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Training Log Archive: coach ld

In the 7 days ending May 25:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Unspecified1 8:00:00 46.6(10:18) 75.0(6:24)
  cycling3 4:15:00 61.52(4:09) 99.0(2:35)
  pilates2 2:10:00 13.67 22.0
  hiking1 2:00:00 7.46(16:06) 12.0(10:00)
  canoeing2 2:00:00 6.84(17:33) 11.0(10:55)
  mtbike1 1:50:00 12.43(8:51) 20.0(5:30)
  Total9 20:15:00 148.51 239.0

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Saturday May 25 #

9 AM

Unspecified (STORM) 8:00:00 [3] 75.0 km (6:24 / km)

Bash and I teamed up again for STORM, in Orangeville/Mono,/Hockley Valley this year. After a week of lovely sunny weather, today started with heavy grey clouds that started to drop drizzle as we all arrived to drop off our bikes at the rowing club, and unload the canoes at the beach at Island Lake. Not cold though.
We started off at the back of the "Advanced" course group and I felt like my legs were made of lead when we all took off through the park and onto trails. My knees hurt, my foot hurt, my lungs hurt the most, in the first km. I was wondering why I signed up for this. Once we got into the canoe I felt fine and felt pretty good (except for a few significant climbs) for the next 74 kms.
We chose to use carbon fibre marathon canoe paddles instead of kayak paddles because they just suck in a canoe even though they're faster. The paddle was much more pleasant for me with the canoe paddle and we weren't that much slower. We actually passed several teams:) The rain got heavier but it wasn't windy or stormy despite the possibility of thunderstorms.
However, the rain got much heavier the minute we got on the bikes. For a damn hilly ride! After a fair bit of climbing to the northeast we dropped the bikes to do a beautiful trek in the Anderson Tract where Bash as usual navigated with perfect precision and we found all the controls without incident - but we weren't moving quickly since I am so slow on my feet. I just cannot keep up with her.
When we got back onto the bikes, and the rain started hammering again, it was up more hills to the west. Hard ones. I was at max more than once. Once we got to the top of those hills we had a screaming long downhill and then went into the Mono Tract just past Mono Cliffs. It was gorgeous in there. I really enjoyed that section, but again I was holding Barb back who was striding along, chatting away, and easily finding all the controls with no mistakes. Somehow we ended up coming out of that trek in first among the female teams! Barb didn't believe me.
We made our way back onto the roads and the rain finally abated as we rode to the Hockley Resort. The sun actually came out:) We only had to get 2 controls there - but they were up at the top of the ski hill. A steep one. That was where my foot bothered me most, but we got off the trek still in first and Barb was starting to believe we could win. We hightailed it out of the TA and onto the Hockley mt. bike trails. Which are not easy. At all. And could have been fun, but not after 6hours of effort. It was hard and more people were on trail from the shorter courses so there were more people out there, and more inexperienced riders. There was no flow but the sun was shining and the end was near.
Then it wasn't sunny anymore and the end did not seem so near since we had more hills to climb on the road before we headed back into the conservation area. We were looking over our shoulders a bit, half expecting the 2nd place team to come up on us but we made it through the arch without seeing them and ended up winning! The women's division at least. Type 2 fun, but were pretty chuffed in the end and got a bottle of maple syrup each for our efforts:). Thanks Bash!
Bob and crew did a great job and the volunteers were excellent! We're lucky to be able to do such a cool adventure so close to home.

Friday May 24 #

7 AM

cycling (Train trail) 1:20:00 [3] 30.0 km (2:40 / km)

The crazy ladies went for a very pleasant ride to Stayner on a very pleasant morning. Cool but clear and bright and the birdsong was lovely. So was the latte afterward:)

Thursday May 23 #

1 PM

pilates (town trails) 1:10:00 [3] 22.0 km (3:11 / km)

Susie and I went for a flat gentle ride on the town trails and by the water to spin out the legs after yesterday's climbing.

Wednesday May 22 #

12 PM

cycling (road) 1:45:00 [3] 42.0 km (2:30 / km)

Hot windy day, with clouds building by noon. Susie and I headed up the escarpment on Grey Rd.19. First ascent this year. It's a bloody long climb and it was hot. She kicked my butt. It was good to be on the top on 4th line again but we were riding into a gusty SW wind. Love that road. We flew down Pretty River Rd. with a tail wind:). Had enough cash to get asparagus at Meesters and hammer home ahead of big dark clouds to beat the rain. Just in time before a relatively brief but powerful thunderstorm was unleashed. The power went out instantly and lasted for a few hours. Glad we were back!

pilates (Y) 1:00:00 [3]

Pilates class at the Y. Some weird movements but a strong instructor. It was good.

Tuesday May 21 #

10 AM

cycling (road) 1:10:00 [3] 27.0 km (2:36 / km)

Thunderstorms and heavy rain overnight but it did't rain much today - just looked like it was going to with dark clouds hovering until late afternoon. Goose and I took a chance and did a road ride. I need to get on the road bike before the cancer ride. We went up the 10th and then across through Nottawa and Batteaux, down the 6th into the industrial section and back along the water. And didn't get rained on:)
2 PM

hiking (Horseshoe) 2:00:00 [3] 12.0 km (10:00 / km)

Went over to Horseshoe Valley to hike with Nancy Chong and Mrs.Huet. Nancy took us to the Sugarbush trails. Beautiful. Never been there. They're kind of Copeland forest like/ The trilliums were bedraggled after the heavy rain and their time is up but it was impressive to see the slopes absolutely carpeted with them as well as tiny starflowers. It was a great hike and nice to get caught up. I'm so lucky to know people who like to get outside and move and show me yet another pretty place in Ontario.

Monday May 20 #

8 AM

canoeing (harbour) 1:00:00 [3] 5.0 km (12:00 / km)

Goose and I paddled Tman around the completely calm harbour in the big yellow canoe. He was happy, the swans and geese were happy, we were happy, no motorboats to speak of - they were all still in bed, a paddleboard, a kayak, and some rowing shells. Another beautiful morning. Finished off at DQ of course:)

Sunday May 19 #

8 AM

canoeing (Nottawasaga) 1:00:00 [3] 6.0 km (10:00 / km)

A beautiful early morning. I took the Red Rocket and my mt. bike over to Schoonertown Bridge. Paddled up to the first shoal and saw only a couple of fishermen, lots of geese. It was quiet but there was a bit of wind so I had to work upriver to solo the cedar strip. 10 Minutes faster back down:)
9 AM

mtbike (Wasaga Prov.Park) 1:50:00 [3] 20.0 km (5:30 / km)

Met Bash and Bent at the bridge and we mt. biked all over the prov. park. Saw only one person, except near the road. There were still trilliums, and a prrety purple-pink orchid looking flower that is apparently called "Gaywings" or Milk wort.
The trails were dry and flowy and impossibly soft and sandy on some dunes so we did push the bikes up a few steep pitches. Gorgeous morning,with friends, dappled sunlight, no bugs, pretty spring blossoms and windy trails that were easy on the hands. Lovely!

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