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Injuries: SimonB

start end days side area type severity resolution/wisdom
view 9/14/11 9/29/11 15 Torso Upper Back Pain 3 just rested, no running or doing too much, some good physio back massages helped and on the bike ...
view 9/4/11 9/24/11 20 Sick Flu 2 still a little clogged up but better now! only one lugey a day
view 5/2/11 6/25/11 54 Sick Other 2
view 11/27/09 1/8/10 42 L Lower Leg Shin Splints 3 no longer feel shins when walking around only when jogging for more than five minutes
view 12/13/07 8/31/09 627 L Lower Leg Other 4 took a long time, but my tendon now feels like its working with my body and not on its own
view 8/25/07 9/14/07 20 Sick Cold 1 just took ages cos i didnt rest properly sitll get lugi's but its all good
view 7/21/07 8/7/07 17 Foot Ankle Sprain 2 kept of it for couple of weeks, wore compression bandage during the day for two weeks. pretty muc...
view 3/1/06 4/30/07 425 R Lower Leg Achilles Tendonitis 1 no resolution, will have rooted ankles for rest of life says surgeon. but it means i can start go...

Training Log: SimonB