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Discussion: Describing Orienteering in Mandarin

in: Orienteering; Off-Course

Jun 22, 2017 7:12 PM # 
Keith Andersen:
To the greater Orienteering community:

If anyone speaks Mandarin or writes in simplified Chinese, I would appreciate them helping me out! I am studying Mandarin and we are currently learning about hobbies. I have been tasked with describing my hobby, however my teacher has never heard of Orienteering and my attempts to connect to Chinese Orienteering pages to find content describing the sport has been fruitless. I have an oversimplified description of it, however I would appreciate someone helping me find the words necessary to make my description more robust and be able to feild questions about the sport!

Let me know if anyone can help! Thank you!
Jun 23, 2017 3:22 AM # 
I sent your request to the family of an orienteer who spent time in China, who may or may not respond. Just wanted you to know your request has not been overlooked.
Jun 23, 2017 3:48 AM # 
There's an active club in Hong Kong, although I suspect their web pages are in English and any Chinese would be Cantonese.

Added: is in Chinese, although I can't tell if it's traditional or simplified. is the English main page.
Jun 23, 2017 7:14 PM # 
Got this reply from the fellow I know:

"Chinese Wikipedia has a pretty good entry on this. Tell him to search for 野外定向, should be the first thing that pops up. It uses traditional characters, but should still be readable. If he searches for 定向地图, there should be some maps that pop up under images. Some of them will have legends (图例), which will help give a lot of vocab."

Hope it helps!
Jun 23, 2017 9:48 PM # 
There is an active club in Singapore, and English is one of their official national languages. Look on FB for Sebastian Wong. He is also the Singapore SI rep as well as WOD organizer.
Jun 24, 2017 1:17 AM # 
Keith Andersen:
Much appreciated all!

JanetT: I hadn't thought to check Chinese Wikipedia; I did try to google 野外定向, but many of the links I tried said they could not connect to the server. Thanks for the tip.

Origamiguy: looks like the HK page is in traditional, but google translate doesn't mind! I'll have to reach out to them if I have any issues deciphering it. Thanks.

Andreais: there were too many Sebastian Wong's on Facebook but I did find the Orienteering Federation of Singapore and will reach out via the group page. Thanks!
Jun 25, 2017 8:36 PM # 
Hey, Chinese Mandarin speaker here. Yes, HK uses traditional not simplified. Mainland's orienteering federation is the Orienteering Association of China (OACN) and I think they're holding a junior championship soon. Here is their website: There's some good info there all in simplified mandarin. I usually use 定向运动 (dingxiang yundong) for orienteering searches and seems to work well. Of course probably more stuff on Baidu, etc than google for Chinese content. 祝你好运!
Jun 25, 2017 8:54 PM # 
And this was a good video from the news that took some time to explain a little about the sport towards beginning of clip:

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