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Training Log Archive: cschneiderclimb

In the 7 days ending Jul 24, 2011:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  Cycling7 13:15:19 211.37 340.17 10393
  Total7 13:15:19 211.37 340.17 10393
  [1-5]6 13:15:18
averages - sleep:7 weight:188.2lbs

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Sunday Jul 24, 2011 #

11 AM

Cycling (RPE 2) 2:53:04 [3] 49.21 mi (17.1 mph) +1617ft
ahr:128 max:159 slept:8.0 weight:187lbs shoes: North Wave Tri Shoes

Plan: RPE6 - Zone 2 - 2-3 hours
Average speed: 17.6
Route: Home - Mercer Island CCW - South Lake Washington Loop - home
Physical: Felt better than yesterday out of the gate. Legs definitely tired and quickly empty on significant efforts. Felt good though and able to motor reasonable well until HR got higher 150's.
Metal: It's a bit tough to motivate and get out the door but have a good time once riding.

Saturday Jul 23, 2011 #

8 AM

Cycling (RPE8 HIlls | RPE 2) 3:04:44 [5] 47.41 mi (15.4 mph) +3693ft
ahr:137 max:175 slept:7.0 weight:187lbs shoes: North Wave Tri Shoes

Plan: RPE8 Zone 4 30-45 min HIlls. Zone 2 2-4 hours elsewhere.
Average speed: 16.1
HR Range Climbing: low to mid 160's except odd 175 early in ride on small hill.
Route: Fremont - I90 Trail - Factoria - Newport Way - Village Park Drive - 169th - lost each other - back down to 55th/VPDr - back up to 69th - Cougar Mt Dr to Gate at Towers - Newcastle road (not up to golf course) - Lk Wa Trail - MI - Fremont
Physical: Felt funky from the start. HR jumped to 175 at first incline with very slow respiration. Not "normal" for my body. Legs felt flat all day but they did the work requested. Afternoon after ride still felt funky, a little lite headed when getting out of car while running errands. A little dehydrated too. Off day it seems. Not sick though.
Mental: Not thrilled about the work plan for the day but motivation to get on the bike was OK. Had fun on the ride and good attitude on the climbs.
--- Splits ---
Splits are a mess since we lost each other and messed up the split time on the watches. Total climb time is solid though.
Total: 43:18

Friday Jul 22, 2011 #

7 PM

Cycling (Zone1) 1:10:53 [1] 17.2 mi (14.6 mph) +342ft
ahr:119 max:134 slept:8.0 weight:187lbs shoes: North Wave Tri Shoes

PLAN: 1 Hour Zone1 (or rest day)
Average speed: 17.2
Route: home - Burke just past Mathews Beach - Cyclefest - home
Physical: Felt great.
Mental: great motivation. Enjoyed ride.

Thursday Jul 21, 2011 #

6 PM

Cycling (RPE6) 1:57:03 [3] 32.0 mi (16.4 mph) +1412ft
ahr:127 max:150 slept:9.0 weight:188lbs shoes: North Wave Tri Shoes

Plan: RPE6 - Zone 2 - 1-2 hours
Average speed: 17.5
Route: Fremont - Mercer Island normal route 1 lap CCW - Fremont
Physical: Felt great. Surprisingly cold for July. Need the toe caps!!
Mental: Great. Really like the loop routes versus out and back. Chad on ride from PSA. Absolutely love mercer island on the SE side.

Wednesday Jul 20, 2011 #

7 PM

Cycling (RPE8 HIlls | RPE 2) 2:09:18 [5] 31.1 mi (14.4 mph) +2188ft
ahr:130 max:170 slept:6.0 shoes: North Wave Tri Shoes

Plan: 1-2 Hours, RPE9 20-30 HIlls
Average speed: 15.2
HR Range Climbing: 165-170 average
Route: Warmup to Golden Gardens. Up hill through blue ridge. Blue Ridge Way to 100th to Shoreline through neighborhoods. Laps on Shoreline.
Physical: Felt great. No coughs this week. Worked on better breathing technique that seemed to help 2nd lap on shoreline. Legs felt strong on way home.
Mental: As always, a little late, but still motivated to go. Great attitude on the ride. "felt easy" mentally. The high speed Innis Arden downhills with fun corners and good pavement were fun.
--- SPLITS ---
Golden Garden Dr NW: 3:30
Blue Ridge Dr. NW: 4:16
NW Innis Arden Way: 4:33
3rd Ave NE/Carlyle Hall Rd NW: 3:37
NW Innis Arden Way: 4:31
NW 100th St: 1:19
NW Esplanade: 3:43
Total: 25:29

Tuesday Jul 19, 2011 #

7 PM

Cycling (RPE6) 2:00:16 [3] 34.45 mi (17.2 mph) +1141ft
ahr:132 max:160 slept:6.0 weight:192lbs shoes: North Wave Tri Shoes

Plan: RPE6 - Zone 2 - 1-2 hours
Average speed: 17.6
Route: Burke + detour around construction to 1.0 hour mark at Sammamish Trail Bridge (bothell)
Physical: Legs felt great. Went just a little harder than other RPE6 sessions. One steep, short hill on the return trip through the detour was too tempting so I pushed a little and bumped up to 150bpm.
Mental: As before, this is a little late for my liking, but I didn't have any trouble getting out the door. A little sleepy at start but enjoyed the ride. Just after turn, I was a little irritable as before when I thought it was primarily food related. I think it's mostly just a dislike of out-and-back routes that I have ridden a bunch. Not very metally stimulating.
QUESTION: If we assume RPE6 is approximately 130-140 bpm (I know, not necessarily correlated), is the average for the ride supposed to be 130-140? If so, that would indicate the need to go just a bit harder to get the average up as we did today, sort of. Previously, RPE6 ahr was in mid 120's. Regardless, we are focused on sustained effort with as few starts and stops as possible ... continuous pedaling.

Monday Jul 18, 2011 #

Cycling 1 [0]
slept:5.0 weight:188lbs (rest day)

Rest days don't last long, do they?! Massage today as well. Going to try to get a massage every monday for the next few weeks and see if that helps recovery (or just feels good at any rate). Any recommendations for a Seattle-based massage therapist that understands cycling muscles more than perhaps the general practitioner might?

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