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Impact wound / trauma (Head/Neck)

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Average recovery time: 16 days

Recorded Instances

Aoife0 daysdetails
michalmy0 daysBiopsy came back all clear.details
Marius1 daysdetails
Work4justice1 daysdetails
dkonotopetz3 daysdetails
Benham3 daysdetails
MTBjen3 daysdetails
levitin4 daysdetails
DrKeith4 daysRestdetails
ajriley4 daysdetails
ev5 daysbetter almostdetails
levitin5 daysTime. Didn't take anything for the pain.details
JuliaB5 daysdetails
JamieP5 daysdetails
simmo5 daysdetails
Jõujõu6 daysWon't run head first into trees anymore. For me, recovery meant having the stitches taken out.details
Steffen6 daysdetails
TinyFeet6 daysdetails
JamieP6 daysdetails
leper6 daysMeh wasn't so bad.details
Ben Gostick6 daysdetails
fell7 daysvery disappointing, no rugged scardetails
PhilW7 daysTime. Still a little sore to touch.details
vyc7 daysseams were removed todaydetails
DangerZone7 daysfinally got the staples outdetails
Davidm08117 daysdetails
Brooner7 days7 stitchesdetails
jima8 daysGot them removed on Monday, Sep 18. Seemed to heal up OK, but sure felt weird when something touched them. Didn't do much physical - as much due to work schedule as anything else.details
ADTongue8 daysdetails
A Forseille8 daysdetails
51228 daysdetails
Jagge9 daysWatch out old ladies with nordic walking sticks.details
marisolkate9 daysstitches out 8-9 days afterdetails
Terkelsen9 daystikit viikon ja pois. Haava oli kunnossa.details
Bruce9 daysdetails
serfane10 daysdetails
Craig10 daysStitches out. Still need another week of salt water rinses but jaw feels pretty normal now.details
BenSquire10 daysdetails
Gibbo11 daysdetails
Bruce11 daysdetails
Rosenstiel12 daysThe swelling seems to have gone down and I don't get a headache when I run anymore, so it's all good :Ddetails
Aoife12 daysdetails
Carl00612 daysdetails
FernWerm13 daysdetails
mindsweeper14 daysI think it was caused by a tree.details
JL14 daysHålet verkar ha läkt. Kan i alla fall inte få in eller ut luft genom örat längre. Tycker inte heller längre att det känns konstigt i örat på något sätt, utan nu är det typ som vanligt.details
Aoife15 daysdetails
murraystraining15 daysdetails
simmo15 daysStill a bit sore, especially hands and ribs, but able to ride.details
LarryC16 daysdetails
tRicky17 daysdetails
hkleaf18 daysNeosprorin. Time.details
tRicky18 daysdetails
DrKeith19 daysdetails
peterk20 daysdetails
trailchampion22 daysdetails
firbanator23 daysdetails
phil28 daysErst nach rund 3 Wochen wieder völlig schmerzfrei, ohne aber zu behindern.details
Sergey30 daysStill can feel it July 10 but proclaim the start of regular training.details
easy-rider30 daysdetails
serfane36 daysdetails
thegingerninja36 daysJust a slight scar and left feeling thick under it. So just not bashing it again was the resolution.details
tomslocombe49 daysdetails
O-ing67 daysThe longest lasting effect was dizziness on going from lying down to standing. Google said this was benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) from the fall. Doctor didn't agree, thought it was high blood pressure. However the symptoms are gone now so I reckon it was BPPV. details
go9781 daysdetails
Tane359+ daysdetails
MichelleVR1838+ daysdetails
Dolf4325+ daysdetails