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Training Log Archive: Animal-O

In the 31 days ending Mar 31, 2013:

activity # timemileskm+m
  XC Skiing !3 19:00:00 8.08 13.0
  Cycling18 18:06:06 199.34 320.8
  Cross training10 6:00:00
  Running4 3:36:23 21.9(9:53) 35.24(6:08)
  Orienteering2 2:03:00 5.41 8.7
  Other2 1:50:00
  Walking2 1:09:00 3.98(17:21) 6.4(10:47)
  Hiking1 1:00:00
  Physio4 50:00
  Total26 53:34:29 238.69 384.14

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Sunday Mar 31, 2013 #

Running 59:35 [3] 9.37 km (6:22 / km)

just wanted to get a slow jog out,

did 15x small hill up and down in EarlsCourt park. and then a jogeroo in the neighborhood listening to this American life; and the trials and tribulations of Harper school in Chicago. Glad i did not have to grow up there.

Saturday Mar 30, 2013 #

Cycling 3:00:00 [4] 60.0 km (3:00 / km)

cycled out to Rattlesnake point. Climbing the escarpment at the end killed me!!! that was tough. Stopped twice

FunRun has a good point: maybe would be easier with clippy shoes....

Orienteering 1:23:00 [4] 8.7 km (9:32 / km)

Super Enduro!! The point of this one was to see how I could "endure",... I knew I would be tired, and I was more than i thought i would be.

Pushing up the hills was tough, and I had to walk at some points, the legs felt lazy (lazy being the word to say tired).
But I was pretty happy with my little challenges, many of the controls were not "clean" and I didn't notice the walk the line thingy,, so ... OH well!!
seems like many others made the mistake too!
In all I was not very fast, but that was totally to be expected.

It was fun to hang out in the sun after and chat with friends, happy to see Beez out there with E!! :)
FunRun, DD11, everyone just being there normal awesome chatty selves!

was also good to see some newbies coming in refreshed from the woods!!
ALSO LoveD the packs of kids running around! screaming HE FOUND IT HE FOUND IT!!!
very inspiring.... I tried to run as fast as them... haha.

Loved it, was a great great day!!! and my scotch taped compass held up!!

Cycling 2:00:00 [3] 43.0 km (2:47 / km)

cycled almost all the way back ... hihi, but I got hungry!! and stopped on the way, and by then i was getting late...
Need some beauty time, to prep for the Sigur Ros concert!!! hahaha

(it was an amazing concert!!)

Thursday Mar 28, 2013 #

Cycling 20:00 [3] 5.8 km (3:27 / km)

Running 33:00 [4] 5.6 km (5:54 / km)

Wednesday Mar 27, 2013 #

Cycling 40:00 [3]

to work and then home

Tuesday Mar 26, 2013 #

Cycling 25:00 [1] 5.8 km (4:19 / km)

slow motion cycling to work. not feeling the best. Looking forward to tomorrow.

Cycling 20:00 [1] 5.6 km (3:34 / km)

getting home

Monday Mar 25, 2013 #

Cycling 29:00 [3] 8.4 km (3:27 / km)

from Beresford to work

Cycling 20:00 [2] 5.8 km (3:27 / km)

work to 4Regal

Sunday Mar 24, 2013 #

Running 47:48 [3] 8.07 km (5:55 / km)

ran around high park, with S, C, D and bB. Was good fun!
I mostly listened to S and C talk.

This included 3X run up-and-down the Lake/Grenadier hill
,... was pretty red faced and out of breath after.

could not keep up with the last sprint (except they did not do the 3x hills so ...)

Friday Mar 22, 2013 #

Cross training 40:00 [3]

Gymnastic: MuscleUp practice, handstands, and pullups thingnies

Cycling 18:00 [3] 5.8 km (3:06 / km)

cycle into work

Cycling 14:00 [3] 4.0 km (3:30 / km)

cycle to Gym

Thursday Mar 21, 2013 #

Cycling 29:00 [3] 8.1 km (3:35 / km)

to gym and back

Cross training 15:00 [5]

I awesomed at the 150 squat wall balls at 14 pds. Was pretty intense, first one off the wall (men included).

Then de-awesomed at the 90 double unders
... impossible for me at the moment as i cannot string double unders.... so had to do 400 single skips instead. Made it to 100 skips before people started coming off the wall... lost any lead pumping out the next 300 ... intensity was up there though.

just made it to the ring rows... managed 4 before time was up. 8 Ring rows replace the 4 dips i can't do, and the dips replace the 1 muscle ups,,...

We were to cycle the 3 exercises for 12 min, ... i did not manage to finish 1 cycle.

Cross training 15:00 [3]

stretching, warming up, trying to practice double-unders before the WOD... hahahahah

Cycling 20:00 [3] 5.8 km (3:27 / km)

cycle home

Wednesday Mar 20, 2013 #

Cycling 28:00 [3] 8.4 km (3:20 / km)

from beresford into work


so,... decided to take a 10-classe pass instead of the uber expensive unlimited option.
I aim to go only once a week,... using it not as the primary way to get fitter but going once a week, might just keep me on my toes, and add variety, the social aspect etc,... ... I want to return to my home routine as a baseline.
I am happy with this compromise, we will see how it goes.

Cross training 30:00 [4]

Cycling 29:00 [3] 8.1 km (3:35 / km)

Gym out and back


i really do not feel like it but i am going to try and run.
wish me luck.

Running 54:00 [4] 9.2 km (5:52 / km)

from 88Elm to Beresford

Running 22:00 [5] 3.0 km (7:20 / km)

3 x up down long stairs at west end of high park on bloor
Quads BURNED at top everytime!

Hills!! 6 x hill at end of Beresford street. Did last series of 3 with zigzags, to get the body moving less purely in straight line.

Tuesday Mar 19, 2013 #


Today, I am brewing a big decision.

This month, I paid (a lot) (a lot for me) of moula for one month of crossfit. I love crossfit, i love the different exercises, the social aspect of it, I like that I push myself pretty hard when I do it... all good all good.

But in the end, it just eats up my budget.

Which means I have nothing left for actual orienteering races (expenses for these cannot be overlooked). Arrghh!

Also, my attempts at building a budget for traveling have been failing and I have had to abort a few plans. So...
I have been playing with alternatives in my head. Can I be driven enough to train hard, ... without the gym or the crossfit "social" validation system.

I have been training on my own for a while now and I am able to push myself ... but I am wondering if I can push myself just that little bit more (on my own). I think I simply need more organisation.
Not just randomly training, but trying to set myself some objectives...

I want to divert the "would be"-crossfit budget to training gear. Things I can use for longer than a month.
I should also divert the "would be bus budget" to up grading my bike! and giving it a little TLC!!

Cycling 15:00 [3] 4.4 km (3:25 / km)

(rest day)

was not back on track, ... was still uber tired.
it shall pass, not feeling the best these days. Actually got my ass to the gym, but did not work out in the end, we just went for pizza.

Monday Mar 18, 2013 #

(rest day)

Monday was a rest day, ... felt uber tired.
But I am back on track now.

Sunday Mar 17, 2013 #

Cycling 34:00 [3] 10.4 km (3:16 / km)

Saturday Mar 16, 2013 #

(rest day)

recuperating from night out...

Friday Mar 15, 2013 #

Cycling 19:00 [3] 5.8 km (3:17 / km)

Cycling 26:00 [3] 8.1 km (3:13 / km)

Cross training 25:00 [5]

this was more a muscle intensity and less cardiovascular wise.
so no feeling of puking, just muscle failures.

WOD was
1min max rep 8lbs kettlebell sit up (did about 20-21reps each cycle)
1min max rep shoulder press (but with little oumf with legs, did about 28reps)
1min max rep knee to shoulder off bar ... for Rx i had to touch my knees to my arm but this was only achieved for first 2 of each cycle ... and then became to tired BY FAR MY WEAKEST (did ~2-5 reps each cycle)

then 1min max jumping side to side over boxes. My strongest. did ~25-32 reps per cycle.

finished with 79, 72 and 75 reps
scored 226 reps total, top woman in group (i think: did not look completely), and it was only because i could jump the boxes very well.

before this: did overhead squat things, weight was (i forget!!) not very heavy at all, ... stabiliser muscle working really hard,.. actually think it was 55, i think....

and shoulder press (with leg oumf) ... max reps were 7 x 65 pds
then did ... i forget ... there was 3 exercises... ?? maybe there was only 2 in the end,...
can't believe i did this a few hours ago and i am unable to recall !!!

Cross training 10:00 [3]

warm up : burpees for being late
and other bits and pieces

Cycling 29:00 [3] 8.7 km (3:20 / km)

Thursday Mar 14, 2013 #

Cross training 10:00 [5]

WOD of the day:
series of 3 stations:

5x shoulder press thingnies i did not do the required 75 kilos - only 55.
(I tried the 75 but somehow, i even had difficulty getting it over my head)
10x deadlifts (which were pretty easy) at 55.

and 15 box jumps. But I had the smaller box, only because there was none of the bigger ones left.

so each step was easier, although the women had the same as me except 2 stronger ones.
i did 9 cycles, and had just started on 10 when time ran out.
i do not think anyone else did 9 cycles, i was flying through this, but as i said, i had only 55 kilos on the bar and the smaller box jump.

how come i can't shoulder press 75 kilos? humm... i don t know should i be able to at this point or is that something people really have to work into...
over all very happy, and the Erin the coach told me i kicked ass,,.. so i guess i did.

Cross training 20:00 [3]

prework out - and warm up moves.
(including fast changing of clothes)

Cycling 28:00 [3] 8.1 km (3:27 / km)

Physio 10:00 [1]

calf raises!! and toe walking

Cycling 37:00 [3] 11.2 km (3:18 / km)

Wednesday Mar 13, 2013 #

Cycling 47:00 [3] 13.8 km (3:24 / km)

Cross training 20:00 [5]

Barrie WOD: 512 points...
youpidoo felt almost like i could "maybe" throw up... so I'll mark that as intensity 5.

rotation of 3 stations:
kettle bell swings over head one arm (1pts per lift) did 65 1st round, then 55, then it pretty much fell to ~40 per round
fat rope skipping (1 pts per jump - picked up the slowed kettle bell points on the rope)
biking (1 point per 100m - biked only approx 0.9 km per round)

4 rounds of this,
points per round, 130, 132, 118, 132

it was pretty brutal on the hands, and i am accumulating bruises...

Cross training 20:00 [3]

rest of the time, climbing things, !! i can climb a rope!! how exciting!! never thought i could do that.

Physio 15:00 [1]

calf raises, and toe walking

Tuesday Mar 12, 2013 #

Cross training 45:00 [3]

Lifting night - I could see how this could become addictive.
I have no clue what I lifted, but bruised my collar bone, and my tights...

Other 1:00:00 [2]

SO much fun!!! There was almost no one there, so all we did was dive dive dive, no waiting in line!
I worked on a reverse dive, and a reverse front somersault, but i would chicken out ... except once!!

also started trying back dive pike... scary!!

Cycling 48:00 [3] 14.0 km (3:26 / km)

Physio 10:00 [1]

calf raises and toe walking

Monday Mar 11, 2013 #

Walking 24:00 [1] 2.0 km (12:00 / km)
(rest day)

just a walk to a friends place... this was an official and very needed rest day

Sunday Mar 10, 2013 #

Orienteering 40:00 [2]

setting up a course for the group, I ran around putting up controls, and taking them down etc.
IT was fun and I think people enjoyed it.

Saturday Mar 9, 2013 #

XC Skiing ! 3:00:00 [2] 13.0 km (13:51 / km)

very puttering about xc-skiing with lab friends, a few people in the group who had never ever skied before, which is always funny and entertaining!

Friday Mar 8, 2013 #

Hiking 1:00:00 [2]

I will call it hiking but it was ..."matressing" toboganning and GT-racing down a hill with the lab people... I count it cause i did get all sweaty!!!
with very intense snowball fights, and ... I had to stop because could not physically throw anymore.

Wednesday Mar 6, 2013 #

Cross training 40:00 [3]

did benchmarks today, i did not know what these were...
warm up ... etc

pull ups, ... cannot do one,
so did ring rows: 6 x at hip height - legs straight

push ups unbroken: 20

dips: 1 (hahahahahaha) (oh the pain of the cross-country skiinging !!!)

double-unders: I cannot string them so I do:
a series of 3-normal-1-double and i max at 5 of these in a row.

bike 1km: 2min 27 sec (except i biked 1.37Km ooops!) and that is if i remember the time right.

Wallball max in 3min: 10lbs ball x 39 (will use a higher weight next time)

kettle bell swings max in 3min: 12lbs x 95 (will use a 16pounds next time)

i think that is it, ...

Cycling 50:00 [2] 14.6 km (3:25 / km)

Walking 45:00 [1] 4.4 km (10:14 / km)

Physio 15:00 [2]

calf raises !!!!
3x 60 50/50
plus toe walk

Tuesday Mar 5, 2013 #

Cycling 31:06 [2] 9.0 km (3:27 / km)

Cross training 35:00 [3]

this was a lifting night.
It was very interesting, i am really not used to be concentrating on such small movements, and also, i never ever trained for pure strength...
do i need strenght?? i am not yet sure, i told myself i'd give it a try.
see what i come to think about it.

Cycling 40:00 [3] 11.7 km (3:25 / km)

Other 50:00 [1]

Monday Mar 4, 2013 #

Cycling 20:00 [2] 5.8 km (3:27 / km)

Cycling 30:00 [3] 9.4 km (3:11 / km)
(rest day)

Cycles home and back to gym

Cross training 35:00 [4]

120 and 50. Estimated max lifts for squat and shoulder press for now .... My body was pretty tired after the race weekend. Especially upper body.

Saturday Mar 2, 2013 #

XC Skiing ! 8:00:00 [3]

Friday Mar 1, 2013 #

Cycling 40:00 [2] 11.2 km (3:34 / km)

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