high for an easy run...should be about 138 steady and average 132

concerned my HR and PE was so high at so slow a pace with a mild incline.....but what else can I do but stay with it....its hard to run my HR up on flat incline, if I run fast my knee starts to bark....but I also am very weak on hills....inclines really zap my leg muscles.....I am concerned by fitness has taken a hit with no/limited running.....and concerned if my ski speed has taken a hit...and I can afford to go much slower...

Hike 24:15 [3]

hike portion of run....

stretch 5:32 [3]


Cortisone shot in left knee today.....felt better afterwards, usually does....doesn't necessarily mean much

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