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Training Log Archive: cschneiderclimb

In the 7 days ending Jul 17, 2011:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  Cycling7 11:58:46 193.83 311.94 7676
  Total7 11:58:46 193.83 311.94 7676
  [1-5]5 10:55:54
averages - sleep:8 weight:190lbs

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Sunday Jul 17, 2011 #

7 PM

Cycling (RPE6) 3:01:23 [3] 50.9 mi (16.8 mph) +1261ft
ahr:123 max:158 slept:8.0 weight:188lbs shoes: North Wave Tri Shoes

Plan: RPE6 - Zone 2 - 2-3 hours
Average speed: 17.4
Route: Burke + detour around construction to 1.5 hour mark just short of Redmond.
Physical: Legs felt springy and full of attitude at this RPE. Didn't really test them for any length of time, but felt great. Hamstring didn't tighten up on ride and felt great. We'll see how it does tonight and tomorrow. I'm hoping the spike in noise from it is more to do with golf on Friday than riding or injury.
Mental: We waited out the rain today and finally made the call, reluctantly, to go at 7. Meant getting home after dark. Felt great not giving in to the less than ideal conditions, and we were rewarded with a nice sunset and no rain to speak of. Just over 1/2 way through the ride, I wasn't having much fun - not because it was difficult, but I just wanted to be home and not riding. I realized I hadn't eaten and got some food (blocks) into my system. 10 minutes later, I was having a blast. Not sure if that's cause/effect, but more attention to eating is clearly necessary even on "easy" rides.

Saturday Jul 16, 2011 #

5 PM

Cycling (RPE8 HIlls | RPE 2) 3:02:41 [4] 50.01 mi (16.4 mph) +2918ft
ahr:135 max:169 slept:8.0 weight:191lbs shoes: North Wave Tri Shoes

Plan: RPE8 Zone 4 30-45 min HIlls. Zone 2 2-4 hours elsewhere.
Average speed: 17
HR Range Climbing: 163 - 169
Route: Started at Lk Sam State Park. Warmup to and on E Lk Sammamish. 1st climb up SE 56th St. Back to Lk Sam. Up Blk Nugget Rd - 15th Ave NE - Park Dr NE. Wildwood to Squak Mt Loop SW. Newport to W Lk Sam - Redmond - E Lk Sam back to W Lk Sam for a Zone 4 Sprint. Back to truck.
Physical: Legs solid. Cardio didn't hurt as bad as Wednesday. Pushed a little on the not-hills portion to 145 HR. Hamstring fine during ride after warmup and stretch before first hill. Tight and a little sore this evening. Stretched 30 mins.
Mental: Rain in the AM. Felt aweful in the morning. Chores, lunch, nap, a bit of chocolate, and I was perked up - ready to go. Felt great on the ride. Legs felt strong. Max HR/Respiration wasn't annoying. Great attitude on the climbs. No gym class coughs today.
--- Splits ---
SE 56th St: 375 ft - 6:17
Blk Nugget Rd: 322 ft - 4:54
Park Dr NE: 383 ft - 7:38
Wildwood (fire hydrant to END of loop): 1100 ft - 19:20 (need better start/end references - time includes short down/up w/ christine, but still in Z4)
Sprint E Lk Sam Z4: 0.96mi - 2:37
Sprint W Lk Sam (@ end of ride) Z4: 2.27mi - 5:39
Total: 46:25

Friday Jul 15, 2011 #

8 AM

Cycling (Zone1) 1:02:51 [0] 17.39 mi (16.6 mph) +288ft
ahr:124 max:144 slept:8.0 weight:189lbs shoes: North Wave Tri Shoes

PLAN: 1 Hour Zone1 (or rest day)
Average speed: 17.1
Route: home - Burke just past Mathews Beach - home
Physical: Felt great. However, I fear I failed at Zone 1. HR #'s no different than yesterday. As soon as I stop paying attention to effort, I wind up at HR 144. Subconscious RPE# there somewhere?
Mental: Pretty unmotivated to get out early, but enjoyed the ride once I got going. Pensar Golf Tournament today forced early ride. Will have to work hard not to drink too much beer today!

Thursday Jul 14, 2011 #

5 PM

Cycling (RPE6) 2:06:53 [2] 35.33 mi (16.7 mph) +797ft
ahr:122 max:146 slept:8.0 weight:191lbs shoes: North Wave Tri Shoes

PLAN: 1-2 Hours RPE6
Average speed: 17.4
Average Cadence: 85
Max Cadence: 124
FP Comments: A little bouncy in easy gearing at 120+ but felt comfortable in the high 110's. Hips steady. Hard to keep HR in Zone.
Route: home - seward park - burke to mathews beach - home
Physical: Felt great. Legs do not feel whacked by yesterdays climbs at all. I believe this may indicate I needed to spend more time going up? Couldn't have gone harder on any one climb due to cardio limitations.
Mental: Great motivation to go. First part of ride is Pensar Spandex Assassins ride - worked much better with me riding at RPE6 than full out.

Wednesday Jul 13, 2011 #

4 PM

Cycling (REP9) 1:23:53 [5] 18.0 mi (12.9 mph) +1784ft
ahr:133 max:175 slept:8.0 weight:191lbs shoes: North Wave Tri Shoes

Plan: RPE9 20-30 HIlls
Average speed: 13.6
HR Range Climbing: 165-170 average once up to pain threashold
Route: Warmup to Ballard. 3rd Ave W QA 1 lap. "Mt. Pleasant Cemetary" climb (way too appropriate) 5 laps (6th Ave W to 5th Ave W to top of hill)
Physical: Damn it Tom, you gave both of us the Gym Class Coughs! Legs felt strong all the way. Cardio hurt quite a bit at RPE9/10. Overall an 8.
Mental: Good motivation to go but a little apprehensive anticipating the pain planned. Great attitude on the climbs though. Interesting mental battle not wanting to give myself permission to pace through the climbs
3rd Ave Climb: 4:46
MTPC Lap 1: 3:30
MTPC Lap 2: 3:27
MTPC Lap 3: 3:41 (permission granted boooo)
MTPC Lap 4: 3:43
MTPC Lap 5: 3:38
Total: 22:45

Tuesday Jul 12, 2011 #

7 PM

Cycling (RPE6) 1:21:04 [2] ** 22.2 mi (16.4 mph) +628ft
ahr:125 max:142 slept:8.0 weight:190lbs shoes: North Wave Tri Shoes

Average speed: 16.9
Route: Burke to blockage - up 42nd Pl NE - back down lakeside - home on burke.
Physical: Felt great, lots of energy. Nice and easy pace.
Mental: Good motivation to go (a little later departure than ideal). Ok during ride - the Burke is bumpy and not much fun, but good enough. Right pedal squeeking again even after new cleats - really annoying. Machine a little loud - need to clean/lube chain. Lowered saddle 2 mm to see if it helps the right hammy.

Monday Jul 11, 2011 #

Cycling 1 [0]
slept:8.0 weight:190lbs

rest day

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